sunrise-at-serendipityAs most of you know from reading my past articles, when I started TSL 18 months ago, I had a feeling that many wonderful things would happen in my life if I but held the course and put the necessary time and effort into producing great content on a consistent basis. At the time, I had no idea what exactly might happen, but I did have a clear knowing that if I but gave ongoing value to those around me, I would attract success into my life.

For almost the first year of blogging, I thought this feeling I had may have been a silly pipe-dream. I had little followers and little to show for the hundreds of hours that had been invested into the content herein.

But somehow, over these last 6 months or so, one amazing event/opportunity after another seems to be popping into my life. Those of you that have been following this blog have heard about these events as they’ve occurred, but today I want to talk about an experience that I had just a few weeks ago that still leaves me with a smile. Here goes…

I Love My Mountaineers

What many readers don’t know about me is that I’m a graduate of West Virginia University (2001). During my time at WVU, I developed a major love for our sporting programs, namely football and basketball. To this day, 10 years after graduation, I’m still a huge fan. In fact, the only time, and I’m not exaggerating about this, that I’ll actually sit down and watch TV is when WVU is playing—I love them that much.

As any huge sports fan will tell you, if you love a team, you also love the announcer (the person that does the live play by play for the sporting events on the radio). And during my 14+ years of listening to everything WVU, the announcer has been a gentleman named Tony Caridi, whose voice, for me, is symbolic of everything I love about the Mountaineers.

Serendipity Strikes

I tell you this because about 6 weeks ago I noticed an email in my inbox that said in the subject line ‘Hubspot and West Virginia Football’. Considering these are two of my great passions in life, with great curiosity I opened the email.  The first few sentences read as follows:


Excuse the subject line, but I thought it would be the best way to get your attention.

My name is Tony Caridi, I’m the radio play-by-play announcer for the Mountaineers and I wanted to say hello.  In addition to my job with the Mountaineer Sports Network, I also manage a video production company/design studio called Pikewood Creative in Morgantown.

We’re a Hubspot client and I’ve been following your success …..

Tony went on to explain that he needed help building the content in his website as well as some inbound marketing tips in general.

As you might imagine, my jaw hit the floor as I read this email. I know this sounds quite silly to some, but for me Tony Caridi represents everything I love about WVU. He is THE voice. And the fact that the voice was coming to me for marketing help, was…simply amazing.

That morning, I called Tony on his phone, and this was our conversation in a nutshell:

Me: (as Tony answers the phone) Tony Caridi, it’s Marcus Sheridan, I just got your email!

Tony: Marcus Sheridan, dude, I’m your biggest fan!

Me: What, are you kidding me?? You’re like my hero man! I’ve been listening to you now for over 14 years. You’re the man!!

Tony: Buddy, I’ve been reading your stuff for months. I’ve watched all your videos. And I’m thrilled to talk to you

And so there we were. One of my heroes was telling me he was my biggest fan. Needless to say, I was shocked. It was utterly surreal. And although many of you will think I’m a big dork for admitting this, as soon as I got off the phone and went upstairs to explain to my wife and kids what had just happened, tears of joy literally rolled down my face. I simply could not believe the serendipity of what was happening.

Time to Take a Trip

Essentially, Tony and I reached the following agreement—I would go out to his company to train him and his staff, and in return he would produce a very high-end video commercial—all about the Marcus Sheridan/The Sales Lion brand. Considering these videos costs thousands to make when done right, I was thrilled with the trade.

A few weeks later, shortly after returning home from Blog World, I found myself in a beautiful boardroom in Morgantown West Virginia, teaching Tony Caridi and his staff all about inbound marketing principles that will help them to become further established as one of the premier video production companies in the country.

After I had worked with everyone for about four hours, I spent the next hour shooting the commercial, and upon seeing a few bits of footage, I was amazed how a few professionals and some expensive equipment could make a goofy guy like me sound and look semi-intelligent. 😉 In fact, within the next 60 days or so, you’re going to see the commercial here on TSL as it will be a permanent fixture in the right column. It’s also just one more component of the blog that will hopefully lead to even greater speaking and teaching opportunities around the country as time rolls on.

