blog world LASo here I sit, headed back to the LAX airport on a Saturday evening to catch the ‘Red Eye’ back to Virginia, and contemplating my thoughts, lessons, observations of what was Blog World LA 2011. Like any event of this magnitude and duration, my mind and body are zapped, but considering my previous post on BW New York 6 months ago, I feel it important that I take a few minutes to write this.

An Industry of Humble Leaders

With thousands from around the globe in attendance, there will certainly be many reviews written of BWLA over the coming days. But instead of talking about how impressed I was with the experience, the content, and the organization as a whole, I simply want to talk about a subject that has touched me the most from this experience– the love, passion, and humility found within the incredible leaders of this industry.

As I was standing in line to catch a bus from the Sheraton on  the morning of the first day at BW, I happened to find myself next to ultra A-lister Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger. Immediately Darren and I struck up a conversation and I was quickly impressed with his humble and kind disposition. The guy, despite having huge amounts of success in this industry, showed not even the slightest degree of arrogance. It was obvious he saw anyone he talked with as his equal, and in his excellent seminar later on, he showed those exact same characteristics.

Later on during the first day, I walked by a group of folks that were talking with Chris Brogan. Wanting to say hi to Chris, but not wanting to interrupt the group he was with, I just walked by and started to go into my next session. But before I could go in, Brogan broke away and came right up to me with an extended hand, saying, “Marcus, it’s great to see you. I’m so impressed with the work you’ve been up to. How are you?”

For the next few minutes, Chris and I had a great conversation. In fact, he likely would have chatted for much longer had his assistant not informed him that he was late for a book signing. (Which obviously was not nearly as important to him as just chatting with fellow bloggers.)

Without question though, Chris displayed the characteristics that anyone who has ever met him talks about– humility and interest in others. To say his kindness was staggering would be an understatement.

At the end of the first evening, I was invited to a dinner with the staff and writers of Social Media Examiner. With the simple purpose of wanting to thank all those persons and writers that had blessed and helped him these past two years, SME founder Michael Stelzner exuded appreciation for all in attendance at the dinner.

Social media examiner

The Social Media Examiner Crew

What surprised me so much about being invited to this event was that I’ve never really done anything for Michael and his blog (my first post on his site will be out in a few weeks). In fact, he is always the one helping and guiding me. But during the dinner he leaned over and kindly said these words: “Marcus, I know everyone here has written for SME, but I wanted you here tonight because you’re going to be a part of this community moving forward.”

Just as with Brogan, to say I was honored by Michael’s kindness to an average Joe like myself would be an understatement.

An Industry of Dedicated Teachers

On the following day, Friday, I had the opportunity to chat with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income before his session. To say he was ‘anxious’ about his class would be an understatement. It was obvious he had an overwhelming desire to deliver value to his audience.
When his session begun, there immediately was a problem–his slides on Powerpoint weren’t keeping up because of some tech issues the room was having. Notwithstanding, Pat went on flawlessly, as his preparation had been so intensive that he literally had all the slides memorized.

This alone demonstrated to all attendees just how much time and effort Pat had put into preparing this event. And to say the guy truly ‘cared’ about his audience would be an understatement.

But Pat was not alone in his efforts to give great value. On the third day, I attended a session with Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. For 45 minutes, Derek spoke without the help of any slides or notes. With his big smile and New York accent, he wowed attendees with his psychological break-down of blogging and the science of conversions while making huge fans of everyone in the room.

Like Pat and Derek before him, Srini from Skool of Life and BlogCast FM was literally ‘giddy’ to give his presentation. He told me of the hours and hours he had put into preparation, going so far as to video record it more than once to work out any kinks and deliver the best product possible.

Fact is, EVERY speaker I saw this week at Blog World this week had given their all to make each session a great one. Amy Porterfield’s session on Facebook was an absolute gem.  Chris Drucker’s enthusiasm for the movement that is Virtual Assistants (and life in general) was palpable.

All of this, and not a single one of these speakers was paid a dime to leave their homes, families, and daily lives so as to help other bloggers to be the best they can possibly be.

