In 2011, Krista Kotrla, CMO of Block Imaging, had a big problem and she needed to do something about it. This is her story, in her very own words:

Krista Kotrla

Last summer we were in the midst of what was turning out to be a not great sales year and morale was low. I knew there were things that we could do to change our direction, but it meant involving everybody and getting people excited that we were going to aggressively pursue growth through content marketing.

The more that I learned from seeing how businesses were starting to utilize social media for business purposes, I was just fascinated to think that those could be powerful mediums to reach more people. Knowing the expertise that our team possessed, Block Imaging could be very effective at it if we just had a better way of making it easy for our employees to participate.  Not just to give them the tools, but show them how to reach out to people and help them empower and educate buyers.

We decided that if the company went all in together as a team instead of just a few people being responsible, we could get out ahead of the pack by leaps and bounds very quickly.

Last summer we were planning a two-day company retreat and I pitched our management team about devoting the entire time to launching this new culture of content marketing. We brought in Marcus Sheridan to lead the entire first day, where he not only explained content marketing but most importantly, helped our team catch the vision and enthusiastically buy-in to team participation. Day 2 was hands-on workshops and activities that helped everyone dive in and get their hands dirty practicing what we just learned from Marcus. We brainstormed blog titles, began developing personal brands by learning how to inject some personality into our content, as well as getting comfortable with video. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Since that initial workshop, the growth of the Block Imaging brand has been exceptional, and their website growth and sales continue to go up and up and up. Not only that, but their story has now been featured in many prominent marketing publications, one of which was Social Media Examiner. And just how impressive was Block Imaging’s online growth? Just look at the screenshot Krista sent me a few months after our initial workshop:

Block Imaging Web Growth

A stagnant blog and website exploded after a content marketing workshop where all employees saw their critical role in forming a new company culture.

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