blog postingIf you’ve been blogging for more than, well, like 2 days, then the idea of a proper posting schedule has assuredly crossed you mind at one time or another, and for good reason too—your posting schedule can make or break this entire experience for you, your readers, and your ability to have huge success with this wild endeavor you’ve chosen to participate in. ;-) But finally, after thousands of hours of deep investigation, split testing, and intensive interviews, you shall now learn what is clearly the best blog posting schedule in the online world today….<insert drumroll please>

Gini Dietrich, Spin Sucks (8+ articles weekly)

If you want to talk about successful blog posting schedules, Gini Dietrich is setting the pace in a major way. By publishing two articles most weekdays (one by Gini and another guest post), plus an occasional on the weekends, the people at Spin Sucks show that tons of posts and great quality lead to huge community (Have you seen the sick number of comments that chick gets when she simply says ‘boo’ to her readers???). Having racked up huge ‘blogging-miles’ over the past few years, Gini has managed to garner thousands of subscribers, and quite the rabid community, with cool people like Sean McGinnis serving as content body guards ;-).

Not only that, but Spin Sucks has also managed to do very well with organic search terms (having so much content) and the blog has, in many ways, become the beacon of the PR community.

When I asked Gini why she posts so much on SS, her response was simple:  “We’ve run the numbers, and they’re much better since we started posting twice daily.”

Enough said , Gini Dietrich has the best blog posting schedule in the world.

Shonali Burke, Waxing Unlyrical (6-7 articles weekly)

At the recent event at Blog World New York I had an experience with Shonali Burke that made me smile. We had both showed up about 30 minutes early for a keynote and what was so funny is that as soon as she sat down, she said ‘I’ve got to get tomorrow’s post done!’ and then immediately opened up her laptop, cracked her knuckles, and started typing away with a focus and vigor that would make any blogger grin.

So there Shonali and I sat, racing against the time constraints of the day to produce content and publish another post for our awesome communities. It was kinda cool actually…

On her blog Waxing Unlyrical, Shonali posts, at least most weeks, one article a day, and she’s very serious about this posting schedule. And who can blame her? She has become a sought after social media/marketing consultant and has quite an impressive community that follows her blog.

Considering this, it’s obvious that Shonali Burke has the best blog post schedule in the world.

Danny Brown(3-4 articles weekly)

Would you like 6,000 loyal subscribers to your blog? I sure as heck would!!! Well folks, Danny Brown has just that on his amazing blog that discusses social media, PR, marketing, business, etc. And how often does Danny post? Although this is not a set answer, he generally posts 3-4 times a week, as inspiration hits.

With this schedule, Danny doesn’t overwhelm his readers with too much content and is able to have quite an active conversation with each article. It also means consistently high quality every time while garnering leads for his impressive marketing company, Bonsai Interactive.

For these reasons and more, Danny Brown has the best blogging schedule in the world.

Mufasa/Marcus/TSL Guy/ Lion Dude/ The Mane Man/Etc (2 articles weekly)

Ok, I admit it; I just had to work myself into the mix here with all this talk about blog posting schedules!! Seriously though, as most of you already know, here on TSL I post, at least most of the time, 2 articles a week, and here are my main reasons:

1. I write based on life experience, and I want the stuff to be good, not just OK. I also want to feel inspired, not forced. Two articles a week is the perfect balance for this.

2. By waiting 3 days between posts, readers know that I’m not going to be slamming more content down their throats tomorrow, and so they have the opportunity to come back the next day or later. This is also why I get so many comments on day 2, 3, and even 4 on my posts. As I’ve stated before, I believe everyone should allow their articles to ‘simmer’, and gain momentum by so doing.

3. Because I have such an interactive community here on TSL, if I write too much I’ll get less engagement with each post. I don’t want to be overbearing with my content. As I told my good friend John Falchetto, too much of anything, no matter how good it might be, can get old. ;-)

4. Writing is never a burden or chore with my posting schedule. For me, this is perfect, and I love what I do.

For these 4 reasons and others I don’t simply have the time to include, I clearly have the best blog posting schedule on the internet. ;-)

JK Allen : Hustler’s Notebook (1 article per week)

Ahhh yes, the venerable JK Allen, master of Hustler’s Notebook. Ever wondered if it was possible to blog just once a week and still build a huge audience of fans, followers, and community? Just visit JK’s site and you’ll see exactly what one looks like.

JK is an amazing dude. Not only does he have a normal ‘9-5 job’, but he also actively coaches his children in sports, takes many trips with his family, comments heavily on other blogs around the blogosphere, and maintains a schedule that most people would find simply inconceivable. But if you look at JK’s strategy, it’s clear why his once a week post schedule works so well for him:

1. Each article is loaded with quality. They’re long and thought-provoking, and it’s obvious upon reading the first paragraph of anything he writes that the guy doesn’t just publish regurgitated junk.

2. Although JK has awesome content, he is the most original blogger on the web when it comes to graphics. In every post, JK manages to include an image with his trademark ‘HN’ symbol, which stands for Hustler’s Notebook (if you haven’t noticed this, check it out, it’s stinking awesome!). Creating art this awesome takes time, so therefore JK knows if he were to write more often, his incredible graphics/branding would suffer.

3. JK has branded himself as one of the best commentors and networkers in the entire blogosphere. Instead of spending all this time writing, he spends much of it building relationships with other bloggers by commenting, sharing, talking on skype , calling someone on the phone, etc.

With well over 100 comments on almost every post and growth that would make Seth Godin  jealous ;-), it’s obvious that JK Allen has the best blogging schedule in the world.

The Road to Finding YOUR Posting Schedule

OK, I’m sure you’ve gotten my point, haven’t you? Yep, that’s right, there is NO perfect blogging schedule. Actually, better stated, there is—the one that allows you to accomplish your goals and love every minute of this wonderful act we call blogging.

Of all the bloggers above, the one trait that each one has in common regarding posting schedule is this—They’ve all developed, changed, and come to know their best writing schedule over time. In other words, this isn’t something they just knew overnight. As is the case with every blogger, it takes time, sometimes years, to reach this point.

When I hear brand new bloggers talk about set posting schedules I can’t help but to crack a little smile, especially for the ones that think they’re going to post every day. Not that there is anything wrong with such a schedule, but the key points to remember are this:

1. Allow your schedule to change, as you change, over time. Listen to yourself, your audience, and the analytics Google is giving you to develop your plan.

2. Do not set a blogging schedule just because someone else told you it was a good idea.

3. There is no truth in the statement , ‘XYZ niche bloggers should post at least X times per week’. (I hear this statement in different industries and it makes me seriously shake my head at just how misguided some ‘experts’ are.)

4. Have some fun, will ya?!!

Your Turn

OK, a couple of questions I’d like to ask you: When someone posts every day, does that much content turn you off or do you find it appealing? In your mind, what is the perfect posting schedule? And finally, what have been your struggles in finding the perfect blog posting schedule?

No matter your industry or niche, I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you have questions or need any help from myself or the community, this is the perfect opportunity to ask away as well.

202 thoughts on “The Best Blog Posting Schedule Ever: Finally, Proof and Real Numbers!

  1. Is frequently random a schedule?

    Good stuff as usual, Marcus!

    • It is in my book Randy. LOL


    • Hahaha, I agree with Keith Randy, it is my friend ;-)

      • I agree whole heartedly! I tried to set a schedule at first, but that can be bad for me–miss a day due to being busier than usual and having those extra clients come into the store, and all of a sudden you’re making excuses to wait until the next post, or the next post. I find that if I simply WRITE when I have the time to write, and when I’m inspired on a subject, I enjoy myself and my postings are quality.

        Thank you for all of your advice, Marcus!

        • That’s great that you’re finding what works for you Jen, as it’s one of the keys to a successful blog. Keep going and you’ll see it will develop even further.

          Big smiles. :)


    • @ Randy: I have only managed to post randomly till now. But mist recently I put out the type of articles I will be publishing but I am still not confident of producing a frequency schedule so I am alo going for Random as the schedule.

    • And I thought I am going to read the timings which is best suitable for posting the blog…. :)

      Still, I got a very good article to read and useful information handout…!!

      Great Piece Thankx!

  2. Hey Marcus! I’ve gone between posting every day to 3 days a week, and am now back to posting 7 days a week. Suddenly it seems I have a lot to talk about with the awesome readers over on my blog. I love you all! Seriously, like friends though…

    There are some blogs I love reading everyday, and some I wait for their one huge weekly post. It all comes down to the level of information and how relevant it is to my business and life at the time. So does it matter how frequently it comes? Not if it’s good – meaning relevant, and good. Then the more the merrier.

    Who needs sleep anyhow when there is learning to be done and conversations to be had!

    • Who needs sleep anyhow when there is learning to be done and conversations to be had!

      That’s the story of my life Robert!! ;-)

      I’m with you though man. If something is good, I’ll read it, whenever and wherever.

      Happy to see you posting so much Robert, seems like your passion is just growing and growing, which is awesome, because this ain’t your first rodeo. ;-)

      Cheers bud,


  3. It’s definitely about finding the balance between bringing in the traffic you want vs. writing at a frequency that doesn’t overwhelm you and always leads to awesome content. I’m still working on that frequency myself, usually settling in at 3 – 4 posts a week. One is always a guest post, and the other is my roundup, so that makes it a bit easier. :)

    • “It’s definitely about finding the balance between bringing in the traffic you want vs. writing at a frequency that doesn’t overwhelm you and always leads to awesome content.”