An Industry in Good Hands

I could literally go on and on about how impressed I was with so many bloggers in LA this week, but I’ll just leave it at that. Without question, it was an enriching experience. Some people might think I’m just name dropping with this post, which if the case, is a crying shame.  I think much too often folks give A-listers and other bloggers flack for this or that, but once you get to know these people in real life, and once you get to see just how much they care, it’s hard not to smile at the direction of the blogosphere and this rapidly developing industry that is literally changing the world as we know it.

Note**: A special thank to Rick Calvert and the rest of the Blog World gang– Heck of a job ladies and gentlemen.

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74 thoughts on “A Personal Observation Of What Was Blog World LA 2011 [#BWELA]

  1. I wish I would have been there. I wanted to see and listen to Pat Flynn and Derek Halpern’s talks.

    • You’ll get your chance Josh. Something tells me Pat and Derek will be around for a long, long time man. 😉

      Have a great week brother,


  2. Fantabulous epilogue. I feel the same way. In fact, I was thinking about writing something similar, but I think you covered it. I went to BlogWorld as a newbie with zero name recognition. Within minutes I found myself in conversations with Junta Joe, Mike Stelzner, and John Janstch. All warm people. All interested in sharing ideas. Then later in the day I attended a session that was my favorite of the entire conference. Gathered 7 blogging ideas for making me the voice of my industry and was then delighted that speaker, a guy named Marcus who is as accomplished as they come in his field, is not only a master of simplifying the process of establishing authority, he’s simply a real nice guy. In fact, though he’s a lion in front of crowd, at the bus stop he’s kind of a pussy cat. So nice to meet you M.

    • Hahahaha, that’s so dang kind of you Barry! And yeah, I’m just a kitty in a Lion’s frame! 😉

      So glad you enjoyed the event man, as such can set the tone for any ‘newbie’. Let’s stay in touch bud and chat more at the next one!


    • Thank you for joining us in LA Barry. Really glad to hear you enjoyed the event. John J is a super nice guy and rumor has it he will be back on stage in NYC this June.

  3. It had better be this good in NY 2012 or I shall be very upset…

    And how did your session go?

    • Hahahaha, as shall I Ms. Arrow 😉

  4. Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for your great write up and kind words. I had a similarly awesome experience.

    And I’m with Barry Feldman, I think people have a LOT to learn from you.


    • You’re a kind cat Stelzner. Appreciate you man.


  5. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a wonderful and informative event. Young lawyers ask me day in and day out what my #1 tip to success in biz and practicing law is? My answer, it’s not the tools and it’s not the subject, it’s all about the people. Be real and interested in others. It’s not complicated but it’s something few do. Sounds like you were knee deep in common interest and surround by people who care. Much success! By the way, I can’t wait to get your book from Amazon later this week! Ordered it on Friday. Best regards, Mitch

    • It’s not complicated but it’s something few do. …..Isn’t that the truth Mitch, and love your perspective man.

      You’ll love the book btw. The stuff in there works 😉

      Thanks so much for dropping by,


  6. Marcus,

    You’ve been an inspiration to me throughout the many chats we’ve had over the last several months. The advice you’ve given me has been priceless and it’s actionable. I echo everybody else sentiments here when I say that I think you’re going to be one of the most important voices in the industry in the years to come. As far as Blogworld goes, I think the team really set the bar high for themselves and knocked this one out of the park.

    • Srini, what a pleasure it was to chat with you man and see your direction. What’s so cool about you is you have the ability and enough of a humble nature to really learn from other and get better and better at what you do. That’s exactly why I think you’re going big places. Just keep makin that happen bud.



    • Thank you Srini. Our event really is a reflection of the community. The speakers, the attendees and the sponsors make it what it is.

  7. Marcus,

    What a heartfelt recap! I love it when you can move beyond an avatar and take a relationship to the next level. The people in our industry and community are truly some amazing and giving folks. I don’t think I’ve ever meet anyone at these things that wasn’t a genuinely nice person. Truly.