A Tour To Remember

Tony Caridi and Marcus Sheridan

Me and Tony, Overlooking Mountaineer Field

Finally, after all of our work was done, Tony, with a heart the size of a Lion’s ;-), took me to the football stadium and gave me the coolest tour I could have ever dreamed of. Not only did he take me down to the field, into the player locker rooms, and every other part of the facility you could imagine, but he also took me up to the WVU press box, the little room where he has made thousands upon thousands of diehard fans like me scream, yell, celebrate, and cry over the last decade.

In fact, the photo you see here is a picture of us standing in the press box, with Mountaineer field down below. As  you might imagine, this will be a photo I’ll cherish for a long, long time.

Serendipity in Your Life

At this point, some of you may be wondering why the heck I’m relating this story, and here’s the answer:

I don’t know when serendipity will strike for you as a blogger. I’m not sure when you’re life will change with a simple email or phone call. But I can assuredly testify to you that if you but stay the course—always producing great content, networking, and taking brave leaps of faith—over time you will get noticed by some amazing people. And as you do get noticed, opportunities will be presented to you that you never dreamed possible. :-)

Your Turn:

I’d really love to hear what benefits, opportunities, etc have come into your life from blogging. Has there been any person or place you’ve met or gone to as a direct result of your blog? And what are you doing do hold the course, even though things can get tough at times as faith wavers?

As always, I invite each person that reads this to put their thoughts, questions, and comments below—as the magic of this community is found not in my words, but yours. :-)

Photo from Trip Advisor

83 thoughts on “Blogging, Serendipity, and a Story of How I Met One of My Heroes

  1. Marcus,
    As always and no matter what you write, I’m drawn into it. This is a very encouraging article. I am gaining in my blog, as well as my writing career. I have been inspired to continue on many times by Veronica Hay @

    She is the one who encouraged me to begin a blog with WordPress for my new writing career. There was about 2-3 weeks around the 6 month mark, that I was trying to decide if I should quit my blog and try another avenue for writing. Then the day I had finally decided to quit, I went to Twitter and there was a Tweet titled, “So you want to quit your blog, read this first.” I read the article and was thinking that perhaps I should change my mind, but still not convinced. That same evening a fellow blogger and friend, Maria Fitzpatrick called me to ask if she could use one of my posts for her blog.

    So I send up a “Thank You” to God for the clear direction. I’m still not a success as a writer, but I know it’s coming. Thanks for all you do! Sally

    • You are so very kind Sally, and I’m thrilled you got something out of this post….but I’m even more thrilled to see that you are holding the course, hanging in there, and believing in your vision.

      Keep up the amazing work Sally, and thanks so much for supporting the blog here. :-)


  2. Sometimes to right people at the tight moment comes alone in our lives to make us better. It comes to people motivating us to get where we want to be.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Well said Coleman, and thanks so much for stopping by sir!


  3. The greatest and most unexpected benefit I have found from blogging is that it has helped me fine tune and hone my message. My wonderful commenters (including you, Marcus) and community have challenged me to continually take the conversation deeper and deeper. This process has thus translated marvelously into my next book!

    • I appreciate that Rob, and you certainly do have a message that needs to be heard by others. And the fact that you’ve now got a book diving deep into this subject is awesome.

      Thanks so much for being the person and support you are Rob.


  4. Wow, Marcus this is a great story. I am so pumped for you!!! The announcers/ play by play guys are so important to our sports experience, aren’t they? Before he passed away, I felt the same way about the great Bob Sheppard. He was the voice of Yankee Stadium for decades! And for the play by play/ color, there was Phil Rizzuto, a great player/ broadcaster and legendary Yankee…

    Just goes to show what hard work can do in the payoff down the road. You’ve got that momentum now where those opportunities should keep popping up. I’m sure it’s a great feeling for you.

    In my little world, I count the connections made with great people as being successful with the blog, but I’ve very recently gotten guest post requests as well. Good stuff! In the coming months and years, as my writing gets better, I am confident that some of my content may attract some freelance writing gigs. But the success is in the journey, right?

    • Guest post requests Joe?? That’s awesome my friend! And I know that you’ve barely sniffed your talent and potential in this arena thus far….without exaggeration.

      But yes, it is a great feeling Joe, and it’s also great to share the experiences with other awesome people like you. After all, when in this thing called ‘life’ together, ya know 😉

      Have a great one my friend.