      Well said Kristi!

      I think my posting schedule was written using the chaos theory as a model…

      as long as its epic though I say :)

      • Yes, that Kristi is one smart lady, isn’t she Alex? ;-)

        Chaos theory?? Nice !!!!

        Thanks for stopping in Alex. Hope all is well on your side of the planet ;-)


    • Yeah Kristi, you do seem like you’ve got such a grasp on your blog schedule, and your consistency is very, very impressive.

      Keep up the great work gal, and thanks so much for coming by :-)


  4. Dia

    Hi Marcus,
    This is an important topic, especially for us bloggers. As you mention, we have to find out what works best for us. In my opinion, when someone starts a blog, it is a good idea to write daily for the first 3 months, just so to increase the content. Then, as we have more content, it is a good idea to bring it down. 2-4 articles a week. Your posting schedule allows you to spend more time on the comments and engaging with others, which fits your brand perfectly. ;) At the end, each one has his own style. Thanks for sharing Marcus

    • Hey Dia, great to hear from you man. Although I see your point about building content at first by writing every day, my fear would be that bloggers would burn out too quickly, and that it’s great to ease into things and not overdo it at first. But in reality, the argument could easily be made for both.

      Thanks for the comment Dia, take care my friend,


  5. Most all blogs have different schedules of posting, but most of use post 3 to 4 times per week just to give our readers coming back daily.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  6. I believe I posted right after New Years Day that one of my resolutions for 2011 was to post 2-3 times a week on Zero to 60 and beyond… So far it’s been 1-2 times a week.

    Part of the reason is that I started another blog, Petals, Palettes and Parties, for my creative endeavors and 2 blogs take up more time. Not necessarily double but in trying to keep it interesting it’s important to me that the content be worthwhile.

    I tell life stories on Zero to 60, so I spend a lot of time working on content and editing, etc. I thought having a separate blog for my art would force me to paint more (which I need to do). Not working so much yet, but I’m ever hopeful. ;)

    I read many blogs and try to contribute to the community whenever possible. I’ve been guest posting more this year, too.

    I only read one blog that posts daily and that’s because she was one of my first blog friends and has been very supportive. Some days it’s a chore to fit her in and comment. So my feeling about posting every day is it’s not necessarily a good thing.

    Unless you have a staff of writers how can you keep the content fresh and interesting? We all have a life outside this blogosphere don’t we? Maybe not everyone… but I like to think I do.

    Even with your posting schedule Marcus I don’t know how you keep up with all the comments. It’s crazy the numbers you get. Obviously this is what we’re all hoping for, but it makes me remember to be careful what you wish for.
    Thanks, b

    • I really love it when you come by to comment Barabara, like your avatar, you seem to have such a refreshing view with everything you say. :-)

      You mentioned that we have life outside the blogosphere—and you’re so right, which means that for each and every one of us, this is a quest of balance. You’re on that quest, and so am I. But if we decimate our non-online life because of our online time requirements, what have we accomplished? It’s a tough subject, no doubt about it.

      And like you said, getting lots of comments does take time on the part of the blogger. If I only lived online it would not be tough to keep up with, by I run two companies, and so although I adore my community, sometimes I’m not able to reply to comments as quickly as I’d like….but hopefully they understand. ;-)

      Keep doing your thing Barbara, as I know you’ve got such a bright blogging future, and thanks so very much for your support of TSL.



  7. Marcus,

    So good to know there no one right way! It’s all a process of trial and error, isn’t it?

    I started my blog several years ago, posting only when I felt like it and never really garnered regular readers. Just when I would gather a few, life would get in the way and I would stop posting.

    Last month I participated in a one-month Blogathon, posting every day in May, along with 200+ other bloggers. It really got me in a routine, targeted my posts and now I’m continuing five days a week. Each day has a theme, with Tuesdays being guest post days to take a little pressure off me. It seems to be working as readership grows. Just hope I can keep up the consistency, even if I end up whittling it down to 2 or 3 times a week.

    Love the tips and encouragement you always give, Marcus!

    Lisa’s last blog

    • Hi Lisa!! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and also thrilled that you seem to have found a new rythm to your blogging and an excitement with it! :-)

      Just stay open to all possibilities, and as you said in the first sentence, it will always be a process of trial and error.

      Have a great rest of your week Lisa, and I hope you come back to see us again!


  8. The first blog I ever read, Trent Hamm’s Simple Dollar, posts twice a day. You would have to chalk up some of the subscriber count (80K, I believe) to the frequency of the posting. So yes, it does work. The backside of that is that it seems that Trent seems to write the same article on occasion. A site that posts twice a day should have guest posters to lend a fresh voice. He doesn’t do that, and I think it hurts some of his content.

    I subscribe to blogs that post two or three times a week at most (The JackB is the exception). If my reader is overwhelmed with new content, I tend to skip over things. Like everyone else, only so much time can be dedicated to reading.

    On my end, I’ve tried to force myself to post more frequently, but it hasn’t worked for me yet. Like Randy, I could be classified as “frequently random”. Hence, the readership isn’t there yet. But I’m in it for the long haul, so I’ll keep trying. I think the sched for JK is right on the money. He posts once a week, and like you say, his content is always valuable. And with the nine to five and the kids’ activities that he has going, I know where he’s coming from.

    I think your posting schedule works very well for you. Your stuff is always detailed and informative, as you know. You have been on a roll lately!!

    • Hey Joe – thanks man! I’m honored that you find my stuff valuable! That’s the goal, so hearing that feels like a major accomplishment!

      • No doubt JK. Your stuff is some of the best out there, thanks to Big Cat for helping me discover you. Like I said, you have the nine to five and the kids’ activities to deal with and still manage to crank out that quality post. I hope to be in the same spot soon as well…Little League playoffs will be over after next week, so my excuses are slowly slipping away, ha ha…

    • Hi Joe,

      I am in the sick and twisted category for posting frequency.

    • Wow Joe, this was so great, and kind too! I’m know JK is smiling ear to ear, just like me! :-)

      I think the biggest thing you said here though is ‘I’m in it for the long haul

      Amen to that brother. That’s the only way you can do this and make it work, so just keep with that brother and I know as your life continues to take shape, your blog will experience the benefits.

      It’s a pleasure to know you Joe. :-)


  9. Marcus – I was reading this from my phone (Google Reader app) while walking into work…I’m sure people were wondering why I was cheesing so hard! This is the last topic I thought that I’d be mentioned for, because I’ve went clearly against the “rule of thumb” that most bloggers have for cranking out content.

    When I used to see sites like Gini’s and Danny’s, I was a little intimidated because I knew that I didn’t have the time to produce content at that level. It was a downer to think that I ‘d never find [what us bloggers define as] success in my blogging endeavor.

    So I tried to write more often and I was hit quickly with the following 2 things:
    1-I was forcing the content, and in turn simply wouldn’t publish it. [waste of time]
    2-I lost ground in my relationship building and w/ one of the things I love doing – reading other blogs. [lost of precious time]

    Basically, trying to write more often, given my schedule, just ended up leading to frustration and wasted/non-productive time.

    I was trying to base my approach on others lifestyles, schedules, abilities, etc…and not really considering my own. So, I thought about it, and finally came to heart with the fact that in order for me to be successful (whatever that equates out to), one post per week is all that I can do. I actually write more than one post on a normal week, but I only publish one…the other gets saved in my drafts and pulled out at some point in the future.

    Now on to your questions…

    The only blog that I follow that posts everyday is Spin Sucks. And of course I love Gini, Lisa and the rest of the community. The problem I have is that I feel like I can’t connect on a level that I wish I could. I simply can’t keep up because my time in front of the computer is limited. I know there’s no pressure for me or anyone else to comment on each article, but I find myself always massively behind because of the amount of content. I wouldn’t change a thing, however, because even though I don’t get to comment as frequently as I’d like – I still read just about post on her site, and I’m getting stronger as a result. I actually sometimes run into the same thing with Danny Brown’s site. I’m often behind – but always read and usually still leave comments, albeit late as heck! I wouldn’t change a thing for either of these sites – but I wish “I” could do better at keeping up with them. Obviously their thousands of followers in general, don’t have a problem all!

    In the blogs that I follow, in terms of schedule, I appreciate the 1-2 times per week, the most. This is because it gives me time to make the rounds and stay up to date. On these blogs I can usually make each post and comment. Anymore than 2 and I start to loose ground, simply because of my time availability.

    Well Marcus – this was an awesome post. From it, I feel pretty good about my measly OPPW (I’m going to start making up acronyms like Davin…OPPW= ONE POST PER WEEK). I think your message behind this post is that in order to be successful, you have to be real to [your] ability and not follow a rule of thumb that may not work for you. Sure, I could post more often – but I’d be taking time away from my family if I did that – and blogging simply isn’t that important. Plus, I would lack mental focus, because it’s that crazy wife and wild kids of mind that keep me in point! ;)

    PS – Thanks for the love on the graphics man. I couldn’t ever draw very well as a kid and always wish I could (but thankfully I live vicariously through my oldest daughter – she’s an artist for sure), so doing my little post images gives me a nice outlet of creativity.


