blog outsourcingFor the past three years here on The Sales Lion I’ve been beating the drum called “Blogging for Business” until I’ve practically turned blue in the face. As you all know, this passion stems from the fact that content marketing saved my swimming pool company, made The Sales Lion brand what it is, and is the catalyst of success for thousands upon thousands of businesses all over the world.

My writings during this time period have centered around a common theme:

  1. You can be a teacher.
  2. Your employees can be teachers. (I call this “Insourcing”)
  3. And when you catch this vision, and put it into action in a digital form, your business will never be the same.

I’m happy to say that many, many readers and clients of TSL have done just that. They’ve taken action. They’re doing it the right way. And they’re getting incredible results.

Notwithstanding, there is another very large group of businesses out there that see the value of content marketing, especially blogging, but are unable to get momentum going. In most cases, this stems from one or more of the following:

  1. They don’t have the time to produce content.
  2. They don’t like to write.
  3. They’re not good at writing.
  4. They really don’t know where to start and what to write about.

The Problems with Blog Outsourcing Companies

It is because of these issues that so many smaller businesses elect to use blog outsourcing companies. And although I’m by no means saying here blog outsourcing is bad, there can be a few major drawbacks to having someone outside of your company write articles in your stead. They are:

1. The personal voice and experiences of the employees, especially the owner, are typically lost in the writings. This in-turn hurts the quality of the content and gives it more of a “lifeless” feel in many cases.

2. The quality of the writing is highly contingent on the abilities of the writer, which means often times companies have to “try out” multiple writers in order to find someone they feel is a good fit.

3. Many blog outsourcing companies do not pay attention to proper titles of blog posts, which, as I’ve said many times—is the biggest SEO mistake made by businesses blogging in the world today—by far.


It’s funny how in life and in business if we just sit back and truly listen to the problems people have we can come up with some profound solutions every now and again.

Frankly, this is how I feel about EasyBizBlogging—a blog outsourcing system that completely changes the way the industry has been done up to this point by 99% of the outsourcing companies and addresses their 3 major problems listed above.


In short, what makes EBB so unique is the following:

1. Clients are guided through a blog title brainstorming process based on the consumer question model I’ve spoken of so many times here on The Sales Lion.

2. Once the questions are finished, they are then vetted (by me and my team) to ensure maximum SEO potential and phone interviews with the client are scheduled.

3. For every 10 blog posts the customer orders, an hour phone interview is done with a member of The Sales Lion team.

4. The interviews are recorded, transcribed, and then turned into clean, edited, and “personal” blog posts.

In other words, unlike typical blog/content outsourcing companies, EasyBizBlogging is done in the true voice of the business owner (or his/her employees). This allows for much stronger content, a much quicker delivery, and at an incredibly affordable rate.

My Vision

The “beta” testing period for EBB was incredibly successful. In fact, it was so successful that, despite the fact I’ve been mum about its release, many bloggers/marketers, after stumbling upon the EBB page and watching the videos, have already asked me about affiliate opportunities—which are certainly available to anyone interested and can be found by going here.

For too long I’ve had business owners tell me, “Marcus, you have no idea how much information I have in my head about what it is I do…I just don’t think I could ever write these thoughts in a way that I’d feel good about.”

I’m proud to say it is my goal to help the thousands upon thousands of experts out there overcome this issue and finally have a voice. I want them to have the opportunity to be teachers. And I want them to be able to become thought-leaders within their industry because they’re willing to tackle subjects and address consumer questions better than anyone else in their field—whether they’re good writers or not.

Even better, I want to see their names next to their blog posts. :-)

(Note*** To visit the EBB page and learn more about pricing, packages, etc., just go here)

Your Turn

If you’ve ever used a blog outsourcing company, I’d love to hear about your experiences? What did you like? What did you dislike? Also, what are your thoughts on EasyBizBlogger compared to the standard blog outsourcing model? As always, feel free to leave your thoughts below.

53 thoughts on “The Problems with Blog Outsourcing and the Launch of EasyBizBlogging

  1. Matthew Stock

    Let me be the first to congratulate you for finding a way to scale your business. Insourcing is ideally the best way to go, but if you can’t beat ‘em, might as well join ‘em.

    • Hey, thanks brother. Yes, I do feel Insourcing is the best way to go, no doubt about it. In fact, I’m hoping many of the EBB clients go on to see the great value of content marketing and hire someone in-house to do just that.

      Time will tell, and I’ll certainly be reporting my findings ;-)


  2. Congrats on launching this, Marcus.

    This is how a number of SEO agencies handle content creation for busy execs, and it works really well, so I’m sure this will be great for you guys.