  5. Hey Marcus

    Cool story – always great to meet our idols in person. Especially when they turn out to be nice guys and gals like us.

    Sadly the guy who I’d love MOST of all in the world to meet died around 30 years ago, virtually penniless and his phenomenal talent all but unrecognized. Thankfully for posterity, his story started to be told in the late 80s. (I’m talking about the Motown bass player James Jamerson – his story is incredible, some day I’ll post about it over at Da Spoon).

    The bigger takeaway from this post though is the power of bartering. Everyone has skills and talents – and sometimes for our businesses we need training or education or a product to move forward. But may not have the financial muscle to buy it – that’s where bartering comes in. Just like you did with Tony and his video company.

    It’s a way for all of us to build connections and expand our training without having to spend any money, which in these difficult times is precious for everyone.

    Sounds like you had an awesome day!


    • Paul, I’m so glad you brought up this point about bartering, because you’re right, that was actually a sub topic of this post I wasn’t able to touch upon– but I also think it’s one of the most underutilized aspects of online relationships unless we look for ways to make it happen. And when we do, just as it was with this case, the value can be tremendous.

      Awesome skyping with you today my friend. I really enjoyed it and I’m sure we’ll chat again soon.



      • Yep – it was cool to talk. Hope you got some good ideas!


  6. Seriously Marcus this was on helluva story… I’m gonna have trouble w/ the perfect RT, not getting too sappy. This one could play on the heartstrings of the most cynical marketer. A few thoughts:

    1) Per my friend Brian Meeks (@ExtremelyAvg) – forget the gurus who tell you not to get too personal, too random. You like football, support your team… and it WORKED.
    2) You so effortlessly blend your experience in a practical, relatable way; anyone who reads this can think.. “wow, I really COULD do that.”
    3) You never know who’s paying attention, so make those posts and comments count.

    Most direct example: I wrote a post, shared it with the Solo PR LinkedIn group, reconnected with an old schoolmate… few steps later, had a speaking gig back in Baton Rouge. I’ve gotten calls and referrals (so-and-so knows you from Twitter); I’ve met The Gini Dietrich, you and I had a great dinner talking blogging (what else, right?). Other benefits: I’m just smarter than I was, know a lot more of the tools, other ways to think strategy.. all things that not only are starting to help me, but already helping my clients.

    Look forward to the commercial.. sure they’ve had to apply all the F/X and tricks in the book to make your goofiness “sound and look semi-intelligent.” 😉 FWIW.

    • Hahaha Davina, you give me such a smile, and dang you’re a witty chick 😉

      Yes, I do believe any memorable experience can be turned into a blog post, they key is just learning to tie the lesson in. I think once a writer gets that, their ability to produce memorable content is so much greater…and easier too.

      And btw, we did have a great dinner. Nice choice lady!! :-)


      • That is the trick, and if you ever write a more ‘process’ post, think you’re the one to share how to take those experiences and circle back to the point. Or in your case a marketing/sales lesson.

  7. Marcus,

    It is still early here out west and I have to thank you for helping to set a great tone for the day. I am lucky in that I have lots of blogging stories although I don’t think mine are as cool as the one you just told.

    But if Vin Scully should ever call me and ask for my help I will gladly show him this post and talk about today.

    Anyway, blogging has led to a number of very profitable business relationships and some great friendships. I think that the best is yet to come for me and remind myself daily to be open to new opportunities.

    • That’s awesome Jack, and I hope you know how much I appreciate it when people like you say that I made a positive impact on their day.

      To Vin Scully and opportunities my friend!


  8. I remember you mentioning this story back at BWENY and now I can read all about it! This is awesome and really makes me happy to see great things happening for you.

    It’s really interesting to see that what a blog can do for your right? You got to meet your idol and make a professional video (I can’t wait to see the result).

    Congrats on making one of your dreams come true :)

    • Thanks JF, I think you were one of the first to know about this and I’m make sure to send you the video as soon as it comes out. Thanks for all your support man, and I can’t wait to hear about your serendipities as they occur in the future. :-)


  9. Gosh Marcus,
    First you gave me chills, then you made me tear up. What an amazing serendipitous opportunity!

    And you took it.

    Sometimes these opportunities present themselves and people are afraid to take them. That used to be me. When I was new online and someone asked to interview me on talk radio I politely declined because the very idea scared the crap out of me.

