blog-world-nycAs you read this article, chances are I’m either in an airport, in an airplane, or walking around New York City like I’m lost. You see, Blog World is having their massive event in the Big Apple this week, and I’m just a little bit stoked to finally catch up with some great friends I’ve made online as well as have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest stars of the blogging industry. And considering some of the following people are going to be inundated with fans and requests, I figured it would just be easier to kidnap them while I was visiting so as to pick their brains for a few days and release them back to the virtual world when I was done. 😉 So without further ado, here are 7 blogging superstars that I’m truly excited to see……(and kidnap) :-)

1.Chris Brogan- As some of you already know, I met Chris Brogan before at a Hubspot event in Boston. So impressed was I with my little run-in with Chris that I wrote about 5 relationship building principles he taught me, and the cool thing was that he even commented on TSL in a response.

What I like so much about Chris is he’s an incredibly bright guy who manages to come across as normal, but is changing the world of content and business in many, many ways. If you visit his blog, he writes about everyday life experiences that have taught him a lesson, and is masterful at packaging those lessons to his readers in a way that teaches and inspires.

2. Gary Vaynerchuck- My story with the Great Gary V is an interesting one. Honestly, I did not know who the guy was until I appeared on Hubspot TV in Boston last year. By the end of the show, the host told me (as you’ll see if you watch the hilarious video) that ‘I was the Gary V of the swimming pool industry.’ Not knowing who Gary was, I went home and watched one of his clips, and immediately I could understand why she made the comparison (one I seem to get more and more these days).

The best way I can describe it is Gary exudes unbelievable passion when he’s on stage. Essentially, he’s a ball of energy that takes his audiences for an emotional ride and leaves them moved, motivated, and inspired. Coming from a ‘niche’ industry (wine) and moving on to become a best-selling author and speaker, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at Gary’s career path and have a strong inclination as to that’s where I’m headed.

3. Gini Dietrich- Ahh yes, my dear Aunt Gini of Spin Sucks. Although I’ll have decent access to Aunt G (assuming her body guard and superstar CCO Lisa Gerber doesn’t block me 😉 ) when we go out, I’m considering kidnapping Gini just to take her to a local movie theater and make her watch Pirates of the Caribbean with me. (long story, but for those of you that didn’t know, Gini thinks she’s too cool for movies 😉 )

But seriously, Gini is as driven and talented as any person I’ve met in the blogosphere. And besides that, she named her dog ‘Jack Bauer’. Is that not the coolest dog name ever??

4. Lee Oden – Lee is the founder/CEO of the uber popular Top Rank Blog, one of the first blogs that truly delved into the art and skill of content marketing. Being personally involved myself in assisting business establish effective content marketing campaigns, I’d love to pick Lee’s brain for a few hours about this incredibly important and ever growing subject.

5. Farnoosh Brock- Many of you have likely heard of Farnoosh. She’s the author of the Prolific Living Blog and although I’ve been following her blog for a while, I really became a fan of hers when I listened to her BlogcastFM interview. You see, when it comes to general rules of writing, grammar, etc—Farnoosh is practically flawless—something I need quite  a bit of work on myself.

6. Shonali Burke- I recently found Shonali through Ingrid’s blog, and I’ve been very, very impressed with what I’ve seen thus far on her site– Waxing UnLyrical. Not only does she produce excellent content at a breakneck pace, but she’s witty, positive, and truly ‘gets’ social media—which is why I’m very excited to meet her this week.

7. Johnny B Truant- Without question, Johnny B Truant is one interesting cat. The guy exploded onto the blogging scene last year and has established his name and brand as one of the top in the industry. Speaking of ‘brands’, this is the thing that most impresses me with Johnny. For example, you may have seen his Twitter avatar, where he’s known as ‘the guy with the green apple in his mouth’. His blog’s header also sports this image and it’s integrated into everything he does. In fact, I’d go so far as to say Truant has done the best job of individual brand imaging of any single blogger in the world.

So that’s it folks—7 bloggers I’d love to meet, kidnap, mind-meld with, etc 😉 while I’m in NY this week. What’s even better though, I didn’t even mention some of my good friends that I’ve already got dinners planned with, like John Falchetto, Srini, Danny Brown, and Troy Claus.

I’ll be updating my Twitter account throughout the week as to all of the happenings so I hope some of you follow along and accompany me along this sure-to-be fruitful and inspiring journey.

Your Turn:

OK, simple question folks: If you could kidnap (or kindly borrow 😉 ) any blogger, who would it be and why? Come on everybody, I know you’ve got a favorite, and Bill Dorman is only allowed 5 votes! 😉

133 thoughts on “7 Blogging Superstars I’d Like to Kidnap While at Blog World New York This Week

  1. Good luck Marcus!
    Hope you get the chance to talk to some of them.

    I would have loved to have been there but I didn’t have the chance. Hopefully next year!

    • Really appreciate your kind words Daniel, and very much hope we’ll be seeing each other at a show before too long. Oh, and btw, my kidnappings are going quite well– had a great conversation with Farnoosh today, and got a photo with Gary V….it has been great.

