How to leverage the HubSpot Owner property for your sales team

Want to keep your sales team from bickering over whose leads are whose? In this HubSpot Tutorial, @GeorgeBThomas shows how you can go into the HubSpot CRM tool and manually assign various leads to different sales people by going into a contact’s profile and adding a HubSpot “owner property.” Helping your sales team manage their leads has never been so easy.

How to set a negative lead score with HubSpot email types

You’ve heard @GeorgeBThomas talk extensively about lead scoring and how to assign positive and negative points to a lead. But what do you do when you want to assign negative points to a lead when they unsubscribe from certain email types? Logic would assume these attributes would be found under “email.” But unfortunately, the email attributes only let you select specific individual emails, and not broader email types. Here @GeorgeBThomas shows you just where you can assign attributes based on leads who have opted out of different email types so that you can give your leads a much more comprehensive score.

How to create a personal leads list with the HubSpot CRM

In the previous HubSpot tutorial, @GeorgeBThomas showed how you can assign various contacts a HubSpot “owner” so that your sales team can split up your company’s various leads among themselves. Everybody will know which leads are theirs to nurture through the sales funnel.

In this tutorial @GeorgeBThomas takes things a step further and shows how your sales teams can utilize the HubSpot CRM to create more detailed lists about their contacts based on whatever property information they find most important.

How to analyze external website pages sort of now that HubSpot page performance is gone

George B Thomas has a new tutorial for you that just may help you through your frustrations with one of HubSpot’s new updates. In case you haven’t noticed, the Page Performance tool has moved, and can no longer be found under the Reports menu. If you’re using HubSpot’s CMS and want to analyze your pages’ performances, you now have to navigate to the “Content” menu, then go to “Website” and look to the bottom left of the screen for the “tools” menu. Sooo much simpler than before, right? Well, if you’re not using HubSpot’s CMS and instead are using Wordpress, Squarespace, or some other CMS platform, finding page performance is even more difficult, as it is located in one of the last places you would suspect. In this tutorial @GeorgeBThomas shows where users with external website pages can find their performance tools, while expressing his dissatisfaction with this counterintuitive update.