    Now I’m better about stepping outside my comfort zone and grabbing those offers that blogging and marketing have presented me. Plus I cherish the relationships that have resulted.

    Thanks for an inspiring story after having read some real gloom-and-doom posts today.


    • Always glad to inspire after too much gloom and doom Peggy!! 😉

      I think it’s so awesome that you’ve grown to the point where you’ll stretch yourself and do things that just a short while ago you were too timid to try. This is such a positive indication of personal growth on your part and I know it’s only going to get better and better and better for you.

      Keep rockin lady!!


  10. Awesome story, Marcus. As I’ve only been in the blogging game for about 4 months, things are still gaining traction. It has, however, resulted in a couple of new clients and growing relationships with some of the A-players in my field, which is awesome because I have been following them for years! Feels great to finally interact and share ideas. Also, last week I had my first in-person meeting with another blogger and it was lots of fun. We might even partner up in some way or the other.

    Made me realize that these online relationships we’re building are definitely “real” and made me even more confident that many good things will come my way in the future.

    Can’t wait,

    • Oh Wim, this was so very cool to read my friend. You’re 4 months in, you’ve been working your butt off, you’ve been networking hard, and now the doors are starting to open up. In fact, the things you mentioned here will be happening more and more, at an even greater rate, if you’ll just continue down this road as you’ve been.

      I love you coming on here and always adding such value in the conversation Wim. Thank you sir!!


  11. Marcus – not only was this an amazing story, it was amazingly written. Great job! And thank you for sharing this to remind us all that there’s so much on the other side of what we do in blogging. Many people have many different goals with blogging, but this story (and your other ones) proves that our goals can come true, and we never know how beneficial and impacting this venue can truly be – so we MUST hold course!

    When I started blogging, I didn’t do so thinking that any grand opportunities w0uld come as a result. I didn’t realize how time consuming of an endeavor that it would be; how much fun it would turn out to be…I had no clue that I would end up learning so much in the process and really didn’t think twice about it being a great grounds for networking and subsequently meeting a bunch of great people.

    But over time, I slowly caught the realities of being a blogger. Not only is it a venue to provide [what I hope is taken as] valuable content – but also, in line with nature, I’ve gotten that back from others, plus more. And it’s that that currently drives me. I may not have a bunch of time to blog, but still – it’s been incredible even for me.

    I do realize that something will come of all of this. Everyday, every interaction brings us closer to something big. I don’t blog for this reason, but I believe that this is a natural part of the transgression.

    I WILL hold course by allowing my blogging activities to maintain form within my life of priorities. If I allow it to rise above things that are more important to my life – then I will quickly lose the energy and focus to keep things going. It’s not a sprint – so endurance is a must. Each person has their own tricks on maintaining their endurance…for me, it’s making sure that I keep all things level in my life.

    I loved this story, reading it had the same feel as your voice did when you first told me about his one man. I really can’t wait to see the commercial…I know it’s going to be high quality stuff!


    • JK, you’ve got such a dang awesome perspective brother. I love what you said about priorities. In fact, I think you should at some point turn that comment into a longer format/blog post. Seriously, because the #1 reason why people burn out with blogging is because they lack perspective and balance. You seem to have such a great grasp on both.

      Thanks for being an awesome support and friend JK. :-)


      • You know what Marcus – I actually have that post in draft, 75% complete. Thanks for throwing out “perspective and balance” because that just may be the last 25% I was waiting to come to me naturally!

        Thanks man!

        • I love it when a plan come together JK 😉

  12. Hi Marcus,

    What an awesome, amazing story that put a BIG smile on my face. I don’t have one yet from blogging, but this reminds me of the day I got to interview Jackie Joyner-Kersee (one of my heroes) about her work with her local Boys and Girls Club. It was set up for her PR person to call me to give me a number to call her… Ten minutes before the appointed time my phone rang. I answered and I heard, “Hi, this is Jackie Joyner-Kersee.” For about 2 minutes all I could think of was OMG, it’s Jackie Joyner-Kersee. She was truly delightful.

    • JJK?? Seriously Daria? That’s so cool! I’m sure as you continue to blog and network that you’re going to have more experiences like that.

      So glad the article made you smile! :-)

      Have a great rest of your week Daria.


