There is nothing like the impact a simple video can have on a business. Recently I posted a video on my swimming pool blog that did very well and got quite a response. Why? Well despite the fact that it discussed the boring topic of ‘How to Vacuum an Inground Swimming Pool’, it included one rather unique feature:

My 6 year old son was the one who did the demo and the teaching.

Think about this for a second: How many videos are there on the internet right now that show how to vacuum an inground swimming pool? Answer—a whole bunch.

How many of these same videos use a 6 year old as the teacher?? Answer—None.


Hopefully you see what I’m saying here. In fact, I’ve gone ahead and added the video (it’s not very long so don’t be a slacker and not watch it) showing my son’s cleaning abilities because I want to take a brief look today at 6steps we can take to make our company and business videos more ‘feel good’, therefore building better and stronger relationships with our viewers and consumer base.

1. Involve family when possible: No surprise to this one if you watched the video of my son. I always try to involve my wife and children in my company videos because it feels much more personable, friendly, and warm to our potential clients. In fact, many customers I meet for the first time will mention to me how they watched a video I made with my children in them and just how much they enjoyed seeing them.

2. Use Humor: Too often businesses take themselves way too seriously, which in turn causes their videos to be quite boring and unemotional. Laughing and using humor shows our ‘human’ side to our potential clients. Just as the video above showed my 3 year old daughter worrying about her little raft, videos are always better if the person watching them has a grin.

3. Pop Up/Downs are Great: Do you remember how Pop-Up Videos were the rage for VH1 in the 1990s? Since that time, pop-ups have been integrated into all parts of media, and great YouTube video should be no different. Not only are pop ups quite informative, but they also keep the viewer much more alert and interested in what is going on. And in case you are wondering, Windows Movie Maker has an easy ‘pop-up’ feature.

4. Smile: Similar to #2 but it always amazes me when I see a business produce a marketing video where everyone looks like they either are being held captive or last night’s dinner is really starting to work its way through. Video is all about personality, so make sure you’re happy. Smile often. Laugh on occasion. Remember, consumers don’t buy from depressing companies and people. They buy things because they want to feel better.

5. Music is Awesome: I absolutely love music with videos. In fact, my business partner recently helped a company we are working with on a consulting project to produce a ‘feel-good’ video for their bowling alley. If you’ve ever wanted to see how to create a simple, yet powerful YouTube video for your business, the following is a must watch, as Bruce Springsteen in the background will blow you away:


6. Utilize Slow Motion: As you see in the bowling alley video, slow motion adds another dimension of emotion to a YouTube video. When done the right way, changing the speeds of a video will not only keep viewers more interested, but also allows the producer to accentuate feelings and moods when appropriate.

So there are 6 ways to create ‘Feel Good’ videos for your business. As you can see, such videos are not that difficult to produce. In fact, the pool vacuuming video with my son only took about 1 hour to produce and upload onto YouTube start to finish. That’s right, 1 hour.

Now go grab that flip camera of yours and start producing warm, feel-good videos today. I can promise you they’ll have a huge impact on your brand, your company, and your bottom line.

Questions regarding video? Feel free to leave your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “6 Ways to Create Powerful ‘Feel Good’ YouTube Videos for Your Small Business

  1. i have been telling myself to start making videos for the past 6 months and every day i use the same line: “OK, starting tomorrow I should really do it”.

    nothing yet :(. reading your post and video i think i really will start doing it tomorrow. i would do it right now but don’t have camera with me :)

    • Go for it Findmaster!!! Once you get a few under your belt, it’ll open up a whole new world for you. Good luck!! :-)

  2. This was a really great article Marcus.
    Any company (or blog) that has been thinking of posting video on their site can really use these easy tips to improve their ROI.

    Good luck Findmaster, by trying, the worst thing that can happen is that you learn something and can redo it even better.

    .-= Daniel M. Wood´s last blog ..How To Sell More Products at a Higher Price By Providing Real Value =-.

    • You said the key work Daniel—TRY

      I find that when most people just give video a try, they are shocked how easy it is and then are off to the races. Keep up your great work my friend.

  3. Marcus!

    I googled “how to create a powerful sales video” and this came up lol.

    Joseph is adorable, of course, and the info you shared here is great. If you were to remix/re-post this I think it’d get a great response from your audience :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Hahahaaha, yeah, I’ve got lots of little nuggets from back in the day Jason when it was just me, myself, and I reading this blog. ;-)

      Yeah, I think it may be time to repost something like that. :)



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