    • Pratum, thanks my man, appreciate it.

      Yeah, I think interview based blogging is a key to the future of great content production for many of these companies. In fact, I plan on writing a post just about that because it really deserves it’s own article. This is also why I think journalists have such a big place in the content marketing industry,as they’ve been trained to interview, research, and write—all major keys to this style of content production.

      Thanks again buddy,


  3. Marcus,

    If there is one guy out there that I think could put together 3rd party blogging content program and make it valuable… It’s you brother.

    Love the idea, wish you best of luck. Let me know how I can help and also I love the Content Marketing poster behind you in the video…

    You don’t live content marketing…ha!


    • Hanley, thanks brother. And I’m grateful for you words. I’ve always hoped I could convert everyone to doing their own, in-house content, but over time I’ve had to accept that there is another group that sees the value, but simply won’t get it done. That’s exactly why I’m doing this and it does fill a HUGE need for many small businesses.

      Thanks for all the support my man,


  4. I like it when a G+ Post pops up on my Stream and I have enough sense to click thru to the site • read the article and it fits in my ongoing marketing mix. This is (or sure sounds like) a good fit for a number of existing clients who have the need to insource/outsource all of the above. Will keep an eye on your progress on this launch effort and hope you’re theory and execution works out as planned.

  5. This is sick Marcus! I use an internal interviewing method to do blog posts at my company. I’m excited to see the results that come of this for you! Your price point is excellent, and I might be a future client to free myself up to do some additional work like more “premium content” (ebooks, whitepapers, and web video.)

    • I’m not the least bit surprised Jacob to hear you’ve been doing something like this, as I’ve always seen you as a visionary in a field that doesn’t have many marketing visionaries.

      I’ll keep you posted buddy and you just keep crushing it on your end as well. :-)


  6. You’re so right, Marcus. Company leaders have to stay involved with content creation or the uniqueness of the company/product can get completely lost. I have a blog writing service for Software and IT companies, and the approach you outlined is working well for our clients. In a few cases we have CEOs who would rather send a loooong email than sit through a telephone interview, and that works well too. Nice post!

  7. I really do think you are onto something here with this concept. I know I could use some help writing, have contemplated working with an outsource but because my niche is SO specific… I’m not sure just anyone can write about it unless you were in it. (I mean, part of my tagline is “Because most people have NO idea what it’s REALLY like.”) ha.

    Brilliant Idea Marc.
    So darn proud of you, my friend.

    • You’re too good to me Kerilyn! :-)

      Thanks and be well old friend!


  8. Marcus,

    Great idea. The interview process is key to getting a genuine and personal voice when working with a ghost blogger. The client is the subject matter expert and the writer is the communication experts. When they work together as a team, the results can be extraordinary.

    Way to seize the opportunity!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Manya! Yeah, I can’t wait to watch it unfold myself! :-)

      Have a wonderful Friday,


  9. Looks good Marcus. I think you and I are attacking the same problem with our launches. The need for regular, GOOD content in an easy way for busy business owners. I like your system – very straightforward and clear. Congratulations on the launch, I look forward to hearing about the successes from the program, and I’ve signed up to be an affiliate!

    • So glad you signed up Tom and I know you see this need again and again and again.

      Thanks for the support brother and keep up the great work on your end!


  10. Marcus – very interesting concept. I’ve tried Zerys but felt like the articles produced were plain vanilla. I wish you the best.

  11. BRILLIANT!! I’ve always thought the content needs to be written by an insider to be meaningful and sound like it reflects the personality of the company. This is the best of both worlds… you still get the voice of the company and they get a little help in shaping the content! Congratulations!

    • Thank you Kim!! Yes, I think it’s going to fill a huge need, so I can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

      Have a great weekend Kim!


  12. Brilliant idea, Marcus! I can’t wait to hear how this materializes. I love how you saw a need in the marketplace and your finding a way to fill it, not to mention empower business owners every step of the way. Great stuff.

    • Marlee, love seeing that bright smile of yours flash by my screen :-)

      Thanks so much for the kind words and hope you’re well!!!


  13. Marcus, congratulations! I share everyone’s feelings about insourcing vs. outsourcing – but the reality is that most fast-growing companies simply don’t have the internal scalability to keep up with the demands of blogging and social media strategy, without accessing some external support.

    That said…I have to point out (and perhaps it’s just my own need for validation) that while your EasyBizBlogging model is very compelling, it’s not different than what we have been doing with our clients for AGES. An ongoing blogging contract always begins with a comprehensive strategy to identify client pain points and map out an editorial calendar (coordinated with the sales cycle and seasonal considerations). Once the topics have been identified, each new post is written with insight and feedback from the appropriate company reps (and sometimes outside stakeholders) until it absolutely reflects the corporate voice and interests.