  13. Marcus!

    This story had me smiling from ear to ear. I just LOVE when things like this happen. It’s just an incredible reminder of how blessed we can be by following our hearts and giving our best.

    I’m really, really, really excited for you and can’t wait to see your commercial!

    • Hey, I’ve seen that smile in person, and it’s an awfully pretty one Marlee 😉

      Thanks for the kind words and when the commercial comes out, I look forward to your feedback.

      Hope your GREAT!!


  14. Hey Marcus,

    This is awesome. I can’t wait to watch the commercial for TSL. And wow, I can’t imagine how it feels like to get an email like this and then talk to one of your heroes that’s actually your biggest fan, that’s just amazing.

    I haven’t had any experiences like that (yet). I have been contacted for speaking at a conference, and that was really cool, and I’ve met some very interesting people. But I’m getting there, and reading what you’ve accomplished in just 2 years is a great inspiration.

    Keep the stories coming.


    • You were contacted to speak at a conference Jens?? SWEEEEEET!!!!!! Do it man. Don’t even think about the answer. Just say yes. :-)

      So pleased you liked this post. It was such a great feeling, and it’s cool knowing it’s not the last one. Cheers to you my friend, and thanks for your amazing support to this blog.


  15. Marcus, you are on a roll! This post and the last one are two of my favorites yet from TSL (and that’s saying a lot).

    What a great story. I think what is really amazing is how what happened was really an appreciation of what you do. One of your heros reached out to you and specifically to get the benefits of your Hubspot consulting. You are a true example that if you keep plugging away (with quality) things start happening. Congrats!

    • That’s so very kind of you Adam. It’s funny, because I never really know what will have the greatest impact on my audience but I just try to write about life’s many lessons, and hope it touches my readers in some way.

      Your support is amazing Adam. Thanks so much sir!!


  16. Another great job, Marcus. Extremely well written piece. First of all I want to say how happy I am for you. You practice what you preach, Marcus, and like you said, good things will happen, if you stay the course.

    Being an avid college football fan (Alabama – ROLL TIDE!) I found myself not just reading the story, but being IN the story. I could feel your excitement and genuine love for WVU and the football team. What a thrill.

    I know I say it a lot, but you really have a gift, my friend. Keep up the amazing work.
    Your inspiration and encouragement mean so much. Thanks for all you do.


    • Roll Tide, ehhh Al?? I’ve got a feeling your team is going to have quite the bounce-back this year, even though they lost quite a bit of talent. Guess come football season we’ll be chatting about that as well, ehh?

      Thanks so much for your support Al, I really appreciate it my friend!


  17. Marcus – great story! I had no idea you were a WVU grad. One of my dear friends (and one helluva guy I might add) is a WVU grad and lives near Charleston. You guys would hit it off immediately. Please let me know next time you’re over that way and I’ll be sure to connect you.

    • Hey Sean! So cool about your friend, and thanks so much for giving him my info. He already contacted me and I’m sure we’re going to meet up at a game this year. SM sure does make the world a smaller place!

      Thanks for all your support my friend.


  18. Awww! Love the story really warmed my heart this morning :)

    I have little bits of serendipity: a writing gig with a local magazine, small opportunities to speak to groups (all unpaid for now) etc. Nothing of course on this level. It is great to read as it is just one more thing to keep me going.

    I just read a post sorry to use you on Skool of Life @Srinivas … Sorry to reference this but about how the gigs didn’t lead to places as great as expected or get the acknowledgement that one would thinkg. It looks like it just depends? I will keep moving forward as I love it!

    Enjoy the day.
    Rajka “Ryka”

    • Ryka, so wonderful to hear from the expatdoc 😉

      The fact that you’re already getting small opportunities here and there is such a great sign of things to come for you. As I said in the article, just continue to do your thing, give value, and stretch yourself—take risks often. By so doing, great things will happen.

      Keep smiling big :-)


  19. Lucretia Pruitt

    Oh Marcus! I’m beaming with joy over here for you. Your heartfelt post took me instantly back to meeting so many amazing people over the past few years – it was like a slideshow of awesome going through my brain really quickly!
    There is something special about meeting the people who have inspired us… But when we find out we’ve inspired them too? It’s simply just the coolest feeling on Earth!
    I kind of liken it to the rush young actors or musicians get when the megastar they are meeting says “I’m so happy to meet you! I’m a huge fan of your work!”