    • JK, how do you get time to create such awesome content as well as leaving such power packed comments like this? You exhaust me man with your energy levels!!

      • Hello John – one thing about me is that I type incredibly fast. That helps! And, I’m filled with things to say (so I guess you can call me opinionated!). fair The combo allows me toly quickly jot down my thought (or more often, thoughts). The most time consuming part is reading the post. But thanks for noticing, and surely for calling it “power-packed”!

      • JK has me writing half his stuff…………just sayin’………………:)

    • Look at JK w/ the cat eatin’ grin…………..:). You da man………

    • The funny thing is, Jk, I couldn’t keep up, mate. It’s why I dropped from daily posting to my new schedule. And I feel MUCH better for it, mate. :)

    • Another epic comment from an epic guy….this was great JK.

      I was trying to base my approach on others lifestyles, schedules, abilities, etc…and not really considering my own.

      I loved this statement you made and I feel when it all comes down to it, this MUST be a blogger’s motto. Sure, we can find some success living on the agenda of others for a little while, but that will eventually melt away, and we’re left confronting who we are, the what time we have to be the best we can be.

      You’re an incredible example of this, and I know there are many people out there right now JK that are simply thrilled to watch someone post once a week and show that yes, IT CAN WORK.

      Have a great rest of your week my friend, and thanks again for the conversation from the other night, I really enjoyed it.


  10. Everyone’s schedule reflects two things to me Marcus a) their subject matter and audience and b) their work committment i.e. full time blogger or in full time employment. When you can balance these about right I think the writing begins to flow and the message becomes distilled and naturally organic to you. I personally love 3 times a week as it provides spare space to comment elsewhere (like here as I love it!!), enjoy some down time, and live life to the fullest. I get the best of all worlds. Blogging is best with balance I’d say. PS: With you on JK’s original graphics and personal style – they match and he’s highly unique. One fab guy too!!!!

    • Balance, balance, balance—that’s is what it’s all about, isn’t it John! And even better, you seem to have really found it, as I can see you writing this comment with a smile.

      You’re as good as gold JS, thanks for all sir!


  11. It doesn’t turn me off if a blog posts everyday. I may not go to it everyday but will read the content eventually. As long as it’s good content. I visit blogs that have fit into each scheduling group you mentioned.

    For myself I find my range of 1-2 per week. If I had to post everyday, I know it wouldn’t be quality material. Somedays would probably be a Youtube video to share.

    I definitely will let my schedule change if I’m feeling extra inspired that week.

    When you write a post how do you do it? Do you write all the way through without editing until you feel like you’ve covered everything you want? Then go back and edit until you have it correct?

    • Hey Benny, great to hear from you my friend, as always.

      I write a little differently than most I think. I do not have any posts in drafts. If I start a post, I finish it, and usually edit it partially as I go, and then more at the end. I think as time has gone on, and I’ve gone a little better at writing, then I’ve edited less and less and less.

      Thanks for the questions and support Benny, hope you have a great week sir!


  12. Hi Marcus,

    This is a topic which I remember you told me about in NY and I am so glad you wrote.

    As we discussed I can’t follow on blogs who post more than twice a week. This is too much content for me to be able to read on a daily basis.
    I admire Shonali and Gini for their work, but it’s true I can’t keep up with the amazing content they produce.

    I am posting three times a week these days, why? Because I enjoy the writing experience. This may change down to 2 or up to 4. In any case I have to ‘feel’ I want to write and have a good post to share, otherwise I have no problems skipping a day.

    So basically my schedule is very flexible.

    • Marcus, I’m squeezing in here between John and Frank, John because I agree 100% – it’s hard to support a blogger who blogs daily and Frank because I can relate to his experience even though I only started out with 3 posts per week. The pace was too brisk and like you, Marcus, I like letting a post simmer and give people time to mosey on over when they have time :-) It took me a few months to find the balance and now I’m very happy with it.
      Good topic Marcus! You’ve always do good ones!

      • It’s all about the simmer Lori! ;-)

        I think if you weren’t so caring and nurturing with your community you might be able to pull it off, but as you well know, it takes major time to really have an interactive blog, a full two-way street of conversation, and that communal feeling you currently have would likely suffer it the posting schedule was much higher.

        So glad you’ve found your balance lady. :-)


    • John, you SO keep up with our content – your writing is amazing! The quality is what’s important, no?

    • Hey JF, I know you and I have gone over this topic maybe more than any other, and our feelings are essentially the same.

      I love your strategy. You know your limits, your identity, and your strengths/weaknesses. Once a blogger figures this out, they’re off to the races.

      Cheers brother, be well—


  13. Marcus,

    I have done a little bit of it all. I started posting 5 days a week than 3 times a week and finally just once a week. I found out when I posted heavily my content was not as strong and I was rushing through post without purpose. Now for the sake of my sanity and family I only post once a week and now I get to spend more time off of the computer catching up with the lives of the people who matter most to me. Between work, home, and blogging it took me a while to find the right balance for me.

    • What, you want to have a life? C’mon Frank, where’s the spirit?……….:)

    • You just discussed a process that thousands and thousands of bloggers go through Frank. It’s so very difficult ‘finding the balance’. Just yesterday I was listening to a podcast of a blogger who was giving you his methods of finding this balance, and by the time he was done I thought, ‘Dude, you still didn’t tell me anything!!’.

      So yes, it’s tough, but I’m happy for you that you’ve listened to your inner voice and adjusted as needed Frank. Keep up the great work my friend and thanks for your support here on TSL, I really appreciate it.


  14. Oh boy. You begin with a headline that’s all about numbers so it little matters you conclude people can choose their own schedule.

    I wish you had a different headline and different content that focused more on, well, content and less on how many times something’s written. Anyone can publish multiple times a day like Mashable and Techcrunch but where’s the fun in that?

    • I know Ari, sometimes I read headlines and I think what does it all mean. In this case I read it a few times and I got it.

      The numbers Marcus mentions is all about the frequency and yes the numbers don’t matter. But I understand why he put it in his headline, simply because as bloggers we all obsess at numbers (comments, posts, analytics, traffic, etc…) so I think it’s a great title.

      Also I wouldn’t compare our solo efforts to bee hives like Mashable/techcrunch and others which have a small army running their sites. Are they still blogs?

    • I felt the headline was 100% accurate Ari. Each one of the bloggers I mentioned, because of their traffic and community numbers, are all very successful, and all have different posting schedules—and each can be argued as being the ‘best’.

      People want to talk about posting schedules all the time and often act like it’s a one size fits all world. But you and I have been around long enough to know otherwise, and newer bloggers need a voice of reason to help them understand that the focus shouldn’t be a definitive x times per week— as it’s the other things that really matter.

      Thanks for stopping in Ari, I really appreciate it.


  15. Uh……I try to post once a month and milk every last drop from my epic missives…..

    Like JK above, part of my persona is the commenting and engagement; there are only so many hours in the day and so many people to see. I don’t have the chance to see Gini & Shonali every day but I still luv ‘em to pieces. However, I know what they are trying to do and I’m glad it is working for them.

    I’m just posting once a week for now that works well for me. It gives me plenty of time to bounce around the neighborhood and come back to my place when need be. I do feel I’m getting a little more organized as I still need to seek out others but w/ the likes of your mentions above (you included) blowing up my e-mail, its like running with a parachute on at times.

    Good post, good people and thanks for sharing. Hope your day is going well.

    • One of the great things about your blog, Bill, is the community you have built around it. Whatever your fairy dust is, I’d like some, please. :)

      • I’m tellin’ ya, it’s my goofy Avatar that Marcus likes to make fun of; it’s like a magnet, I can’t explain it…………..:)

        • Hahahaha Bill. It’s the blue tie/blue background combined with the porn star smile that has me hooked ;-) LOL

          • Ha, and you should have seen me when I used to sport the old-school porn mustache………what was I thinking?

    • Thanks so much Bill, I appreciate this man and I love what you’ve done in such a short period of time. From the get-go, you seemed to jump right in socially and engage so very much with the community, and you haven’t tried to over do it on the content end of things yet, which is so smart. I know if you had engaged like you have,and tried to post 3 times a week as well, you’d have burnt out by this point….so well done my friend and I very much look forward to you continually making it happen bud.


  16. When I began blogging 4 months ago, my intention was to simply write…to put out content that I felt people would benefit from and resonate with.

    I’d just gone through 2+ years of painful (groundless) TM litigation, where I’d kept my mouth shut, and my pain bottled up inside. I eventually closed that company, and had to “re-brand” my (brand new, haha) 28 year old business consulting company. I needed to recover my voice.

    So, I set out with no schedule: just an intention to write and post when I had something to say. And not just to “say something”. To put on the table what I believed people would benefit from, and feel a kind of “kindred spirit” attachment to…or a complete objection to. To each his/her own.

    I’ve found that in a very short time, it has worked. As you said Marcus, I’m allowing my “non-schedule” to change over time, and I expect that very soon I will be posting perhaps 2X per week. Again, that will be contingent upon having something of value to share.

    Great post: so interesting to see the varying schedules. In the end, I don’t think it’s as much the schedule as it is the voice/writer that draws us to a blog. That, and the community of commenters. When you find that perfect confluence, I think that’s what makes you want to be a part of it all. Cheers! Kaarina

    • In the end, I don’t think it’s as much the schedule as it is the voice/writer that draws us to a blog. That, and the community of commenters. When you find that perfect confluence, I think that’s what makes you want to be a part of it all.