    Thanks for the great session, Marcus. After three days of content, it remained my favorite of the entire conference!

    So pleased to meet you and connect with you!

    • Moving beyond an avatar…—–I like how you said that Amber! And boy was it great having you in my session. Your smile lit the room up and your recap post was so kind. Thank You!!!

      I’m sure we’ll be talking more in the future :-)


      • The Gold Star Award is my way of saying thanks! You totally deserve the keynote next year. Far and away, you were the best part of the entire 3 days. Thanks for bringing it!

  8. Wonderful recap. Sounds like an amazing time. How would you compare it overall to BWNY?

    • Hey Benny! It was drastically better than BWNY. Way more content, better after parties, way more speakers and quality speakers, and I liked the venue a good bit more in LA.

      Thanks for stopping by bud,


  9. The last paragraph is gold – it’s easy to give famous people flack. I approached this conference with a critical view of some specific individuals – and now I’m walking away with a passion for what they’re doing. Meeting people in person really dispels some of that initial confusion or resentment.

    Good connecting.

    • I approached this conference with a critical view of some specific individuals – and now I’m walking away with a passion for what they’re doing.—–I’m sure you are not alone with that one Martyn.

      It was really good meeting you btw man. Just as I expected, you’re a heck of an intelligent guy, with a very bright future. Plus you’re taller than I thought!! 😉

      Cheers brother,


    • You make a very interesting point Martyn. It is so easy to be critical of people online. It make them feel less human, less real and more of a character. Particularly people who have success and some element of popularity. The only way to really get to know people is in person. I am guessing you are referring to some internet famous people and am really glad to hear that they exceeded your expectations.

      But I wanted to point this out with a few of the main stream celebrities who have attended our show in the past, Mike Shinoda, Jermain Dupri, Don Lemon, and this year Cheech Marin (I was a huge fan of his when I was a teenager). I got to interview him at the show in a really random spur of the moment thing. He was so gracious and friendly and really wanted to learn more about new media.

      Rick Fox a three time NBA champion and huge celebrity was so friendly and generous with his time and really just a member of the community. Aisha Tyler was amazing. She stayed and talked to attendees and took pictures for a quite a while and responded to several tweets from attendees (Yes it was really her).

      The point is, we should all give people we may look up, or view as “famous” in some way the benefit of the doubt and not allow critics to cloud our image of them. They are real people with real feelings and we owe it to them to treat them the way we expect to be treated too.

  10. Great recap Marcus!!! I’d have loved to have been there!!! I want to see a video of you in action!

    • Marlee Ward was kind enough to get a little of my ‘action’, so that is something you can certainly look forward to soon! 😉

      Thanks Ameena, let’s talk real soon!!


  11. Hi Buddy,

    Awesome! You are right I am sick and tired of reading about other less successful bloggers whining about this A-lister did this or didn’t do this.
    Let’s look at their body of work, look at what they have achieved over the years to build an incredible presence and business online.
    This doesn’t happen by luck or mistake, there a lot of late nights and early mornings of hard, relentless and thankless work.
    So the hates will keep hating but this doesn’t stop the real stars from shining and you buddy are right in there with the great folks you mention.
    Keep rocking it!

    • There is an amazing body of work to be spoken of regarding so many people John, and that does need to be our focus. Beyond that, just about everyone I met was truly kind and good, humble and concerned for others…what more could you ask than that?

      Thanks for all,


    • I had an absolute blast hanging out with you the last night Jay. I am so glad we got to know each other and that we randomly ran into each other on your way to the airport.

      We hope to have you back as a speaker again in the near future.

  12. This sounds amazing, Marcus, I will definitely have to find a sitter for Roma next time, sounds like a lot of fun. It is great to learn how approachable those people are, I think that has to be one of the thing that makes them so popular. No one likes a egoistic blogger, lol. I hope you will share more of your experience from the Blog World, maybe some pics of y’all getting drunk or something (kiddin’)

    • Yes you will Bran, because it’s long over due that you catch up in real life with all of those peeps that think you’re stinking awesome. :-)

      Big smiles,


      • If this is reference to me driving through VA a few months ago and not stopping by, I am still sticking to my story that the weather was terrible!!!