    Those moments? Are beyond amazing. Thanks for sharing yours – it made me tear up a little with happy thoughts!

    Typing from my iPad (which I hate typing on) but just had to say thanks for this one, it made my day! Which was already pretty rockin’ as my kidlet’s play opens in 30 minutes. Life is amazing if we let it be, isn’t it? :)

    • Oh Lucretia, your smile just lights this place up every time you stop by. Thank you!

      Sounds like you’ve really tasted this joy more than once because of your blog and I’m sure you’ll taste it many, many more times.

      Thanks so much for the comment and yes, life is simply amazing when we let it be. :-)


  20. You’ve definitely got the gift of story, Marcus. Enjoyed your telling of the events and look forward to seeing the commercial:)

    • That’s really kind of you Crystal to say. You’re right, I just tell others what life has told me…and hope that it makes a positive impact.

      Thanks for all your support!


  21. Hi Marcus!

    The internet is a wonderful place isn’t it! I love how communities can be build from often small blogs which then turn into bigger and bigger blogs, some of the blogs I started reading two years ago are now huge, and have hundreds of comments each day. As I’ve told you before I’ve met lots of friends through the internet (forums not blogs though) and we meet up anually, its a great way to meet like minded people!

    Whenever I read your blog it inspires me to start up my own blog but I don’t think I’d have the time to keep it going as I’m at uni and it takes up all of my time!

    • Such kind words, as always Harriet. :-)

      I’m sure when the timing is right, you will start your blog. Just remember–follow your promptings, whatever they are. And if doubts come, squish them like a bug and keep walking 😉

      Have a great week Harriet!!


  22. Wow Marcus, That is just so inspirational!!! It gives a great inspiration to all the bloggers who are working hard to make a difference to the world. A case like yours really goes long in keeping all of us motivated to achieve our goals.
    This has really proven that if we persist the opportunity will catch us ( and not vice versa).

    My congratulations and best wishes.

    • I love how you phrased that Ashvini– The opportunity will catch us…

      Yes, that’s exactly right. If we’re constantly looking for it, it likely won’t appear. But if we just throw ourselves head-first in producing content, networking, giving back, etc….then the miracles will occur.

      Thanks so much for all your support Ashvini!


  23. I sure have not had an amazing story like this my friend. And being a Big East/Pac 10er I have rooted for WVU against some of the evils of the Big 10, Big 12, ACC, SEC especially in hoops, just not against St Johns (my childhood team) or would I ever against Arizona State (where I started school and learned how to party properly LOL…thus the not finishing there!)

    But I have gotten to know many brilliant people from their blogs, and made many great connections with people I really have grown to like as people not just networking for my business and I have had quite a few ‘I told you so moments’ where things I wrote about months, even over a year ago and now coming true. Which is very gratifying.

    • College sports fan Howie? Sweet! Like you, I have no good feelings for the ACC. In fact, ever since VaTech dropped the Big East in the grease, I’ve loathed everything about the school, and happily cheer against them at every opportunity. :-)

      Speaking of partying at ASU, I’ve heard that place is pretty legendary 😉

      Thanks for stopping by Howie, your always a smile waiting to happen.



  24. You have a very inspiring story Marcus and the blood of lions running through your veins – there’s nowhere but up to go from here and it will be awesome to see a great American business story made in the midst of chaos and confusion.

    It’s your willingness to share your inspirations and insights on how to build a successful business in these turbulent times that’s even more exciting.

    Some of the greatest companies in the world were started during one the most difficult financial times in our country’s short history.

    The new media landscape that is upon us now will certainly give birth to some of the greatest companies of the future. I believe your work and the work of other thought leaders in the industry will have a significant impact on how all business is done throughout the world.

    That is pretty dang cool Marcus – keep thinking big and building upon your vision :)

    • Wow Mark, you might just be the nicest guy on Earth my friend. 😉

      Without question, there is opportunity right now. For over two years, I’ve heard complaint after complaint on the economy, job market, etc. But for me, these years have been the most profitable of my life, and the job offers just keep coming.

      I don’t say this to brag, but only to point out the powers of thought leadership, hard work, the internet, and having a voice— just as you do as well Mark.