      That, Kaarina, was said better than anything I wrote in the post above….wow.

      Love what you’re doing lady, and so appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

      Have a wonderful Thursday!


  17. Hey Marcus, thanks for this – we’ve been wrestling with finding the right posting schedule for a while now at Firepole Marketing. We aren’t there yet, but getting closer…

    You raise a good point about the blogs that post daily – it can be a bit much. When you, Danny Brown or JK send out a post, I always at least skim. But the blogs that are in my inbox every day… I don’t always have the time, so I read the headline and decide whether to go any further.

    Right now we post every two days, which means that some weeks it’s MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SUNDAY and some weeks it’s TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY. We’ve found that it’s the right balance of publishing content to keep bringing people back, but without overwhelming them.

    It’s been difficult to find the right balance, though; it’s not just a question of how much content we publish (there are tons of guest submissions in the pipes right now), but it’s also a question of what the audience will be comfortable with and get used to – we don’t want to overwhelm anybody, but we also don’t want to create an expectation that we won’t be able to follow-through on over the long term.

    • ‘Wrestling with post schedule’—-that’s a great way to put it Danny, and I’ve sure as heck had those matches before myself ;-)

      I’ve actually been blown away with how much content you’ve produced over these last few months. Between your own blog and all the amazing places you’ve guest posted, you’ve really been a model for how to grow a blog in a really difficult niche, so huge props to you brother and know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.

      Thanks so much for your support and comment Danny!


      • Marcus, it really means a lot to hear you say that. So many days it feels like pushing a boulder up a hill – and of course, we notice the boulder rolling back down a lot more easily than we notice the inch-by-inch progress that we make going up! Thank you very much, my friend, I really appreciate it!

    • You skim? SKIM??? Well shove cake in your mouth and eat it!!! ;-)

  18. Hi Marcus,

    Currently I am posting 5 days a week (every day except for the weekends) and it’s working fine for me. Of course I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, so I’m well aware this schedule might undergo some changes over the next years. Right now I post as often as I possibly can, as I sort of feel like I have some catching up to do with all those awesome bloggers that have been around for years (yes I’m looking at you TSL community!) :)

    For me a blog’s posting schedule doesn’t really affect whether or not I start following. Just like the examples you gave, some of my favorite blogs post twice (or more) a day, while others only post every few days (e.g. Zen Habits). The only difference seems to be how I follow them. I think I’m less inclined to subscribe to a blog that posts multiple times a day as I’ll visit every single day automatically from my bookmarks.

    In short, whatever works for the blogger works for me as a reader. As long as he or she finds the inspiration to make each blog post worth reading, I’ll be there.

    Great topic, great post again!

    • 5 a week Wim? Wow brother, I’m impressed you can pull that off. Well done sir! But don’t worry about ‘catching up’ with the rest of us, just keep doing your thing man…and stay inspired.

      I think what you said about a blogger’s ability to stay inspired, not matter how often, is what keeps you coming back is what it’s all about, and this really should be the goal of any writer.

      Thanks again for your incredible support Wim.


  19. Hey Mufasa,
    Well…you know what I think about posting schedules – heck, I’ve written a couple posts about that topic already. Bottom line for me is: do what works best for you. And like you said – don’t set a schedule because someone told you to.

    When I first started blogging – someone who was even more clueless about blogging than I – told me I had to publish everyday. Not only that – but I had to publish 3 to 4 posts a day so that every time people visit – they can see something new. Ha!
    I actually gave it a shot and published 51 posts in one month – granted, more than half were probably crap and unrelated to the theme I have now.

    Whether you have a set schedule or not – you should only publish something that you’re happy with. Don’t just throw anything out there because of your self-imposed deadline. If you have nothing to say – then silence is often golden.

    I publish no more than 3 posts per week – and sometimes just my two series. I pretty much post when I’m inspired and when I have something to say that I think is worth reading.

    One of the reasons I publish as such is so that I can nurture my community. As you know, I’ve been lucky to have an incredible community so far – one that loves to share their valuable thoughts and talk with each other. And I love replying to each and every person (although I’m sometimes late like this past week) but it takes time because I make it a point to reply in kind. So publishing 2 or 3 times per week not only gives folks a chance to join the party that’s taking place (without wearing them out) – but it also gives me some time to respond to everyone.

    The people you used as examples here are perfect and needless to say that they’re quite disciplined and organized. Personally – I don’t know how Gini and Shonali consistently produce such quality content every single day. RESPECT! Same thing for Danny, JK and you M. You guys each have your own pace and it’s obviously working for you – and that’s what counts.

    Anyhow – it’s great of you to highlight our friends here :). They certainly are prime examples for a lot of things.

    Nicely done M.


    • Ingrid, it couldn’t have been said better than that! Ditto it all:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • Griddy, your posts are such fun to read, and your community is awesome. Talk about RESPECT – you bring that feeling up in me every day!

      • Hear, hear Shonali, she’s one of a kind.

    • Don’t just throw anything out there because of your self-imposed deadline. If you have nothing to say – then silence is often golden.

      Wise advice my dear friend.

      Because you’re such a ‘community nurturer’ (as you so well put it), it would be physically impossible for you to do what you do, especially in the comments sections, and keep up the pace. Eventually, you’d have a lot more 1-way conversations, and I know that’s not what your aim is, which is why I think your 2, maybe 3, schedule fits you so well.

      Anyway, you rock G and I really appreciate you stopping by to share.

  20. So the answer is “it depends.” Is someone practicing for a political run in 2012? :)

    • Hahaha Eugene…no politics for me brother. I’m all for helping the world, and this platform right here is how I’m going to do it. ;-)

      • Good! I was getting worried. If your last post was any indication, I think you’ll do a lot more good staying right here :)

  21. Hi Marcus,

    I post five days a week. I tried cutting it down to three days, and my numbers tanked. I keep it at five days, and I think that works better.

    It also helps my writing to have to post content every day except on the weekend. It makes me better when I think about the fact that people who subscribe to my blog expect to see my content.

    My bigger issue is why certain posts do better than others. I wrote a three part series and it did kind of alright – I guess no one wants the “heavier” content. I am still figuring things out a bit.

    • It’s impressive you can post 5 times a week Nancy, very impressive. But just remember, there are other ways to generate traffic as well. In other words, I used to post 4 times a week and when I went to 2 times a week, but spent more time networking, then my traffic really started doing much better. But every blog and niche is different, just make sure you’re doing it with a smile, and not pressuring yourself to write just because your traffic dips. Always base your decisions on the long term, not the short.

      Good luck and thanks so much for coming by!!


      • I think you’re right on this one Marcus. My posts with the most comments were not the result of the actual posting, but the contacting of other bloggers that followed. Posting is that important first step, but the subsequent networking is the base on which to build…

    • Here’s the thing, Nancy. The content you’re writing – the “heavy stuff”? That’s both timeless and real, and helps people more than you can know. The easy stuff like Twitter lists and 100 Great SEO Tips? They’re out-of-date the minute they’re posted.

      As a reader, I’ll stick with real and timeless any day, miss. Do what you believe in. :)

      • Danny,

        I did a three part stalking series last week. Yesterday I blogged for 200 words and said “I don’t know how to describe myself” I blog everyday because I like to.

        “Timeless and real” Yeah, you are just awesome Danny. My bosses wanted an example of good business writing, so I showed them your blog, Gini’s and Chris Brogan’s. Hopefully, they read the message, but also see how none of you talk down to your readers.

        I love posting content everyday. I need to write daily. It is excellent practice for me. I get better everyday.

        • That’s a great approach. Even if you don’t hit Publish every day, the experience and the style you’ll find make it all worthwhile just for that factor. :)

        • Um, if you don’t think I’m talking down to my readers, I have work to do.

          • I can give you lessons in sarcasm if you need them. Since I consider you a friend, I will offer y0u a discount. :)

            • You’re such a good friend!

    • Nancy, nothing wrong with “heavy” content. The personal touch, the stories that you can tell about yourself and your life experience, is what makes a blog great…

  22. I’m just loving this post.

    Thank you for putting everything into perspective in an easy to follow format. Love posts like this. Really. Can’t stop smiling.

    Let’s see – this is something I’ve actually been thinking about, pondering on, and working with for a few weeks now. Let’s just say my experimentation is probably driving readers batty.

    For about a month or two this year I first started by posting once a day. Sometimes twice. I was producing upwards of fourty blog posts in one month, which was incredible. The downside was that comments were low. Almost nill.

    The past couple of weeks I’ve been trying another approach. Three posts per week. One Monday, One Wednesday and One on Friday. Along with those posts I’m also taking the extra time to create a video for a few. As extra, added content. I’m seeing great results with this too. Lots more comments come in because of the extra days the posts are on the “home page” of my blog.

    Traffic has tended to increase in both regards. I think traffic wise, numbers increased the quickest when I was posting quickest. When I take more time to post, and less quantity each week – then the numbers gradually increase, but probably at a deeper ROI I’m sure. I’m seeing more trackbacks, thoughts and discussion going on.

    Sorry for using your blog as a soundboard. ;)

    • Christian, this was really, really cool man. 40 posts in a month?? Dang dude, that is really crazy!