      Cheers to you my friend, and thanks for your support–


  2. My advice would be to make sure you are checking all lines of communication when trying to meet up with people at Blog World, because it can get quite chaotic. I missed a few people because I wasn’t watching my DM’s on a secondary Twitter account that I forgot some people had followed me on, and a few because I missed messages on Facebook.

    It’s also all about staying determined. Farnoosh and I were trying to meet all throughout the conference, and didn’t manage to catch up until the last hour of the last day, but needless to say it was well worth it in the end! :)

    • I really appreciate your advice with this Kristi, and I tried to apply it today. Luckily, I ran into Farnoosh in my first class and found her to be as kind and friendly as anyone I’ve ever met. One a sweet gal!!

      Thanks so much for your support Kristi.


      • Farnoosh

        Lucky for me to have met the both of you as these encounters are my best – very best – takeaways from conferences. Kristi is right on th money with her advice and I think, Marcus, you were everywhere and on top of your Twitter. Plus, NY was so much smaller than Vegas. It was easier to find one another!
        Marcus, you are one kind man with all this compliments you send my way – thank you and just wait til you meet Miss Kikolani herself!! :))

  3. If I could borrow Pat Flynn, Glen Alsopp and Corbett Barr for a week or two (promising to give them back) I think my blog and business would benefit.

    • Now that’s one heck of a group Rob!! 😉

      And yes, I do belive it would benefit as well!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Rob, hope you come back again.


  4. I am trying to get up there for Thursday. Are you going to still be at BlogWorld on Thursday? If so, I would love to get together.

    • Hey Fred, I will be here on Thursday, yes. Don’t exactly know what I’ll be doing that day, but I’ll be here no doubt.

      Hope to catch up!


  5. You better be careful, Mark, or you’ll end up being kidnapped soon too. So stop putting out such great content; and you’ll be just fine. I wish you all the best in New York. Enjoy!

    • Very kind of you Christian, too kind brother! And btw, I wanted to apologize to you for that slow response to your questions. Promise I’ll have it to you very soon. Please forgive me man!! :-)


  6. Marcus,


    Now I want to go. It is such a short ride to Manhatten (about 45 minutes train), I shouldn’t have let this one get away from me.

    Gary Vee would definitely be my number one “steal”. I love the strait forward and powerful way he talks. Of course, all of your list are some awesome folks. I look forward to hearing a lot of your adventures. I hope you take good notes….


    • Steve, you mean to tell me you’re a 45 minute train ride away and you’re not bringing your butt out here. What the heck brother!!?? :-)

      Just don’t be a slacker next time my friend! :-)


      • I agree with Marcus! That’s pretty slack Steve!

        I’m hoping to go next year – and I live MUCH further away than you do!


  7. OK I won’t take one of Bill’s votes. He’ll need ’em for later. How ’bout a couple of beers and discussion with you and JK, swing by and pick up Paul Wolfe to show us some nasty bass riffs and go from there.

    I’d like a personal training session with Chad Rowse, and a lunch, dinner or two with Vince Scordo from which is, hands down, the best Italian food blog on the net. I could really pack on some calories hanging with Vince.

    • Now those are some good dudes were talking about Joe! And being that you’re my Philly representative, I’m actually typing this from the carmack at the Philly international airport as we speak. We’ve been sitting out here for 90 minutes now as NYC is apparently backlogged. There go my dinner plans!!

      Have a great week bud.


      • Hey Joe

        Thanks for the mention. One thing you should know – while I write for love, I only play bass for money 😉

        Next year….

  8. Can you do me a favor and kidnap me too? And keep all of your hostages in the same room! :)

    It’s funny you mention personal branding, I just mentioned you and your lion’s head in my latest post!

    • Haha Eugene!! You rock brother! :-) Actually man, you’ll just have to be sure to make it up next year and we can out all you want— no kidnapping required! 😉

      Oh, and thanks for mentioning my ‘Head’. There’s just something about my impressive mane, isn’t it?? 😉

      Take care my friend,


      • Deal!

        The mane is very impressive. You use conditioner don’t you? :)

        • That I do sir!! You’ve found my secret 😉

  9. Farnoosh is awesome. She’s the one who kicked my behind to interview Benny Lewis when I was scared shaking in my barefoot shoes. :)

    The thing to remember? ALL of these people are really….just people. They may have taken more actions to overcome it than others, but they’re still people.

    What actions have you taken to overcome the “superstarstruck” syndrome? My moment was saying, “Howdy!” to Karol and Leo like it was nothing. :)

    • Hi Jeanie!! Now that’s some dang good advice, I think I’ll follow it to a ‘T’ :-)

      Glad to hear your thoughts on Farnoosh. She does seem like the type to be the same in person as she is on her blog.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


      • Farnoosh

        And the fact that Jeanie and I are rooming this weekend in WDS means that was way more than a chance meeting! Thanks you guys! Our community brings it out if me! :)

  10. Ok, I would kidnap: Gini, Shonali, John Falchetto and his lovely wife (they count as one! and that lovely little girl of theirs just to snuggle her! ), Matt Schaeffer(you know tao of twitter guru!), YOU Marcus, Danny Brown, Kikolani, Griddy, Brankica and Jon Morrow, who I recently found but don’t know if he will be there??? as Jon is truly inspirational. Just check out copyblogger for some of his posts and you will never ever have anything to whine about.

