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Over the past year, my agency has been fortunate to work with some excellent, forward-thinking B2B companies in an effort to take their content marketing to the next level. And when I say “excellent,” I’m really referring to their willingness to approach content and inbound marketing in such a way that they aren’t looking to “skip over” the critical steps, but rather embrace each one so as to make sure things are done extremely well from the get-go. As I’ve contemplated what has worked for us and enabled us to experience these successes, I decided to share the 15 questions we find are critical for any organization going into any content marketing campaign. And if your company is in the process of embracing content marketing, and you haven’t yet answered each of these questions, I’d strongly urge you to answer them before moving forward. Here goes:

15 Questions that Must Be Answered when Creating a B2B Content Marketing Plan

1. What are the problem(s) our product or service solves?

2. Who is going to be our content manager?

3. What does our ideal persona/customer look like? (Their questions, needs, problems, worries, etc.)

4. When will we kickoff the campaign with a company-wide workshop and who will be leading that effort?

5. What type of content producers do we already have on staff? (writers, actors, talkers, questioners)

6. What are the questions we’re getting asked every single day? (be it sales, customer service, etc.)

7. Who in management will oversee the content marketing efforts and make sure there is an “all in” culture?

8. What will be the focus social media platforms to engage with our audience and share our content? (**Remember, you don’t want to be a jack of all social media trades and a master of none)

9. What software/analytics program will we use to measure ROI and other key performance indicators?

10. What is the desired outcome of our content marketing efforts with respect to traffic, leads, and sales (revenue/new business)?

11. What does our editorial calendar and process look like?

12. What methods will we use to inform staff/employees of our (their) successes, victories, etc. when it comes to using and implementing content marketing?

13. What are we going to do to make sure our website (not just the blog) and messaging coincides with our content marketing efforts?

14. How are we going to make our current customers/dealers/clients aware of our content marketing initiatives?

15. How are we going to integrate content into our entire sales process?

Your Turn

So there you have it folks. 15 questions that need to be answered as you embrace this little thing we call content marketing. And for those of you that are fully engaged already in producing content for your company, which of these have you answered? Which do you still need to answer? And what would you add to the list?


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