      But it sounds like you’ve found the right balance now, which is great. I used to post 4 times a week. As you know, now I post 2, and I spend the time I spent on content before on networking now…and it has made all the difference.

      continued success to you my friend, it always thrills me when you stop by man,


  23. Marcus

    Here’s a quote from Joseph Campbell:

    “You enter the forest
    at the darkest point,
    where there is no path.

    Where there is a way or path,
    it is someone else’s path.

    You are not on your own path.

    If you follow someone else’s way,
    you are not going to realize
    your potential.”

    I’ve been intending to use this as an epigram at the start of a post of my own – and probably will – but it fits here perfectly.

    The takeaway is: Find Your Own Path.

    Gini’s schedule is not your schedule. Danny’s schedule is not your schedule. Marcus’s schedule is not your schedule. Etc. Etc.

    You have to find what works for you and then do that.

    Currently I post two to three times a week. Monday and Thursday are my public posts. And sometimes I’ll post a password protected ‘newsletter’ post.

    Later in the year (Sept) I plan to have a guest post a week. (Unapologetic promotional note: I want these guest posts to be high quality and will be paying $50 per guest post.)

    The other thing for people to take away is that every one of us is different and has different goals – so make sure your posting schedule aligns with your goals.

    Still looking for something to disagree with…..

    • I absolutely love love love the quote! And what a wonderful comment Paul. Each person’s posting schedule should indeed align with their goals. Can’t comment any more, otherwise I’ll just be reiterating what you said. “Find Your Own Path” indeed!

    • Paul, you are one great quote after another my friend. :-)

      The concept of ‘find your own path’ in many ways could have been the title of this article– because that’s exactly what I’m saying. There are a variety of paths in blogging, all of which can lead to success, but the need for great content and networking– that will never go away and will always be an imperative.

      As far as goals are concerned, this is a topic that interests me quite a bit, because honestly Paul I think a lot of bloggers really don’t know what the heck their goals are. Sure, they say they want traffic or would like to eventually make money, but they really don’t see what the end is supposed to look like.

      Thanks again for your support Paul, really appreciate it mate,


      • Here’s another quote for you regarding goals….this one from Clay Collins (who I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s a pretty sharp cookie):

        Real businesses never monetize, because they were created from the ground up to make money…Monetization is incredibly hard. – Clay Collins

        I think too many bloggers start up their blog because they’ve heard that’s the path – and they don’t have monetization planned. They just think it will happen as a byproduct of building an audience.

        It’s not that easy though. As well as a vision of where you;re going, you need a vision of what you want to achieve. If your goals are financial then yo should know what you’re aiming towards in terms of selling.

        Just some thoughts…..

  24. I’ll admit this now Marcus, I do have a schedule in place right now, but it’s because it’s been forced on me to some degree by my Value 101 series.

    I made the decision to post my Value 101 series every Friday, which then limited my opportunities for other posts as a result. I didn’t want to post on weekends, so soon after Friday, so that left me with four days to play with. Thursday was too close to Friday, so I thought “why not post every Tuesday and Friday?”

    I’ve pretty much stuck with that schedule as one of my two options – my other option is to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This works when I’ve got the inspiration to write three posts, but if not, I’ll just do the one post on a Tuesday.

    This happened this week – I wanted to post Monday and Wednesday but I couldn’t find enough to write two full-size posts about. So I merged the ideas together and put out a complete post today. Hopefully this has worked!

    I agree with everyone else here, everyone is different. And we also don’t have to stick to the same schedule all the time – like me, if you want to use a different schedule one week, go for it. No-one’s stopping you.

    ‘Blog when you wanna blog’ is my best advice :-)

    • I agree with you Stuart, and many here: everyone is different and each schedule should reflect each person’s individuality and goals. “Blog when you wanna blog”…cool. Cheers! Kaarina P.S. Value 101 piece headed your way this week, my friend.

      • Awesome, I’ll be waiting in eager anticipation Kaarina :-)

    • Hey Stu, thanks so much for chiming in my friend. You really seem to have found a balance with your blogging, and I’m always impressed because your approach to much of this is wise beyond your years.

      Continued success to you brother :-)


      • You’re too kind Marcus, seriously. I only do what I can do, to the best of my ability. No real trick to it ;-)

  25. I post more frequently than most bloggers do and have received complaints about it. More than a few people have told me that they can’t keep up and I am ok with that.

    I operate off of The Build Your Community Around You philosophy. My readers know what they are in for. I don’t get upset if they don’t read every post or comment on each. I write for me first and for everyone else second.

    Most of the time it doesn’t matter to me how many comments I receive on my posts because I don’t use comments as currency.

    That is not to say that there aren’t times where I slow down or posts where I want to focus on comments. Both situations occur and my community supports me in it.

    More importantly it is what works for me. You cannot last at this unless you love it or are making real money. It takes too much time and too much effort. The best thing you can do is be true to yourself, harness your passion and run with it.

    • Hey Jack,
      You’re the only blogger I’ve found so far that posts daily, with high standards of excellence for what is published, and the majority of it being on a personal level as well. So no complaints here, keep up the fantastic work….

      • Hi Joe,

        Thank you for the vote of confidence, I appreciate it. So much of this is about time, effort and practice. If you put those things in then good things come about.

    • Some pretty sage advice there Jack, this was great.

      I like the fact that you post for you first. Most people worry too much about others…and then end up almost selling out to their thoughts, even when they feel inspired to write about other things.

      When this happens, a blogger is doomed, as you well know.

      Thanks for the great words of wisdom Jack,


      • Marcus,

        I loved that line you just used about “almost selling out to their thoughts” because it makes so much sense to me. If you aren’t true to yourself than who are you.

  26. Hey Marcus,

    I have tried posting every other day, every 3 days, 3 posts/week, 4 per week and 7 posts/week.
    What I have seen is that I get a traffic burst every time I publish a post but then it goes down during the time in between posts.

    Today I post 7 posts/week, one per day, it gives me a nice level traffic and a lot of content which has started to increase my search engine traffic.

    • That’s what is interesting about you D’. Being that we’ve been following each other’s stuff for such a long time, I’ve watched your different schedules, and I’ve always been blown away with your ability to produce so much great content, at a high rate.

      I hope this newest schedule brings you the traffic and results you’re looking for my friend. :-)



  27. Hi, Marcus.

    After reading your post and the comments that come after it, I gathered that there is no such thing as a posting schedule. :) That everyone is entitled to post an article when he or she wants to. What matters is the thought, the care, the love and the personality that comes with each post. A blog posting schedule does not bring in visitors. It is the post that does this.

    And, although I love looking up people’s posts, I really find it overwhelming when they post more than once per day. They’d have to be Gini to get away with that. I find blogs like yours, Marcus, that gives breathing space in between posts much easier to follow and comment on.

    Now that I have found my footing, I am trying my best to post 3 times a week. But, when the mood is really down and I can’t write a thing, I will not force it, just so I have something.

    Thanks for this great read, Marcus. Enjoy your week. :)

    • Follow your heart and gut, Kim; you are definitely on the right track!

      • Thanks, Kaarina. I can always count you to support. I am honored. :)

    • “What matters is the thought, the care, the love and the personality that comes with each post. A blog posting schedule does not bring in visitors. It is the post that does this.” Kim, this is an excellent comment, thank you! Makes me feel WAY better about my erratic posting (that I’m still going to strive to improve).

      • I believe that erratic posting schedules does not really matter, Joe, as long as the posts you put out blow people’s minds. You’d always have readers checking out if you have something new for them. :)

    • This was great Kim, and I think the goals you’ve set personally are awesome.

      Yes, that Gini Dietrich is one of a kind. It’s funny just how many people don’t particularly care for blogs that post as much as hers, yet they make an exception for Spin Sucks– which is obviously a results of 3 things:
      1. A community of smart, witty, and fun people.
      2. Great content
      3. An amazing woman at the helm that somehow ties it all together.

      I appreciate so much your support, comments, and tweets Kim, and I hope you know that. :-)


      • Don’t mention it, Marcus. I know a cool lion when I see one. :) And, yes, you are right about the 3 points you mentioned on why people make an exception for Spin Sucks. With Gini at the helm, who can ever resist it. :)

  28. Mufasa!!!!!!! How cool of you to include me in this post, thank you! And you remembered that incident at BWE, LOL!

    I love that you point out there is no “perfect” or “best” publishing schedule. When I started blogging, I’d post when I could, when I wanted to, when I just had to say something that wouldn’t be left unsaid. I still try to follow that rule, especially the “wouldn’t be left unsaid,” like last Saturday’s post.

    However, I tried to up the game by self-imposing the once a day rule on myself, to try and instill some writing discipline on myself. I’m very disciplined as a rule, and I thought I needed to apply the same principle to my blog.

    I quickly realized that with work, life, etc., there was no way (at least currently) that I could do that. So I started bringing on guest bloggers – that’s how I got up the courage to blog, because my first blog post ever was a guest post for @kamichat (awesome woman!) and I wanted to keep paying it forward. Now there is a team of probably about 10 guest bloggers who blog regularly (when life doesn’t interfere, usually at least once a month), and additional guest bloggers who’d like to use my blog as a platform to showcase themselves. So I can’t thank them enough for adding not just to the consistency, but to the great and diverse viewpoints they bring to Waxing UnLyrical.