    We have dozens of clients on month-to-month contracts; in some cases we’ve been retained for as long as a year, just on this basis. Now, admittedly, our rates are higher than what you are charging here, so I will keep in mind the affiliate opportunity for those prospects who don’t have the budget to afford MarketingWise’s services :-).

    • Ruth, so glad you jumped in here and I was actually hoping to hear from you, because I know content production for other companies is very much in your wheel-house and you’re dang good at it.

      Yes, the concept of interviewing and getting information for content is nothing new, I just don’t think many have rolled it into a package/system like EBB yet. But as there are and will be others, I know there is a huge need in this content arena, so I’m excited to see where it goes.

      Thanks so much,


  14. I agree with you 110%. When someone outsources the content of their blog, in my opinion, you may as well go ahead and sell it. It doesn’t have your voice or your opinions. It doesn’t portray who you really are.

    Half the fun, if not three-quarters, is interacting with people that visit your site. Getting to know them on a personal level will do nothing but help you in the future. However, when you aren’t voicing your own thoughts and views then that idea is lost and the reader is swindled into thinking something totally different about who you are in the content.

    Content is so important to me. I don’t blog for money. The money is nice, but I love to write! When you outsource your content, in my opinion, you are losing the one thing that connects you on an intimate level with your reader.

    • Love the passion you have for writing Wade.Don’t lose that!!!! :-)


  15. Blogging it’s not the topic of my blog but I couldn’t resist asking to become an affiliate, surely it’s a service I can recommend safely to my readers. :)

    Well done Marcus.

    • Thanks Andrea, and hope you’re well man!!

      Let me know if you have any questions,


  16. Congrats to you, Marcus! Looking forward to see how this takes hold.

    • Appreciate it brother, I’ll let you know, I’ve very curious myself.

      Thanks so much and hope you’re well,


  17. Had a discussion w/ business owner not too long ago, complaining about what an outscourced firm blogged and Facebooked on their behalf. Skipping past the ‘well they shoulda hired me’ part, I was like – you telling them it’s wrong after the fact is no good. They need to know before, and they only can if you’re involved. Blinks, stares.. “that’s too much like work, I don’t have the time, I just want to pay (cheaply) for it and get (big time) results” was the attitude.

    It’s the ‘set and forget’ mindset that fails so many small business owners. Until they realize it is work, work worth doing – then the easy ordering of blogs, content, social and communications programs will still happen and in all likelihood, fail. I’ve seen outsourced blogs good and bad; I think your system – which requires a lot more input from clients throughout the process – is more likely to be good. Congrats, let us know how it goes. FWIW.

    • Davina, great points, as always.

      This system does, without question, require work. It’s no set it and forget it approach, which is the junk we see in so many places and can give outsourcing such a bad name.

      How does it go? “The only place where “success” comes before “work” is in the dictionary.”



  18. Marcuos,

    Good post differentiating your offer from the offers of other blog outsourcing businesses.

    One of the things you do so well in this article is to show your blog outsourcing as a process or system. Most companies and business owners, particularly in the small business market (where every dime spent is like a dime taken out of their own pocket) want a replicable process that generates results over and over.

    The don’t buy into luck, creativity, random activities based on the “talent” of a service provider. They want a well-defined, precise, written, structured, documented process they can follow to the conclusion of consistent results.

    Case in point: my executive search business. Most small business executives ($5 million to $50 million) hear from lots of search firms who say “we’re the best”, we know everyone, we have a bigger database, we’re the experts, and so on. What we did years ago was literally upset the apple cart – we created a process for hiring talent that could be used by any company – either by outsourcing their hiring to us or using the process internally themselves. There is only one other recruiter/executive search firm in the world that has done this – and he’s my mentor who I worked with for 20 plus years before leaping out of the nest on my own. The funny thing is that hundreds of search firms have tried to copy our methodology or process – only to have their clients recognize it as OUR process AND refer to it by our name. This copycat approach has actually helped to grow our business.

    We conducted research, wrote a book, and built a thriving on-line business from this “process”. Not only did it create a great on-line business, but it tripled in 2 years our off-line business.

    We gave this “process” a name – much like you did with our outsourcing blogging business. It’s currently in thousands of companies worldwide within the Small Business CEO organizations like YPO, EO, Vistage and The Executive Committee.

    Creating a process to differentiate yourself is the best thing you can do, seconded only by writing a book about your process. This one element will propel your consulting/service business, webinar, workshops, on-line business, and create a level of content for marketing that you couldn’t exhaust for decades.

