The Audacity of Youth and the Need to Launch

by Marcus Sheridan

The intrepidation of a child...

I’ve got a short message to share with you today my friends, but I hope you’ll be touched by the following story just as I was this past week. Here  goes…

“I would like to try that.”

Kids are special.

Unlike us adults, they typically don’t spend their time over-analyzing, delaying, and putting off potential rewards.

They see something that makes sense to them and often times, without fear or trepidation, they simply do what they feel is right.

And even better, they do it with a smile.

Just a few days ago, while at my family’s river home, as I was getting ready to drive to the store to pick up some ice when I looked out at the river and to my shock and surprise I saw what appeared to be my 5-year old daughter, Larsen, being pulled on a ski-board behind our neighbor’s jet ski.


Larsen Skiing

To my surprise, as I ran up to the beach, there she went...

Considering she has never done any ski-boarding in her life, plus the fact that there was no forewarning, I jumped out of my car and ran to the beach in an effort to confirm what I thought I was seeing.

Within seconds, I knew my eyes had not fooled me, at which point I sprinted inside to grab our camera to capture the moment.

After she had returned to shore from her quick escapade, I asked our neighbor and good friend (the person in the jet-ski pulling her) how the whole thing happened and this was his response:

Larsen walked up to me and pointed to the ski-board and said, “I would like to try that.”

I asked her about needing a bathing suit and she replied that she didn’t need one, and her regular clothes would be fine.

After a very short explanation of how to get up on the board, away we went.

Yep, away she went.

No worries about falling or failing.

No thought of wearing the right clothes.

No concern for never having practiced, read, or done anything of the sort before.

In other words, complete disregard for all the reasons as to why it wouldn’t work.

Your Ski-Board is Waiting

I talk to business owners and marketers every day. Each has their own concerns, obstacles, and issues. This being said, almost all of them suffer from the same problem—A fear of failing, and the need for absolute perfection in order to launch.

Folks, your business is not NASA. The thing doesn’t need to be perfect.

After all, isn’t that why we invented the phrase “beta mode” in the first place??

So if you’ve been looking at that ski-board of yours for a while now, the time has come to throw caution to the wind and just get on the dang thing.



Fix as you go.

And smile the whole way.

Your Turn

A simple question for you my friends: What’s the one “launch” or decision you’ve made over the last year you’re most proud of? Why?

Seriously, I’d love to know your thoughts here and want to learn about your experience.

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