      Thanks for all your support my friend. Continued excellence brother!


  25. Are you telling me that when I finally meet Elton John and muster the courage to say how much I adore him, he is going to turn around and say he loves my blog? I don’t think so ;)!! LOL. This is a great story, Marcus – I am so happy to hear that you know and believe the amazing things blogging has brought to your life.
    If I were to count mine, I’d be here all day. So many opportunities, friendships, relationships, conversations, so much that I have learned from others and so many problems that I have solved by the help of others for me and with my help for others. It has been a continuous source of joy and motivation and connection to the world for me and now it’s also part of my thriving business. I LOVE blogging. Glad to share that passion with you!

    • Yes, I think he’ll absolutely say that Farnoosh, especially if you keep growing at the rate you have been!! 😉

      I like how you said blogging has been a ‘continuous source of joy, motivation, and connection’—Yep, that’s it. That sums it all up in a nutshell. And your passion is inspiring to all of us Farnoosh, so thank you so much.


  26. Jen

    I just love the positive feel for life that I pick up here. :=)

  27. Marcus, congratulations on connecting with your long-time hero, and even more congratulations on realizing that he looks up to you as much as you look up to him – that sounds like a pretty cool experience, and I really appreciate your sharing it with us here. It made me smile, and think of good things to come. :)

    • Thanks Danny, and if you keep doing what you’ve been doing my friend, you’re going to have way more things come your way than any of us could imagine. :-)

  28. Adam

    Marcus congratulations on such a positive turn of events. I wouldn’t feel lucky, your hard work, dedication and passion for what you do seems to have paid dividends here.

    I am newer to the whole social media, blogging world but one message I see consistently is offer value first and you will receive value in return. This seems to be what happened here.

    Video seems to becoming a more integral part of success on the web as well so i think you hit the jackpot on this one.

    • Hi Adam, and welcome to the community here, I’m so glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts. :-)

      Yes, there has been many, many late night of hard work and dedication….but it’s sure producing it’s fruit now.

      I agree that video is the future. I’m going to be doing more and more of it, and can’t wait to see what further capabilities we’ll have with it in the future.

      BTW, I noticed you don’t have your avatar yet Adam (the little photo next to your name). You can get this for free at and it’s super easy, and it will start your brand-building process online.

      Hope you stop by again sir!!


  29. Hi Marcus,
    Congrats for visiting your favorite team’s football stadium.Nothing better than to do such things.I am a very big fan of the England soccer club Chelsea FC and I would really love to watch them play one day .

  30. G’Day Marcus,
    Good for bloody you! Whatever good stuff comes your way you deserve.

    Back in the mid-1990s, I did a program based on the teachings of Bob Proctor, We’d been through a particularly rough patch in the business at the time.

    I remember one thing in particular that Bob said.

    “It always comes back” was the statement. When you do something for someone else, when you’re generous with you time and expertise, when you help someone out: it always comes back.

    It may come back in a most unexpected way from a most unexpected source. But it always comes back. The story of you, Tony Caridi and the Mountaineers is further proof.



    • Sound words from Mr. Proctor Leon. I’ve always enjoyed his talks and I’m glad you brought him up.

      And thanks so much for your kind and inspiring words sir. I feel very, very blessed, no doubt.

      Your support is the best Leon,


  31. Yes, it is amazing to meet so many people and seeing how it all fits together. I am honored to have met so many amazing bloggers in such a short time.

    • Golly Ana, I can’t even imagine how many people you’ve met with all the success you’ve garnered since you started blogging— and it’s all well-deserved!! :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  32. Annie Andre

    congratulations on meeting someone you admire and finding out they admire you too. What a natural high that is. WOO HOO

    AWhat was shocking to me was that I had no idea that it was just within the last 6 months or so that you were starting to see momentum. It’s a good reminder to me at least that we all have to start somewhere and that we are all cut from the same cloth
    And that with a lot of hard work, persistence and a brain success is just down the road.
    Congrats again Marcus. You really deserve it.
    p.s. When will we get to see the video? I’m fascinated…

    • You’re such a kind and sweet person Annie, thank you for these words. :-)

      Yes, it really wasn’t until around last December that I woke up and started to understand networking and community with my blog. Before that, I just wrote stuff, and it was the ultimate billboard in the desert. So yes, success can happen relatively quickly if we have the right plan of attack.

