As many of you know, I spoke at HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Summit a few months back and gave one of the most thorough (and fun) talks I’ve ever given on business blogging strategies. Since that time, I’ve been waiting for HS to release the session on YouTube because, at the risk of sounding arrogant, the content in that session was enough for any business, in just about any industry, to dominate online if they would but follow the plan given.

To give you a preview of what you’ll see, here are the 7 blogging subjects discussed in this video:

  • Cost/price
  • Problems
  • Vs.
  • Best
  • Awards
  • Breaking News
  • Thought Leadership

If you watch this video, you’ll see exactly what you’ll need to do to apply these principles to your blog. Furthermore, by following the pattern laid out herein, you’ll get months worth of content ideas that will not only build your brand, but have a dramatic impact on organic search traffic through SEO as well. I can tell you this with full sincerity because I’m still getting feedback from audience members that attended and applied what they learned in this session months after the fact.

Yes, the video is long, but trust me, it’s worth it…



39 thoughts on “7 Dynamic Ways Businesses can Blog for SEO, Brand-Building, and Thought Leadership

  1. Marcus isn’t kidding!

    Listen to this video once and you’ll have more blog topics than you can write in months.

    • So glad it worked for you Don. Keep kicking butt with your content my friend :-)


  2. I was fortunate to be there in person for this. I’ve been waiting patiently for it to be posted online and am pumped it finally is. It rocks. Thanks for putting this on Marcus!

    • That’s incredibly kind of you to say David. I can’t thank you enough for the support. Keep crushing it sir!


  3. This is social gold for businesses across the globe, Marcus…

    And it was delivered by an unmatched voice in the industry : )

    Looking forward to when it launches!

    • Banks so very much Mark. I appreciate your kind words of support, as always.


  4. I was in attendance at this exact session. Marcus totally captured my attention, and was by far the most useful and realistic speaker at Inbound 2012 (and there were some very talented and provoking speakers at the convention, so I don’t mean this to be an insult to any of the other speakers at Inbound 2012). What I love about Marcus is that he speaks about issues and tools that can be applied TODAY by business owners. If I were a business owner that could pick one person to speak on behalf of Inbound Marketing, it would be Marcus. I own an Inbound Marketing Agency (BlinkJar Media) and am the founder of a non-profit organization ( What may be the most convincing fact about the information that Marcus provides is that I can apply his applications to both my clients in the Inbound Marketing World and my non profit organization. To me, his real day concepts are all I need. Thank You Marcus!!

    • Jared, I really appreciate the kind words. You’re right, it’s always my goal to make sure the stuff that I say can be applied by the audience.And if they can’t apply it, I failed to do a good job. Thanks for all your help my friend.


  5. And this is video is what make me fall in love with the teachings of The Sales Lion. I am listening as I work and sharing it on my groups Marcus!

  6. This is FANTASTIC brother! This will be shared many-a-time with my network and students. Thank you so much for making this available to all of us. I love that this is real, practical, actionable and results oriented. You’ve done it once again #awesomecontent

  7. Jen

    It’s not just a special sauce, Marcus. It’s golden. We’ve been using your techniques for one year, and have used your pool site as our model. It works.

  8. Great talk Marcus! Thanks for the real life examples of how to kick it! I share with all my business coaching clients!

  9. Marcus, this was great! So entertaining, if someone gets started they will just have to finish it. Looking forward to Inbound Trainer. I just can’t say enough how good this was- In google we trust!

    • You’re very kind to say that Mary, thank you! :-)

      And yes, I’m looking forward to Inbound Trainer myself !

      Best to you and all your inbound marketing efforts,


  10. Joan

    Thank you for posting it. I’ve been struggling on my company’s content plan, and you’ve just given me a realistic framework to start.

    • Glad it helped Joan, let me know how it goes!!!

  11. Dude! once again, YOU ROCK! Thanks for all the great content and passion that you share with all of us.

  12. Marcus your presentation style is amazing!!!

  13. Krista Kotrla

    So awesome it isn’t even funny, Marcus.

    The price, cost and vs topics are the money makers for us. The day you came and helped our team get comfortable with addressing those changed everything. Seriously.

    Now we’ve got 40+ people on the team contributing content… And better yet, it is STRATEGIC content that gets results fast.

    Your examples are super helpful. Thanks for making it so easy for the rest of us to follow suit.

    Also, couldn’t agree with you more about having a keyword goal for every stinkin post. Makes all the difference in getting your content found by the right audience.

    BTW is this the blog you were working on right after elbow surgery? Well done!

  14. Marcus, this video coupled with “The Ultimate 11-Step Plan to Launching a Successful Business Blog in 6 Months or Less” is going to keep my brain busy for a long, long time. Thanks for the helpful content! :)

    • Thrilled to hear that Joseph!!!

      Best to you,


  15. Marcus, I love your points! This is totally off topic, however, I have spoken at 2 blogging conventions this past year, and was wondering how I can break into doing it more?

    The blog is starting to pick up really well, and I’m really starting to reach a larger group of people, however, my heart is in speaking and am not sure how to go about it.

    • Speaking is tough in this industry Wade, but I think the key is that you apply to speak wherever you can, get to know some of the organizers, volunteer whenever possible, and make sure you talk a lot about your speaking services on the blog.

      Good luck w this bud and let me know how it goes,


  16. Thankful here for your insights, Marcus! It was definitely worth my time.

  17. Thankful here for your insights, Marcus! It was definitely worth my time.

    Being in blogging hiatus because of writer’s block is a huge deal to me. I need to write so I need to be inspired.

    • So glad it helped Gerrid, now get writing! :-)


  18. Great video Marcus. It has inspired me to write a post around how blogging helps people through the sales funnel. I needed an excuse to embed this video on my blog! Watch this space!

  19. hi Marcus
    i am new here and your tips are very helpful for me.thanks for great articles

    • Great community to be in James! You’ll find the Pride Marcus has established has some fantastic content and even better peeps. Welcome in!

  20. great content, was wondering, do you use any automated backlinking service, you can inbox me answer thanks for all you do

    • I don’t do auto-anything Rick. :-)

  21. Any thought on motivating yourself to write content for a topic you are not passionate about? Motivation is the only thing I truly struggle with!

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