  13. Marcus – BWELA was literally a magical experience for me. I’ve come back feeling so inspired, excited, and so ready to take my work to the next level.

    I have to echo your sentiments entirely. It was an awesome conference, and everyone involved did amazing work. It was such a pleasure to meet you as well.

    Teh Sales Kitty Forever!

    • Hahaha, thanks Jay. My wife saw your drawing sitting with my stuff and asked, “Who did that kitty drawing?”. I smiled and said, “That would be one Jay Dolan, an interesting cat in his own right. 😉 ”

      Nice meeting you as well man. And continued success.


  14. Thank you for a wonderful wrap up post Marcus. I think you have pointed out one of the most important things about our industry. Make no mistake about it, new media is an industry and it is full of wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant, kind and generous people.

    You have no idea how grateful we are to have so many of them (307 speakers this year) sharing their time not only on the stage but also on the exhibit floor, in the hall ways at the networking breakfasts and the evening events.

    I usually get to bed around midnight during the show and pace myself at those evening events but on the last night I stay at the party until the end. This year I went back to the Sheraton with a group of about 20 bloggers including Darren and two other Aussies who had come all the way from down under to attend our event. I cannot express how humbling that is.

    We piled as many as we could in the cab, another group grabbed the next one and several more just walked over to the Sheraton with some stopping along the way for tacos from a street vendor. When we arrived there were 60 – 70 people there at the bar and in the lobby from the show. Speakers and attendees with as varied a background and geography as you could imagine. They all had one thing in common. They were all bloggers, they were all content creators. I can’t stress this enough. At BlogWorld we are all equal. Newbies, aspiring content creators and rock stars are all alike. This was my dream and it is an amazing thing to see it happening.

    As some went off to bed, others were strolling in. The conversations were rolling around the room. A group of us rearranged the lobby furniture into a big circle and talked for hours.

    While I wasn’t able to stay up that late, I know this happened every night, not just at the Sheraton but also at The Biltmore and the Westin and at various restaurants in downtown LA.

    Kristin Wright organized an informal speaker meet up Wednesday night before the show which turned into 300 people chatting, laughing, sharing and discussing potential opportunities with each other.

    You mentioned several great speakers at the show, I absolutely agree. I had a woman come up to me at Thursday afternoon’s keynote who told me “Amy Porterfield’s session just saved my job”. That is a pretty powerful endorsement.

    I saw Derek Halpern speak at SOBCon earlier this year and even though we knew each other from attending various events together and I knew how smart he was but I had no idea what a great speaker he was. I approached him immediately afterwards and asked him to come speak at BlogWorld. He is no doubt a rising star. He has an amazing wealth of knowledge and speaks to a crowded room like they are a group of friends.

    I don’t know how Chris Ducker maintains his enthusiasm so consistently. Every time I speak to him I walk away fired up. And I am thinking what is this guy like without having made an 18 hour flight from the Philippines?

    There were so many other fantastic speakers but a few come to mind that I was able to see this year, Gary Arndt, David Armano, Jason Falls, Amber Naslund, Peter Shankman delivered a block buster opening keynote, Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi knocked their crowd dead and were wearing authentic kimonos (that’s going the extra mile), Amy Lupold Bair, BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone was amazing, Lisa Barone, Erin Kotecki Vest, Annissa Mayhew and Cecily Kellogg gave inspiring talks, Mikal Belicove did an brilliant job with his post “state of the blogosphere” interview with Shani Higgins, If you have never seen Mitch Canter speak do it the next opportunity you get. He is Brilliant. Kelby Caar and CC Chapman, Steve Garfield the godfather of Vlogging gave a great talk, Marty Coleman (The Napkin Dad) is a rising star, Mack Collier and so many others.