      As for the video, I’ve been told August. So it may be a little wait, but it will be awesome (I’m biased though!). 😉

  33. Congratulations, Marcus! I am happy for every good thing that has landed on your lap. You deserve them. :)

    Great post, cool picture and looking forward to your commercial. Serendipity does strike at the most unexpected moments, doesn’t it?

    I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of enjoying this blogging journey had I not been writing web content (ghostwriting is more like it) for the past 4 years. I wouldn’t have received a copy of Danny Brown’s The Parables of Business if I hadn’t commented on Griddy’s review of it. I wouldn’t have had known all the wonderful people in my blogging community now (including you) had I not listened to Bill Dorman’s advice of building my community first and concentrating on my content second.

    Everyday brings unexpected gifts for all of us, like your email from your hero and my little gift from Danny. Each turn we take bring moments and people that we could cherish forever. :)

    • Now that, Kim, was well said!

      A ghost writer for 3 years? Really? Wow, that’s crazy, but I’m sure it taught you quite a bit about content creation.

      And yes, that Danny Brown is one cool cat, isn’t he? Love that guy.

      Keep up your stellar work and growth Kim, I’m so happy for you. :-)


      • Thanks for the encouragement, Marcus. And, it’s really hard not to love Danny Brown. :)

  34. I haven’t tried blogging but my friends did… They told me how blogging affect their lives that is why I like to try it… I am hoping I can have a lot of insights then…

  35. Seriously, 18 months and you went from plugging along to meeting an idol… that is something else.

    I have had some serendipity in life overall and it is so great when it happens… the pieces just fall into place and you are off. It is great fun.


    • Thanks Karen! It has been a great 18 months :-)

      May the pieces continue to fall into place…


  36. Absolutely wonderful story Marcus and I swelled up with tears myself as I read it. I guess because I know that sometimes when we start something we may have high expectations for what will come from it. When it doesn’t show up when we think it should we sometimes get discouraged and a lot of people will quit.

    For me, this journey of what I wanted to achieve has taken a lot longer than I originally thought it would but I’ve learned along the way that I still had some growing to do. Once I did, the doors started opening up. I’ve now received invitations to write guest posts and do interviews which only help continue to get me out there for all to see and meet. I believe everything happens for a reason, we all just need to be patient that’s all.

    Thanks for sharing, I’m so thrilled that this happened for you and will be anxious to see your commercial. Wow, your own commercial. We can say we knew you when.

    Adrienne :-)

  37. Jon

    Marcus – this is fantastic! Congratulations on meeting a hero and having HIM contact you. Not only that but how exciting is it to hear that he’s been watching you along your journey?! You would have never guessed because you two are in very different fields (as far as you knew).

    Wonderful story, brother. I’m happy to read this and I can picture you being ecstatic after hanging up the phone with him that day.

    For me, I’ve had some brief conversations by comment thread with people I GREATLY admire. That has been rewarding for me. Oh, and a few Skype calls (not coaching) that were just wonderful conversations leaving us both feeling like we learned a lot about ourselves and each other.

    All from running a website…

    To stay the course I’ve simply stayed the course. I have just worked to consistently feed my mind and subconscious positive thoughts about my ventures online. Then I’ve cut out the negative external forces; people who don’t have anything empowering to say.

    To anyone just starting out – stick with it. This is worth it :)


    • I’ve cut out the negative external forces; people who don’t have anything empowering to say.

      I loved that statement Jon, and it’s so true. I think one of the biggest reasons why many of us don’t reach our potential is because we often times listen to the negative people around us, versus separating ourselves from them.

      So glad to hear you’re finding success Jon. You’re a hard worker and you clearly deserve it.



  38. Hi Marcus…This is certainly very beautiful story…Goosebumps!!I also believe that serendipity strikes us unexpectedly, always…

    • Howdy Evan, and welcome to the blog! So glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  39. Hi Marcus,

    What a great serendipity story and something I completely believe in…my PR company is called Serendipity PR and I am based in London, UK.

    I Googled ‘serendipity’ and found you. I believe serendipity is good for business as it creates opportunities (and opportunities are always good for business) and that serendipity thrives on the internet via social media.

    • We certainly agree on that Sangeeta! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


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