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The best testimonials don’t come in words. Rather, they’re shown in the faces of audiences members during the presentation, as shown here when Marcus spoke to 2000 people at Social Media Marketing World 2014.

With any conference having the right mix of speakers is critical. You need people who are knowledgeable, dynamic and engaging. Marcus is all of those things and more. He was the most talked and tweeted about speaker for the day and left the audience buzzing for more. His ability to captivate an audience is truly remarkable. At the end of the conference many people came up to me to comment on his high-energy presentation and say thank you. Having him speak was hands down the smartest decision I made in programming the event.

Pat Lemieux, Organizer of the “What’s Next Conference” put on by the Bangor Daily News

Dear Marcus,


I cannot begin to thank you for your remarkable presentation at the DPHA Annual Conference October 12.  Remarkable is the appropriate description because our members continue to talk about your message, your passion and your presentation with enthusiasm and wonder.  So simple yet so right on target.  You commented that you often get stuck as the after lunch speaker when attendees are tired and attention spans wane.  You are the perfect remedy to energize an audience.  Thank you again for your efforts and helping us to make the DPHA 2013 Conference truly memorable.

—Tom Cohn, Executive Vice President, Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association


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