    Since I decided to publish a post every day, I’ve noticed a definite increase in readers, comments (that is also due to Livefyre) and subscribers. It’s nowhere near Danny or Gini’s or your blogs, but it’s slowly moving upwards, and that’s good! And what brings me the most joy is the community that grows because of it (and wonderful people like you).

    • Haha Shonali, I’m glad you liked my little blog world story ;-)

      I love how you discussed your post schedule ‘journey’ here. This process has taken you time, and I’m sure it will continue to change more in the future, but it seems like you’ve really found something that works, garners traffic, builds community, and makes you happy— which is awesome.

      Thanks so much for coming by Shonali. Keep rockin it girl ;-)


  29. I agree with Kim – too many posts can be overwhelming not only for the readers but for you too. I think 2-3 post a week are sufficient and it should not exceed more than one a day.

    • My thoughts exactly Ana. Beyond 2 or 3 and I start to get overwhelmed. In fact, the word I use is ‘over comitted’, as it’s almost like a friend that you like being with on occasion, but wants to hang out way too much, which ends up turning you off.

      Always great seeing you Ana and keep up the amazing work over there on Traffic Cafe :-)


  30. Nice insight, Marcus. I enjoyed this tremendously. I like to blog once a week and offer original art (from Nicholas) and a philosophy that is uniquely mine with every post. The rest of the week I am Wonderfully Obsessed with my new book and writings, which is my ultimate passion and aspiration.

    • That’s what I like so much about you Rob– you’re very unique to you— you’ve created a feel, style, and brand that is not like anyone’s in your niche (IMO) and that says a whole lot about you.

      Thanks so much for your support,


  31. Nice post Marcus, you make any schedule that is consistent a winner. That gives people a lot of breadth to be successful! Another sign of a master… anyway, I like your schedule… gives readers time to digest, read, comment, etc. I notice my own behavior… I can’t keep up with prolific publishers nearly as well .

    I try to put out 3-4 articles per week. Right now, it is easy for me cuz there is so much to write on my topic. But, come winter when there isn’t nearly as much happening (we in Ouray Colorado practically hibernate like the black bears that frequent the town dumpsters) it is much harder to keep up that schedule…

    • Hey Karen, thanks so much for that and I think you have actually brought up a good point as well– that of producing content when it’s there– or striking while the iron is hot. The fact that you can blog as much as you do in your niche is awesome, and really saying something.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  32. Great post, Marcus. I am one of your new readers from Denmark – thanks to Michael !
    Your posting schedule is perfect to me as I always read your posts twice. Even though my English is fairly good I have to read your posts two times to get the most out of ‘em.
    If you decide to speed up your posting schedule I would really appreciate if you could do a recording and file the post as mp3/podcast.

    Thanks for a great read ;-)

    • Hi Peter, and I’m so glad you found us. Sorry about the English, I would love to offer more of these in MP3/podcast style formats, and it’s something I certainly need to look into, so thanks for that feedback.

      Continued success to you Peter and I hope you keep coming back. :-)


  33. Hey Marcus!

    This was a great post and the discussion that ensued are a great read for any blogger. I’m new to blogging as of last year, so the schedule I keep is still changing. It’s great to see the numbers and successes of more established bloggers and to learn that it’s all relative to your niche and audience.

    • Hi Alicia! And welcome to the community here, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

      Glad to hear that you’ve been able to change your schedule up based on need and I hope you’ll continue down this road to find your ultimate success. Oh, and I hope that road includes you stopping by here often! ;-)



  34. My posting schedule depends on what I have to say. When I first started it was pretty frequent. Now that I’m around 120 pages (very modest compared to alot of you, i know) I write when I learn something new or when a client asks a question. I wont waste readers time saying the same thing someone else said. I don’t usually write just to talk either. The ninja blog was created to be a how to guide and when I learn something new I share it.

    Good post though. Helps reaffirm the decision I made to post less so each post can be a higher quality. Plus, I don’t like to be pressured, lol. Sucks the fun right out of it.

    • Hey Roger, great to hear from you my old friend, and I think what you’re doing on the Ninja blog is great.

      And yes, being ‘pressured’ does stink, doesn’t it?! :-)

      Take care bud,


  35. Late to the party, sorry Mr. Needs to Pick One Cool Kat Nickname and Go with It. Some great stuff and even better comments.

    @Bill Dude, you is funny. @Eugene.. sorry but Marcus is way too overqualified and under-sleazed to be a professional politician. ;-)

    Jk and Paul lead the way with their great additions and smart comments, great quote. Loved what Ingrid said about self-imposed deadlines; it’s good to have them because it keeps you steady, committed to the blog but at the same time, sometimes silence is the better option if you’re not feeling it. Like Kristi, I sometimes use a ‘recap list’ or a ‘follow friday’ as a post to keep myself on schedule but try not to over do that.

    I’m with John, Ana and others on the quality/frequency balance. And that balance WILL vary per content, community, audience, strategies and objectives. Per Ari’s comment, Mashable isn’t about a deep discussion, just cranking out as many linkbait headlines as they can for clicks and ad views; Jack writes for himself first, readers second.

    Your blog generates a lot of comments – quality stuff worth reading, so it’s a big commitment to read and participate. Sometimes I’ll stick around Spin Sucks for the banter and deeper discussions, other times I just got other things to do. I think the community and nature of the blog matter a lot: is it monetized for passive income, is it about attracting clients, brand building? “It depends” isn’t fudging the numbers, it’s real. Trying to apply the Shonali formula or the Danny equation to the wrong blog could result in disaster. TEHO (to each his/her own) is probably the best blogging schedule, FWIW.

    • What a perfect summation you’ve laid out here Ambassador Davina…just as you always do.

      In fact, I think I should direct new readers to your ‘cap-off’ comment at the end to show them where they need to go to look for the best stuff under the fold ;-)

      Your support rocks lady, hope you’re having a great week.


      • You know, there are times I do add more to the discussion but when I’m late… all the good comments are already taken! Figure a recap is better than 15 comment bombs of “ditto.” ;-)

  36. Hi Marcus! Good morning!
    I love to read! Great content whether it’s for business, teaching me how to use something or why I need it… well, you know! Whether it’s light-hearted or funny or inspirational. Serious problems, mis-steps, articles on mis-behavior (I LOVE avoiding mistakes!). I love GREAT content.
    I hope to someday figure out what it is I, Amber-Lee, Alaska Chick, could possibly offer… I want to help people. I want to make them feel good, and most of all, I want to share what I have.
    I don’t think I have reached that spot, where I find my own “perfect posting schedule”. Ugh. I try (hard) for 3-4 days a week. I miss some, but boy (!), I want them to be worth your time, if I get you there. I want them to be right.
    Major struggle… Major-major STRUGGLE~ What am I going to do when I have to leave for 10 days at a wack, for 9 weeks?! As I’ve been learning, (and falling head over heels in love with this whole journey I am on)…it occurs to me- I have and am building a monster! (and I don’t even have double digit readers!) I cannot let these folks down that have given me, a nobody in the big world, their attention and time and even support. I don’t want to stop! My issue bottom lines here- I am trying to save our business and our lives. This will do it. I can’t stab said business in the back by #1-dropping this very slippery ball and #2- letting our clients and guests down! (Wahhh!)
    So, what to do, what to do?! ☺I know that somehow and someway, but I do know that I love what I am doing, am going to get better at it, and someday, someone brilliant will figure out a way I can do it WHILE I ride!
    Have a remarkable day!

  37. Daily posting doesn’t turn me off as long as the content doesn’t suffer due to frequency. Less than once a week to me doesn’t feel like you take it seriously, anything above that really depends on the tone and subject of the site (as you clearly showed above). Hell there are some tech sites that I love like DF and Brooks Review that post multiple times a day (granted most are links).

    As for my own struggles in finding my frequency, they have been plentiful… the biggest being how to make these determinations with very little readership. My site is still new (hell, I still havent really locked down if I am sticking with my name or going with the geekier and thus generates limited data.

    Right now I am hitting five a week, M-F. One full fledged Tech post, one full fledged Creativity/Productivity post, two link posts and one quotes post to wrap up the week. Trying to keep the thread of getting over my struggles with productivity and creativity through the use of technology (although to be totally honest the quotes can be a little off topic…).

    Thanks for the food for though… now I just have to hone in on my own perfect schedule :)

    • Michael!! So great to hear from the funniest guy I met in NYC :-) I’m glad you stopped in man, and really happy you talked about y0ur blog struggles, because we didn’t get a chance to discuss that at blog world.

      But it sounds like you’re ‘feeling it out’ pretty well, and if your writing is as engaging as you are in person, then there’s no stopping you my friend.

      I’ll be stopping by soon to check things out brother.

      Continued success.


      • Thanks man, talking about struggling is what I do! Actually struggling is what I do and talking about overcoming it is what I blog about. :)

        Great meeting you at BW and am seriously glad to have found your site.

  38. Hey big fella

    “…there is NO perfect blogging schedule.”

    I want my money back. LOL

    Good point well made.

    Cheers Marcus

    • Hahaha Keith….would you like that in pounds or dollars sir?? ;-)

      You give me such a smile every time you stop in Keith…thanks!


  39. Hey,

    I used to be very lazy at blogging and did it once a month and then I saw…yikes, readers never came back…Maybe if they did, they just didn’t find anything new. I have shifted to twice a week and that works just fine. No matter what the blogging schedule is I feel it should be taken seriously, and stick to it, so that readers know exactly when to look forward to your posts and it keeps them interested!