    Most consultants, coaches, and personal service providers are happy to just create a “me-too” business model – and they basically struggle once they exhaust their little network and personal charisma to win business. I’m dumb-founded that more of these businesses like yours and mine who are selling services to the CEOs or “C” level executives of small business, don’t do this more often.

    A big congratulations goes out to you for differentiating yourself not just by offering a “me-too” service, but structuring it around a process idea. Your business should begin to explode over the next few years.

    Barry Deutsch
    IMPACT Hiring Solutions
    PS – I might have just come up with another business model in writing these comments – the idea of helping service firms turn their offerings into a process for differentiating themselves. This idea literally sparked for me as I was responding to your blog post. Do you think consultants, coaches, and personal service providers would pay to learn how to do that?

    What value would you attach to the tools, tactics, and steps around turning your offerings into a process if you were convinced it could double-triple your business over a 2-3 year period?

    • Barry, that’s one heck of a comment my friend and I can’t thank you enough for adding to the conversation. Your business story is an amazing one and I can easily see why it’s working so well for you.

      With respect to your thoughts at the bottom– yes– I think a complete emphasis on differentiation–and how to show it well– is a HUGE need, worth well into the thousands frankly.

      Run with it bud.


  19. Hey Marcus,

    Outsourcing is supposed to alleviate the problem. But unless the time and care is taken to select the right candidate, most business owners spend more time they don’t have going behind the person and correcting or fine-tuning what should have been done right the first time.

    You pointed out some serious problems with outsourcing here. Loving your content, as always.

    • Stephen, yes, this idea was no doubt born out of all those problems that I’ve seen in the outsourcing marketing place, and at least this way the “voice” will still be there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by,


  20. You’ve just touched on a great idea that can help a lot of business owners teach what they know to their customers. Most people can talk for days on end about what they do (and give you a lot of insightful tips). However, tell them to write it down and the whole stream dries up — A very innovative move!

    • That’s exactly it Chimezirim–this is meant to keep that stream flowing!!

      Much thanks,


  21. I would like to congratulate on launching this, I am an internal content writer I like the thought of interview based blogging this will be helpful for the future content writer of many companies. This thought is in fact useful to seek out the appropriate keywords for the content transcription.

  22. Content is your tunnel to the reader. I don’t believe that outsourcing this is a good idea. When someone else writes your material you lose a lot in translation like that.

    • Often times, yes, they do Wade. That’s exactly why I came up with this service—they need their voice to be heard. :)

  23. Love, love, love this service my man! As someone who works with a lot of smart clients who are doing great things, it frustrates me when certain ones don’t succeed with insourcing. It’s not that they don’t want to succeed, it’s not that they don’t get it, but they almost always get stuck with actual production (and as a recovering perfectionist myself, I now why this can happen).

    This is a super awesome service … for many biz people I work with, this is just the right nudge to get them kick-started so they can see they can get unstuck and succeed. Maybe they decide to insource after the experience, maybe they keep using it longer term. Either way, the beauty of this model is they are no longer thinking about content marketing, they are DOing it! As my friend Ben Franklin once said, “Well done is better than well said”. Thanks for helping folks get things done! I’ve already pitched this to 2 clients and I’m sure I’ll be sharing it with plenty more!

    • Any time Ben Franklin is brought into the conversation Don, it’s a dang good one my man. :-)

      Hey buddy, can’t thank you enough for the kind words and hope you’ll be able to use this as well with some of your clients.

      Talk soon brother,


  24. Brilliant idea Marcus. My wife & I write content for clients and have never really figured out how to “get” the voice of our clients. You sir, are an absolute genius. :-)

    • Very kind of you Wade, thanks bud.:-)

  25. Thanks for the great blog on “Out Sourcing Problems”. I own a Portland Oregon Call Center and I’m sure my employees and I will find your information very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  26. Thank you for coming up with our problems. I hope, one day these problem will not be any more in our web business. Best of luck brother.

  27. Enjoyed this post, Marcus :-)
    For all the reasons you state, most clients, while understanding the the merits of blogging, are intimidated by the volume of content and time needed to publish consistently. Marcus has come up with a great option.

  28. I enjoyed this blog so much. Specially EasyBizBlogging section.

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    of this weblog; this web site contains remarkable and actually fine information designed for visitors.

  30. Marcus

    I came across this listening to an old podcast of yours. The link is broken above, I’m assuming this service isn’t available any longer?

    I really appreciate your insight and glad I found you.

    • Hey Tyson, thanks for the note. Yes, we’ve just rolled it into our retainer clients as it wasn’t as viable as a stand alone service.

      Appreciate your readership,


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