    I don’t know if you stayed around for the closing keynote this time Marcus but I am guessing you would have enjoyed it infinitely more than the last one. Jordan Cooper knocked the crowd dead with his opening stand up; Jace Hall was a fantastic host. Our panel with Tim Street, iJustine, and Rick Fox (who knew an NBA Champion knew so much about new media) really closed the show on a high note but it can’t be understated to say Aisha Tyler stole @aishatyler the show. She had the crowd eating out of her hands. The moment she opened her mouth we all knew she was one of us and addition to being hilarious she is a brilliant new media businesswoman.

    I know this was an incredibly long comment Marcus but I want to finish by mentioning one more rock star speaker. You are a rock star Marcus. Deb just won’t shut up about you 8). I had numerous attendees come and tell me how great your talk was (How much did you pay them? =p). You added value to our event by being there and sharing your boundless energy.

    Thank you.

    • Wow Rick, I just need to copy and paste that into the article because you really said some things that add even more perspective to the event.

      I did stay for the closing keynote. It was 1000x better than NY. Jordan really got it going and the panel was amazing. I was wayyyy impressed you were able to get those folks and being a 24 fan already, Aisha was as good a performer I’ve ever seen.

      So yeah man, whatever you did for this show, keep doing it.

      And it was a pleasure meeting you and Dave in real life Rick. I find both of you very, very kind and certainly hard working fellows.

      Thanks too for your kind words regarding my presentation. I hope that won’t be the last time you’ll hear me yap….as I’m just getting started 😉


    • “I can’t stress this enough. At BlogWorld we are all equal. Newbies, aspiring content creators and rock stars are all alike. This was my dream and it is an amazing thing to see it happening.”

      A THIS is why I am so proud to be a part of this community! It is also why, good lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I will never miss another BWE.

      • good lord willing and the creek don’t rise….You’re killing me Frank, love your way with words buddy!

      • I cant say it any better. Thank you Frank.

  15. Hi Marcus,

    I was looking forward to your BlogWorld wrap up (and I knew there would be one). Thanks for coming by and giving so generously. I wish we would have had more time to chat like we did in Cleveland, but I’m so glad we had at least had a few minutes together.

    OK and maybe I made a pain in the butt of myself (as Rick said) recommending you as a speaker, but many of the people who attended your sessions said they walked away fired up and ready to go so it was well worth it.

    Thanks for being a part of BWELA, Marcus, and thanks for your friendship.

    • I was one of those “fired up and ready to go” people Deb. Please do all of us a favor – book Marcus each and every BWE – we need him!

      • Hahaha, that’s awesome Frank. 😉

  16. I can’t, and won’t even bother to try to comment beyond what Rick said, because he completely echoes my thoughts. Marcus – it was fantastic to meet you, and even though I could only pop into your session for a few moments, the feedback I got from attendees about how amazing it was for them didn’t surprise me one bit. You’re definitely a rock star and I see ridiculously amazing things in your future! :)

    Thank you for coming, thank you for the recap, and we’ll see you in NYC!

    • The pleasure was all mine Lara. Love your energy lady!

      Look forward to doing it all again,


  17. Marcus,
    I , too, want to thank you for the recap. I arrived Friday morning, so I missed your session. AND…you were on my list of people to try to find and I did not succeed in meeting you in person. You have summed up the atmosphere and the “people” part of this on-line world. We are people first!

    I was staying at the Sheraton. I came down to the bar on Saturday…shortly after participating in the live #blogchat where I had the pleasure of meeting Amber Avines (Hi Amber)…we were like a couple of long lost friends running into each other on a street. Also, Mack Collier was fantastic…and Chris Brogan welcomed me with open arms. I could go on and on…and I will in my own recap, but just wanted to say “sorry I didn’t get to meet you.”

    By the way, one session I really enjoyed (even though I am not a Blogger Dad) was Bruce Sallan, Jim Lin, Ron Mattocks, and Kevin Metzger’s “How Dad Blogging Can Bust the Fatherhood Sterotypes”…they were great!


    • Hi Judy! Great meeting you, too! 😉

    • Hey Judy!! So sorry I wasn’t able to meet up with you and chat. But there will be more, so we’ll certainly have to make it happen again sometime. But it sure sounds like you had a tremendous experience, which is great!