    • I think you’re right Hajra. Regardless of how often, consistency is a good thing because readers to get used to it over time and start to look for your posts…and if you don’t give it to them…they wonder.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  40. Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for shedding some light on this! I started my b
    log at the beginning of the year, and my posting schedule is currently about twice a week. I also agree that posts need to simmer for a few days, some of my posts have got many comments a few days after I posted them.

    I think the biggest points to take away from this are: Different things work for different people, there’s no “One size fits all” schedule, be consistent and blog so that it fits in with your other commitments and schedules.

    I know a few of the guys you mentioned, but I am forming a deep connection with Jk, the guy is awesome! Amazing guy and superb blogger, sure we’re going to see much more from him in the future. I’m like you, I really don’t know how he fits it all in!

    As usual, thanks for such a passionate, informing and educational post. I love what you’re doing, and I can only see you growing more – you deserve all the success you get! :)

    Re: your comment on the last post, yes I would like to share the successes of people such as Seth Godin, hopefully in the next few years! ;) lol

  41. Hi Marcus!

    Thanks for another good post! dinner is almost done so I will be brief, lol!

    I post once a week on the same day and this has worked for me for balance. I write for a magazine on parenting once a month, run the kids around and keep up on medicine, try to read all these great blogs, try to engage and that is about it.

    I had read those prior posts from others in the past and decided long ago to do what is right for me. I would love to post 2-3 times per week.

    I can’t keep up with all of you posting so frequently but now that I have @Gini on my kindle perhaps I will be able to!

    have a good nite :)

  42. Ah, the old blogging schedule nugget – gotta love the one size fits all mindset of so many folks trying to tell you how to do something because it works for them.

    You know, I used to blog daily. Then I did post for a while with more than one a day. Did I see an increase in traffic? Yes. Did I feel more fulfilled because of that? No. I felt drained, pressured and losing the will to blog.

    Recently, I’ve just posted when I feel like it, and sometimes that means days in-between anything. Do I worry about losing readers and traffic? For sure. But I worry about that a lot less than I am satisfied that I’m (hopefully) posting better stuff, as well as showcasing some awesome bloggers who’ve been very kind to write for me.

    The morale of this comment? We all pee differently and to suit our stance, and that’s how it should be.

      • Damn you, Schechter! You stole my line!

    • LOL Danny, gotta love morals like that one mate! ;-)

      On a serious note, I think your case is a perfect one to show the how the evolution of a blogger never ends, assuming he or she is constantly looking to be their best self. You’ve got a massive audience, you’ve already tasted success, yet you are still changing things up to get better….this is an example to all of us, and I think it very much coincides with your post yesterday regarding ‘sheep’…

      Thanks for all my friend.


  43. I have to admit I read the headline and thought, “Oh no! I’m about to go to his blog and disagree with him.” Imagine my surprise to learn I was wrong!

    You’re absolutely right. There is not a cookie cutter approach. No one size fits all. What we advise clients is this: Be consistent. If you are going to post once a week, do it at the same time on the same day, every week. That way, people know when to expect you.

    • My once-a-month or so approach needs some revisiting… :-)

      • Nah…as long as people know which day of the month to expect it, you’re fine!

  44. You’ve got to get to the party pretty early if you want to beat me to the obvious pee joke…

    • For the record, this was supposed to be a reply to Gini and not a general statement on the post as a whole… that is all…

  45. What I like about this post is it gives you some models to choose from. Gini’s pace is just incredible, even discounting for the guest posters. I’ve been trying to get on the Mufasa plan since I started — I thought that would be a comfortable pace — but have yet to achieve your regularity. Danny’s pace of 3-4 a week would probably be the max I would ever shoot for, but that would be heavily dependent on the state of offline responsibilities at that time.

    One thing is for sure, you nailed it with your big point — there is no magic pace, it depends on your individual goals and inclinations. And that is what is so cool about blogging!

    Great post as always!

    • Hey Adam, thanks for chiming in brother.

      ‘The Mufasa Plan’….hahaha, love it bud.

      Whatever the plan may be Adam, I just hope you’re able to find it and experience the success you’re looking for my friend.

      Thanks so much for the comment and have a great week. :-)


  46. I also think that you should post 2-3 topics per day,it’s very efficient and you don’t feel preasure

  47. Marcus nice post dude – when I first saw the title I thought “this guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, there’s not posting schedule that’ll suit everyone..” but then I found out you were smart :)

    What I generally find the hardest is allotting time for posting – however the more I understand the benefits of doign it consistently, the higher up the priority chain it goes!

    • Hahaha Daniel, I’m sure I would have thought the exact same thing had I read the title ;-)

      Glad you liked the article man and I hope you’ll come back around again. We’ve got a special community around here and the people truly care.

      Good luck with your blog!!!


  48. Thanks, Marcus. It’s whatever suits then, but make sure it’s regular to keep the audience engaged. My schedule is pretty much the same as yours but if we have something extra to say, hey, why not?

    Thanks for pointing up one blogger I hadn’t found yet.

    • Hey Jon, and yes, if we have something extra to say, I agree, we should say it!!

      Great seeing you sir and appreciate the support!


  49. Generally I never let a day pass without posting as much as a short article to a longer one. But it is also important to put your posts in context with what the world we live in is actively doing. Live life and then write about it. Be empowered and write about it. Smell the flowers and write about it. The readers are much more interested in how you share the world in your unique perspective and that makes a post special.

  50. Hey Marcus, great post! I am trying to raise the bar on my blog for Mackoul & Associates, Inc. by recently increasing our blog postings from 1 per week to 4 or 5 per week. So far, it has seemed to increase the amount of visitors to our site and helped our search engine optimization by posting relevant topics to our community. We post a few insurance related topics per week and then a few posts that are helpful for life in general (weather advisories, tips on staying safe in any situation, how-to guides etc.). I’ve also found it to be helpful to send an email to our newsletter subscribers announcing the blog post.

  51. This is a great post Marcus. My schedule is erratic. I am trying to do better. I really want if I can do it have a Monday Mobile Marketing/Technology post, Tuesday Social, and Friday is always something fun and often not related to Marketing depending on the subject. But when I get really busy I fall off the wagon. And while my goals are different than many bloggers I actually fear a community like you have or the folks you mentioned or who commented here. I fear I will have pressure not to let them down like Lady Gaga did with her second album. I fear the community could drive me vs me driving a community and them helping me steer. But yes a schedule is really important.

    I actually blog in hopes future clients will see my insight when they check out my business. But I am sure having a community would look impressive vs just my blog posts. So my goals are still up in the air.

    That said everyone has different ways of reading blogs as well. I have an RSS reader but rarely use it. I subscribe to I think two or three blogs. Mostly I read the blogs I list on my blog and click and launch from there. Other blogs that I have started coming to and enjoying like Bill Dorman’s and yours I just come to directly.

    My point of this is since I don’t RSS and I should, but since I don’t if I make the effort to manually type in on the search bar or click to go to a blog I love and don’t see a new post when normally there should be one I do get a bit disappointed.

  52. Very interesting read Marcus! All bloggers struggle with posting frequency. I am convinced that most blogs will experience higher traffic numbers if they post more often, but traffic isn’t can’t be a blogger’s entire focus.

    I currently post 3-4 articles per week, plus an email newsletter every Wednesday. Having an editorial Calendar really helps me to maintain this schedule. My editorial calendar looks like this:
    Monday: Pillar blog post
    Wednesday: Solo Biz Tribe Email Newsletter
    Friday: #FollowFriday Post – Thanks again Gini for the inspiration
    Saturday: Link roundup post – Thanks Kristi for the inspiration

    My goal is to start a podcast that I release every Wednesday. This podcast will feature interviews with successful solo business owners and authors. It has been difficult for me to find the time to get this started. I look forward to interviewing many of you here.

    Having the #FollowFriday post and roundup post really help me to create consistent content. By having a plan every week, I don’t have to think too hard about this posts. And, I outsource a lot of my link list roundup post. Throughout the week, I bookmark on delicious posts to include in this post. Then my virtual assistant takes those links and creates the shell of my post right in my WordPress dashboard. Then all I have to do is add my thoughts about each post. This is a great way to outsource some content.

  53. Natalie

    I do most of my marketing blog reading to start the day at work, around 9:30-10am, so having a batch of new articles to read then is perfect.

  54. Ah scheduling! Its SO important if you want to make the best use of your time! I learnt that at uni this year and last year. Thanks for the links to the other blogs, I’ll be sure to check those out. Thanks again for a great blog Marcus, you always have something really interesting to say!

    • You’re welcome Harriet….and thank you for always taking the time to read what’s on here at TSL! :-)


  55. Macus.

    I wholeheartedly agree with people being flexible in deciding on setting a posting schedule. For a long time (1 year to the day) I did the ‘daily’ post thing.

    In the end though it sometimes became posting simply for the sake of posting.

    The only thing I think is important is having “some” sort of regular frequency. As a reader nothing frustrates me as much as people who post 5 articles in 5 days and then go away for 3 weeks.

    (unless of course they are on a vacation)

    Some sort of rough posting schedule really does help for those regularity issues.

