Why Blogging is the Greatest Sales Tool in the World Today

by Marcus Sheridan

blogging for salesBlogging works, right? Yeah, sure it does. If done properly, it can create for your business one of the most dominant SEO campaigns on the web, thus driving tons of traffic to your site that will hopefully end up in leads and ultimately sales.

But let’s assume for just a few minutes here that blogging did nothing for SEO. Let’s say it never garnered your company’s website any new traffic whatsoever. Would it still be worth it?? In short, here’s the answer:

You dang right it would be worth it.

I hear companies talking about how blogging and content marketing can impact their bottom line, but rarely do I speak with someone who understands the true vision and impact that a continuous flow of content can have on an existing customer base, especially those that are already in your sales funnel (existing leads).

For example, the other night I went on a sales appointment (for my swimming pool company) to see a lady that I’d met with two years ago but at the time decided not to purchase a pool.  Knowing this would be my second visit with her, I was determined not to let another opportunity to slip through the cracks.

For about 45 minutes, I discussed with the lady what she was looking for and found out that she had subscribed to my company blog during the time of our last meeting and thus had been diligently researching swimming pools for over two years. In fact, because she was so loyal to our blog she was as knowledgeable about pools as a first time buyer can possibly be. Thinking everything was looking great, I gave the lady the total price asked for a deposit, and this is the conversation that then ensued:

Lady: Well, I like your quote and your company but I just can’t make a decision tonight.

Me: Why? (When it comes to sales, I prefer direct questions ;-) )

Lady: To be honest, I have another appointment with another company next week.

Me: Why?

Lady: Because I’ve been told you’re supposed to get 2 or 3 quotes whenever you make a purchase like this.

Me: Hmm, that’s interesting. Who are you planning on meeting with?

Lady: <company X> (names are hidden to protect the innocent ;-) )

Me: Company X? Really? Well let me ask you this. Over the past two years, how many articles of ‘Company X’ have you read that taught you something about pools?

Lady: Uhhmm, well, none.

Me: And over the past two years, how many times has ‘Company X’ bothered sending you any information that showed they really and truly cared about your swimming pool experience, regardless of whether you went with their company or not?

Lady: That would be none also.

Me: And over the past two years, who has sent you two emails every week so as to assure you’re continually learning and staying informed as to the happenings of the pool industry?

Lady: You have Marcus.

Me: Ma’am, where have you essentially learned everything you know about swimming pools?

Lady: (with a shameful smile at this point) Your blog Marcus.

Me: Then why in the world would you be getting another quote when you already know we’re the right company for you?

Lady: I guess it’s silly, isn’t it?

Me: Yep, sure is, crazy in fact, so go ahead and cancel that appointment and the deposit tonight will be $250,000 (actually, it wasn’t close to that but I figured 250k would sound much cooler :-) )…..

Lady: (with a big smile) Sounds great.

When all was said and done and the kind lady had written me a check, she said she was thrilled and relieved to finally be done with the process and have made a decision. But in my mind, there was one reason why we were able to have the above conversation and subsequent agreement:

Great content leads to even greater trust.

So think about this the next time you’re debating on whether or not your company should be blogging. Remember, whether you get huge SEO benefits or not, you should be producing great content for those persons in your sales funnel that are still ‘in the game’ but have yet to actually pull the trigger and make that all-important buying decision. If you do this, I can assure you that you’ll discover blogging and content to be the best sales tool in the world in this new information age we are all a part of.

Your Turn: Has your blog helped you with sales and not just SEO? If your company never received one ‘new’ visit from blogging, would you still do it? As always, let’s have some great conversation here because those lurkers that are reading this article and are on the fence about content marketing need to hear your thoughts. :-)

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