  18. Marcus,

    Having been there for half of the conference, I completely agree. Just about everybody at all leverls were very friendly, including the industry “leaders”. The content was great too – although too many choices at any given time!


    • Agreed Tom. Great content….too much at times. Heck, I think they may want to consider having half the number of sessions, but I’ll guess we’ll see.

      Thanks again bud,


      • We definitely went a bit overboard in LA Tom and “having too many great sessions at one time” was one of the most consistent comments we heard. It is a good problem to have but are definitely going to tweak the schedule for NYC and try to reduce the number of concurrent sessions a bit.

  19. edmond0925

    Looks like lots of fun! Wish I could join you guys next time!

  20. Marcus,

    Sounds like a blast man. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be one of the thousands who have gotten to see you transition from an up-and-coming blogger to a factor/leader in the industry. You are that.

    Thanks for the great recap. Can’t wait to hear what opportunities surface next!

    Keep being great Marcus!


    • Couldn’t have gotten where I am man without the help of some amazing folks and examples like you along the way JK. But to tell you the truth man, I just can’t wait to share a stage at some point. That, my friend, will be AWESOME. :))))

      Thanks for all brother,


  21. Hi Marcus,

    I have no doubt that all these renowned bloggers are really good, truly and well meaning people. But as people become more famous at what they are doing, they can lose touch with the personal connection with others. The biggest challenge probably lies in how to manage the increase attention and at the same time present a very human front at the same time. Not easy for you all. Care to share your secrets?

    • That is the great question Jimmy. I have but a small percentage of their ‘success’ and find that I’m not able to spend nearly as much time as I’d like checking out other blogs, helping other people, etc. It’s tough, and frankly it’s something I have to work on and analyze each and every day.

      Thanks so much for stopping by bud,


  22. I certainly agree with your assessment from what I saw. This was my first BlogWorld experience. Since I only had an Expo Pass I was somewhat on the periphery of things and yet I got a real high off of the intensity of the event. It was amazing to say the least and I hope that this won’t be my last time at BWE. And maybe next time I can experience all of it and get to know more of you guys.

    Tossing It Out

    • Awesome Lee! So glad you were at least able to catch some of the event and I’m sure it won’t be your last opportunity. And with the industry getting bigger and bigger, I suspect the event will only follow and get better and better.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


    • Thank you for joining us in LA Lee. I hope this one be your last one too 8)

  23. I’m so happy that I was able to catch your session, as it was easily one of the best I saw ANY BlogWorld, let along LA 2011 (and I’ll definitely be writing about it on the BWE blog soon)! Thank you so much for speaking!

    Your post pretty much sums up why I love BlogWorld with all my heart – it’s life-changing to meet so many amazing people with such a passion for their industry. It’s an honor every day to work with y’all, because I think we have the best community in the world! I’m sad we didn’t cross paths (didn’t want to interrupt others talking to you after your session), but I’m in Alexandria, so if you ever get that way and have time for lunch or coffee, let me know! Or hopefully we’ll see one another in NY!

    • You’re in Alexandria Allison??? Well then what the heck are we waiting for? We need to catch up sometime and yap about blogging 😉

      So very happy you liked me session and got something out of it. That really means a lot to me and makes my day :-)


  24. Awesome Marcus – wish I could have been there. There’s always next year…

    • Sure will brother, and you better start making your plans. 😉

  25. Looks like I missed a good one. I’d love to attend one of these ‘blogging bloggers who blog’ conferences, except I’m not sure of the returns. I’m not interested in writing a book or making my living on the lecture circuit (though a few speaking ops here/there/yon wouldn’t hurt). I really need to get a handle on what I want from my blog, how it fits into my overall goals… and then, pick the event that suits them best. Or at least, the one with all my friends and the best parties. FWIW. :-)

    • I think it’s way more than writing or speaking Davina. For example, during my session there were 19 other sessions going on at the same time! Can you believe that? So the content was incredibly diverse, and you really could find whatever you wanted with each block. Plus, the connections are great. No doubt about it. And oh yeah, it is fun. :-)

  26. Great review of a GREAT event my friend.

    You hit on exactly what I was thinking during our flight home – the blogosphere is FILLED with humble, brilliant, kind, outgoing and passionate people. I sat in awe of not the big names, but of their spirit. I watched as blogger after blogger was willing to give their audience the “secrets’ to their success.