    • I very much agree Steve, and I really should have mentioned your point above. Schedules work—for the readers, and for the writers. I’m a huge fan of regularity when it comes to blogging.

      Thanks for stopping by Steve!


  56. I would say posting one day and skipping one day would be the perfect balance, I don’t like going on blogs where every single day you find a new post, I mean it’s like giving a child the same candy every day, with time it becomes so predictable and boring. But when you skip a day or two, your audience will crave for more and will wait impatiently when you are going to give them another glimpse of your imaginative, creative and brilliant mind. Just my opinion! Of course it all depends on the kind of niche you operate in-I don’t except news website to post only 3 times a week !!!

    • You’re right on with this Wez, the niche makes a huge difference. But for the majority, it is my opinion that every day is too ‘over committal’, which is why 2 or 3 a week is the ideal for most personal and business blogs.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving this comment Wez, make sure you subscribe and come back again soon!!


  57. Wow! some thought provoking info here. I understand that it is all about relationships and making yourself known in the blogosphere. I am glad to read that I have implemented an action plan that goes along with your suggestions here. :-)

    • Hi Tilly, and welcome to the best dang blogging and marketing community on the internet ;-) I’m glad you found the article helpful and now you just need to get your avatar so we can see you face… or mane in my case ;-) (It’s free and easy, just go to

      Talk again soon!


  58. Marcus:

    Great post!

    We had a great discussion recently about posting schedules and quality and whether or not posting too frequently comes at the expense of diminishes quality. In the big, I think that does happen quite often. But then there are those blogs that are able to keep up both a rigorous schedule and amazing quality – they are few and far between but they do exist.

    When we launched a few weeks back, I deliberately modeled the posting schedule on Gini’s blog. I love the community that exists there. The main difference is that 12 Most has been about 90% guest posts by our friends. Ironically, my one and only post thus far on 12 Most listed the amazingly prolific bloggers who maintain outstanding quality with a very regular frequency. I tip my hat to them. I couldn’t do it, but I sure am glad that they do!

  59. Marcus,

    Honestly, I never thought about a posting schedule for as I write whenever I have something to tell. I believe there is no formula for creating and maintaining a wonderful blog but surely some consistency is required if a blogger wants to stay connected with his/her followers.

    Also, posting frequency all depends on the nature of the blog. Some blogs will keep the readers with one post a week. Some others will need 3-5 posts a day to keep readers.


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  61. I think it all comes down to your niche and your readers. Some niches, like celebrity gossip, can easily support multiple posts per day without inundating readers. The statistics show that daily updates generally bring more traffic, higher rankings, and better conversion rates. This data rarely comes segregated by niche, but my guess is that popular niches skew the data some.

    Even if daily updates are best for your niche, you make a great point that your posting frequency should be good for the blogger, too. When I post daily updates on my sites, I’ve found that all of my metrics increase across the board, but the schedule is too much for me to commit to on a consistent basis.

    In the end, it comes down to balancing your needs and your those of your readers. There’s an old saying, “always leave them wanting more.” You certainly do that with your blog.

  62. In my case I have tried to keep to a schedule but found that I would invariably not have anything new to say on the day or days when I planned to post something and conversely I would have on days when I didn’t plan to. I tend to generate content that fills 2 or 3 posts at a time and so what works for me is to write all the content in one session and publish it in chunks over the following 3 days or so.

    • That’s actually a great strategy Bill, and as long as you’re consistently putting stuff out there, consumers and Google alike will take notice and appreciate it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Bill and I hope you’ve subscribed so that we’ll have a chance to chat again.



  63. Hi Marcus,

    I read a post by Chris Brogan a while ago and he said that the more we publish, the more traffic we’ll get (or something like that). He also think that he showed some stats, and his posting schedule was two times a day, back then.

    I have looked at various people, and no matter how much I try to be like whatever works for them (because they are successful), I always end up with my own schedule. And my own schedule is not having a schedule. I write when I feel like writing, and I hit publish when I feel it’s time to do it. Sometimes it’s once a week, at other times it’s two times a week. Sometimes I publish during the weekend, but mostly I publish on monday and wednesday or thursday. But, it all depends…

    I’m not sure if I would have been doing a better job if I had a schedule or not. But I’m having a great time, and I’m really having a lot of fun, and that’s what’s important to me :)

  64. Yeah!!! Just what I’ve been thinking – but the problem is while you take the attitude that “Nobody wants to listen to my inane ramblings”, a] they probably won’t and b] you certainly won’t stick to a schedule!

    I’m going to go now and write down all the floating ideas I have for blog posts, and come up with a proper schedule!

    • I hope you do Richard, good luck, and let us know how it goes!! :)


  65. That’s a really good question there, Marcus.

    There really does not seem to be a “One size fits all” answer to how many Posts someone should publish per week. Factors such as Niche, Popularity, time available, quantity and quality of content, and many many others, will determine what number of posts someone decides to pump out.

    You have variations in post lengths ranging from Seth Godin’s Micro Blogs(Okay to do , if you’re Sethf Godin) from posts that start to resemble “War & Peace”(Okay not quite that long.

    As far as post frequency, I have seen some Blogs only pop out a Post, once every blue moon(Literally) yet, they are still doing fine. Many established sites manage to knock up a strong post every few days(three times a week) and this works fine for them.

    On one blog I left a comment, a fellow commenter quipped that they had put out 500 posts in the past few months. It was said as if it was no big deal(Maybe they were going to lift their quota a little).
    I almost fell off my chair. Though, in reality, news/media/Political blogs turn out some pretty massive numbers in the posting department. Some I visit, have a list of fresh posts daily(Some short ones though, some very long and detailed ones in the mix, also)


    • Great addition and examples you’ve offered to the post here Daniel, I really appreciate it and appreciate the fact you stopped by as well. BTW, do you not have an avatar? If not, be sure to go to and get one. It’s free and takes seconds and that way we can all see your face…or Lion’s head in my case. ;-)

      Have a great weekend,


  66. Well, we have a process of trial and error. Let’s just be open to all the possibilities that would come. Thank you for the encouragement Marcus.

  67. Hi Marcus,

    I need to give my friend Jk his props for directing me here to read this post! This was awesome and much needed to read.

    I’m pretty new to the blogosphere myself… well sort of. I started blogging early February of this year, and when I started I was blogging every single day. I did that for about 4 months straight. Needless to say by 4 and a half I was truly spent, but I love to write and blog so I simply made some changes.

    Shortly after I then became self-hosted and started blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That has been my schedule up until now. After reading this post I actually see a why spacing them out would be of benefit. I think I need to take everything you’ve placed here into consideration. Thanks for sharing this awesome information Marcus! And thank you J, for pointing this post out.

    • Deeone, you’re very, very welcome. Everywhere you turn in the blogosphere, there are ‘hard and fast’ rules to how to do things the right way. The reality is that this is not a one size fits all world, and you’ve got to continually tweak until you find the right rythm for you.

      I’m glad you’ve hooked up with JK man. He is of exceptional character and skills, a star on the rise.

      Keep up the great work Deeone, and thanks so much for stopping by…


      • I’m learning just that, my friend. To be honest with you, your site is among one of the few that I have read that actually says, “do what works for you”. It’s almost a feel of “if you don’t do it my way, then you’re doomed” type feel in the blogoshpere. So thanks for that!

        I’m glad that I’ve connected with Jk as well, the dude is definitely one in a million. I also enjoy the company he keeps. He’s definitely someone that I’d like to pattern myself from.

        Thanks for that welcome, my friend. It’s great to add another awesome individual to my list of networks. I hope to get to know you better as well. All the best to you. :)


  68. I have been trying to determine how often I should post on my my new design blog and think I am going to try to keep my posting to 3-4 times a week after reading this! I definitely want to increase my traffic by posting often, but I don’t want to overwhelm my new readers either! Thanks for sharing!

    • Great Jessica! It’s tough to find a balance, so just make sure you’re listening to your gut and you don’t write too much, which can really stall quality and inspiration.

      Thanks so very much for stopping by,


  69. I certainly hope their take on blogging schedules is true! I’m not a 1 a day guy. Interesting post on how often to blog.


  70. Trying to get more consistent.

    I seem to go at it hard and then take time off.

    Need 2-3 per week at least!!



  71. Hi Marcus,

    Very well explained blogging schedule. I was searching for the topic and landed here. Thank you.

  72. Thank you for posting this, Marcus — AND eliciting so much feedback! It’s great to get your (and your followers’) take on a blogging schedule. I particularly appreciate your #2 about letting your content “simmer” — I considered this very idea, so I’m glad to have the back-up for my rationale from “blogging expert.”

    One question for you: do you think it’s more important (from a “social media” point-of-view) to post new content or respond to comments? For example, might you skip posting one day in order to respond to a bunch of readers or address similar points — and then let THOSE simmer?
    – Erin Larson,

  73. Excellent article…this is one of those posts that end my google surfing for answers session. :D

    I’ve had trouble finding one just because I have trouble writing good stuff (I only started a few months ago). As I’ve started to get (I like to think..) a little better at this, I seem to have developed a two posts per week pattern–one a book review, and the other a reflection, or thought.

    Yeah, and I’m annoyed by too much content too often. ;)

  74. Scheduling is a matter of discipline indeed and only a few hardworking people can achieve it with all “Original Content”. As you stated, trying to find interesting and unique blog topics on a schedule is very hard!!

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