Why Blogger Worship is a Really Dumb Thing to Do

by Marcus Sheridan

OK Seth, you’re smart my man. Heck, you may even be a genius. But I still choose me. ;-)

This is one of those posts that has been brewing in my head for quite some time but finally came into clarity upon reading my friend Diana Baur’s profound article “My Guru Rejected Me: A Tale of Practicing What I Preach,” where she openly discussed her feelings upon being “rejected” by Jonathan Fields after having submitted a guest post on his very popular personal/spiritual development blog and getting a “no” for an answer.

If you haven’t read the article yet, I’d highly recommend it, as in many ways it’s symbolic of the stock/admiration so many readers put into those persons they read week in and week out.

You see, what Diana doesn’t realize yet is that she’s every bit as talented as Fields. As I’ve stated before on this blog, she’s one of the most talented bloggers/writers I’ve seen on the web– which is exactly why she shouldn’t have even flinched when Fields said her article wasn’t a good fit for his site. (Note** I found Fields’ response to Diana to be professional and kind considering how many pitches he gets daily.)

Let’s stop the worship

When it comes down to it, it’s time for everyone to stop worshiping bloggers (A-list, B-list, whatever), as these feelings only deter one’s personal work, progress and ability to accomplish greatness in their own way.

Keep in mind here I’m not saying that respecting another person’s talents and work is a bad thing. In fact, I respect lots of folks. Jay Baer. Brogan. Dietrich. Vaynerchuk. Joel.

The list goes on and on.

But even though I respect these people and their ability to think and communicate on a level that impresses me, by no means do I worship them.

In fact, I’ll readily admit I don’t want their skills. I don’t want their talents.

Jay Baer likely has an IQ of about 170. Dude is smart. Like really smart.

But I’m not wishing all day long I had his brain.

Gini Dietrich has the ability to seemingly dominate every social media platform she touches, but I’m not sitting here wondering why she can do that and I can’t.

Gary Vaynerchuck is spectacular on stage, but I’ve never once asked, “What would Gary do?” as I’ve been in front of an audience.

The unique talents within each one of us

I say this because I’ve come to appreciate and understand the unique talents I’ve been blessed with and have further developed. My communication is me. My writing is me. My shtick is my shtick.

And for goodness sakes, I don’t want to worship anyone nor have them worship me.

Yeah, I want readers.  Yes, I love helping individuals and businesses. And yes, I want companies to come to me for marketing help– but never do I want folks to read this blog or watch me speak and think, “Dang, I wish I was Marcus.”

The moment someone does that, they’re denying their inherent gifts and abilities– something I strongly believe we all have.

I know it’s an easy trap to fall into. Heck, at times I’ve harshly fallen prey to comparing myself with others.

But I quickly learned a few years back that guru worship sucks. It’s a creative killer in the worst way and depressing as heck.

So if you happen to be reading this post on this day, forget Brogan for a minute. Let Godin go along his merry way. Wish Vaynerchuk adieu.

And while you’re at it, stare The Sales Lion in the face and let him know you’re on equal ground.

Better yet, tell him to take a hike.

Yep, take the time to worship yourself. Your special talents. Your abilities.

They’re there, trust me.

So start believing in them.

Your Turn

I’ve said my piece, now it’s your turn to jump in here. Have you noticed this problem I speak of and how, in your mind, can we stop blogger worship? Also, if you’ve struggled with this before, I’d be very curious to know your thoughts.

The floor is now yours.

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