The Problems with Blog Outsourcing and the Launch of EasyBizBlogging

by Marcus Sheridan

blog outsourcingFor the past three years here on The Sales Lion I’ve been beating the drum called “Blogging for Business” until I’ve practically turned blue in the face. As you all know, this passion stems from the fact that content marketing saved my swimming pool company, made The Sales Lion brand what it is, and is the catalyst of success for thousands upon thousands of businesses all over the world.

My writings during this time period have centered around a common theme:

  1. You can be a teacher.
  2. Your employees can be teachers. (I call this “Insourcing”)
  3. And when you catch this vision, and put it into action in a digital form, your business will never be the same.

I’m happy to say that many, many readers and clients of TSL have done just that. They’ve taken action. They’re doing it the right way. And they’re getting incredible results.

Notwithstanding, there is another very large group of businesses out there that see the value of content marketing, especially blogging, but are unable to get momentum going. In most cases, this stems from one or more of the following:

  1. They don’t have the time to produce content.
  2. They don’t like to write.
  3. They’re not good at writing.
  4. They really don’t know where to start and what to write about.

The Problems with Blog Outsourcing Companies

It is because of these issues that so many smaller businesses elect to use blog outsourcing companies. And although I’m by no means saying here blog outsourcing is bad, there can be a few major drawbacks to having someone outside of your company write articles in your stead. They are:

1. The personal voice and experiences of the employees, especially the owner, are typically lost in the writings. This in-turn hurts the quality of the content and gives it more of a “lifeless” feel in many cases.

2. The quality of the writing is highly contingent on the abilities of the writer, which means often times companies have to “try out” multiple writers in order to find someone they feel is a good fit.

3. Many blog outsourcing companies do not pay attention to proper titles of blog posts, which, as I’ve said many times—is the biggest SEO mistake made by businesses blogging in the world today—by far.


It’s funny how in life and in business if we just sit back and truly listen to the problems people have we can come up with some profound solutions every now and again.

Frankly, this is how I feel about EasyBizBlogging—a blog outsourcing system that completely changes the way the industry has been done up to this point by 99% of the outsourcing companies and addresses their 3 major problems listed above.

YouTube Preview Image

In short, what makes EBB so unique is the following:

1. Clients are guided through a blog title brainstorming process based on the consumer question model I’ve spoken of so many times here on The Sales Lion.

2. Once the questions are finished, they are then vetted (by me and my team) to ensure maximum SEO potential and phone interviews with the client are scheduled.

3. For every 10 blog posts the customer orders, an hour phone interview is done with a member of The Sales Lion team.

4. The interviews are recorded, transcribed, and then turned into clean, edited, and “personal” blog posts.

In other words, unlike typical blog/content outsourcing companies, EasyBizBlogging is done in the true voice of the business owner (or his/her employees). This allows for much stronger content, a much quicker delivery, and at an incredibly affordable rate.

My Vision

The “beta” testing period for EBB was incredibly successful. In fact, it was so successful that, despite the fact I’ve been mum about its release, many bloggers/marketers, after stumbling upon the EBB page and watching the videos, have already asked me about affiliate opportunities—which are certainly available to anyone interested and can be found by going here.

For too long I’ve had business owners tell me, “Marcus, you have no idea how much information I have in my head about what it is I do…I just don’t think I could ever write these thoughts in a way that I’d feel good about.”

I’m proud to say it is my goal to help the thousands upon thousands of experts out there overcome this issue and finally have a voice. I want them to have the opportunity to be teachers. And I want them to be able to become thought-leaders within their industry because they’re willing to tackle subjects and address consumer questions better than anyone else in their field—whether they’re good writers or not.

Even better, I want to see their names next to their blog posts. :-)

(Note*** To visit the EBB page and learn more about pricing, packages, etc., just go here)

Your Turn

If you’ve ever used a blog outsourcing company, I’d love to hear about your experiences? What did you like? What did you dislike? Also, what are your thoughts on EasyBizBlogger compared to the standard blog outsourcing model? As always, feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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