    Value is what keeps coming to mind. We preach to our readers that they should give it away at every turn. We preach it because we know it is the right thing to do.

    We saw that “right thing to do” attitude displayed at every turn during this event.

    Make me so proud to have been there and so proud to call myself a small part of the blogging community.

  27. Marcus,

    I can’t add anything to the conversation here. By the time I make it to your post there are already so great comments.

    As usual, just a nice dose of energy and positivity (yes that is a word :) )

    Thanks to you and Frank, I now feel like I was there.

    Thanks, Man.

    • So great to hear that Craig, and I do hope you’re able to make it to one soon, as it’s really something special meeting your online friends in real life.

  28. gabby

    Wow! It’s so nice to know that you guys really enjoyed the conference. I know that you can learn so much from the well-known speakers. Thanks for sharing this story.

  29. Thanks for sharing this Marcus. Sounds like a great event. Wish I could have been there. One day soon, my friend. Love the way you wrote this, focusing on humility. What a much needed topic to read about and share with the world. An incredible list of kind and giving people. Impressive. You are a great example of this yourself.
    So grateful for you and all you do to help others.

    My favorite definition of humility;

    “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”

    Thanks again Marcus. Take CARE. The guest blog series is rockin, bro. Can’t wait for yours at the end of the month. November 29th. Woo Hoo !


    • Hey big guy. Loved the way you put this in terms of the humble nature of the folks at Blog World. You know, it would be easy to get pretty vain if you had 50,000 people following your every word. But that’s simply not how these folks roll, and it’s pretty awesome to see.

      Look forward to you being able to make it to one of these Al.


  30. Hi Marcus,

    Great to meet you in LA!

    Thank you for sharing your BlogWorld experiences in this recap post, but most of all thanks for caring enough to share your energy and inspiration with others in your session, great job!

    I heard lots of people commenting on how much they loved your session, your presentation style, and how you got them charged up. :)

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am when I attend a conference, only to find the speaker has sort of phoned-in their presentation, hasn’t practiced it, hasn’t tried hard to make it memorable or impactful…it just makes me wonder why they’re even presenting at all. If you’re faced with an opportunity to present, I look at it as an opportunity not just to help and inspire others, but also to organically open up new potential opportunities you haven’t even realized could be there. Media coverage. Book opportunities. Business collaborations. New customers. New people to call friend. New people to learn from. New growth potential in any number of forms. I think a speaker who aims to burn the experience into the audience’s brains with energy and impact, does. This opens up all kinds of possibilities, creates chain reactions, people talking, brings good things. All without pitching. It just happens when you care enough to kick ass, given the opportunity to do so. You did. Thank you. Not just for the difference you made in helping and honoring your audience with respect and effort, but also for making the most of your time at BlogWorld. I think many inexperienced presenters could learn a ton from you. This is how you do it right.


    Dave Cynkin
    Co-Founder, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  31. Marcus this is a great way to show and share the power of when people get together face to face.

    I loved it when we were asked to create a video of why folks should come to BWELA. It really makes a difference one when we are willing to show up-be present. Then when we spend time together and enjoy the discovery process, it is almost like dating-a whole new world opens up as we get to see the nuances, hear the inflections in their voices and feel the energy coming from their hearts.

    Next time let’s make sure we get to share that in person.

    • Hey Michele! Yes, I thought that idea to create the ‘get to know me a little bit’ post was awesome, as attendees could see even before the sessions if they were a good ‘match’ with the presenter.

      It was a tremendous experience indeed, and yes, I hope we’ll get the chance to chat a little more at the next one.

      Thanks so much,


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