    Ok, now I am totally jealous and will live vicariously through you all!

    I will not arrive stateside until May 31st… But, @Gini I hope to get some mountain biking in in Arizona! in June and then some road biking in the rest of the summer!

    Ok, as I leave in 6 days I must dash! Enjoy the conference and the Big Apple1

    • Hey Rajka, that was so kind of you! And what a list too! If you were really kidnapping, that would be some serious work :-)

      Happy travels and I look forward to hearing about how you rode circles around Gini 😉



    • I’ll send you some pictures so you can pretend you were here, too!

    • Rajka, what a nice thing to say – thank you! So you are States-side now… any chance you’ll be making it to DC? I’d love to say hello IRL!

  11. I have some leftover duct tape (dont ask :-)) and several pieces of 6 ft rope. Meet you at the agreed coordinates. This year we WILL be successful :-)

    • Heh, won’t ask about the tape but am worried about you two. Do I need to save up bail money?

    • LOL!! You kill me Dino, dang you for not coming man!! 😉


  12. Ha, ha.. I’ve met Gini already. Alas a short tweet-up but it counts! Would also like to say hello and chat up Shonali, give her some much needed thanks. And probably bend Gary V’s ear… but forget social media, I’d want to talk mostly wine. :-) Like Rajka I’ll have to live vicariously through you, so I’ll expect a full report when you get back! Have a great time.

    • That was a looong time ago. We’re due again!

      • We are indeed. Not sure I have any plans to go Chicago way… are you heading south anytime this year? Don’t have any conference plans, maybe holding out for that one good one to meet most of my favorite friends. :-)

        • I might actually be your way in July. I’ll let you know!

    • I would like to say hello and chat you up too!

      • No business travel this year, not sure when I’d be in D.C. anytime soon. I see a nice, long phone chat in our future. 😉

  13. Marcus,
    You should kidnap yourself. I heard in the blogoshpere a few people looking forward to meeting up with you in person… You will have to be like McGyver and bring some paperclips, hairs-paray and various tools to escape.. Have fun. Maybe i’ll kidnap you next year..

    • lol hair spray not hairs-paray. I need a better spell checker

    • Awwww Annie, you’re too kind lady!! And I’ve gotta tell ya, anytime someone can integrate ‘McGyver’ into a blog comment they’ve scored some big points with me!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m off for that hairspray now 😉


  14. Hi Marcus,

    This could be a long list – So here goes – I would want to meet/kidnap (I am from Jersey they WILL come with me)

    Chris Brogan
    Danny Brown
    Gini Dietrich
    You – yes you! – hahahahaha!
    and…John Falchetto

    This list is based on those I know will be at BlogWorld.

    Gary V. is from Jersey like me which automatically makes him cool. I would like to meet him too. :)

    • Haha Nancy, I’m honored! But yeah, it looks like we share similar tastes. :-)

      Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!


  15. Man Marcus, I wish I could be there with you this week… It’s going to be awesome!

    Give everybody my best and you should start vlogging out there on this trip : )

    • Feeling is very mutual Mark. And you read my mind regarding the vlogging. I’ve got two cameras ready to rock and roll, and hope to do some interviews and all that jazz. Stay tuned!

      Have an awesome week en la gran pais de Costa Rica amigo!


    • Yes – vlogging would be great!! Help all of us “wanna-be’s” feel like we’re right there hangin’ out with you! :-)

  16. Great stuff Marcus!

    Two people I would kidnap:

    You ->because I just gotta know how you do all you awesomeness!

    Dino Dogan ->have you read his stuff? He writes with a cooky kinda mojo. The kind I like!

    Give Danny Brown a noogey for me and keep him and Gini from fighting.

    • Awesome Frank!! I’d love to hang out sometime man..but if we do, I warn you that you may be left scratching your head 😉 ..As for Danny B., I’ll happily give him a noogie, but that might leave a funny read mark on his scalp, causing people like me to laugh at him during his class. 😉

      And yes, ‘cooky mojo’ is a very accurate description for Dino!!

      Have a great week Frank :-)


  17. Marcus, you crack me up sometimes! I can just imagine a lion wandering around NYC trying to figure out where all his clan have got to…

    I’m unhappy that I’m not going this year, but I’m also pumped that I’ve got my mental note to go to BlogWorld 2012 all sorted, wherever it may be! Only a year to go now 😉

    Before I forget, here are five people I’d like to meet (NOT kidnap, that leads to bad consequences!)

    – Marcus Sheridan (apparently he’s pretty cool?)
    – Danny Brown
    – Darren Rowse
    – Srinivas Rao
    – Chris Ducker

    Like I said, my time will come 😉

    • Some dang good choices Stu, I’m with you mate!

      I do very much hope you’re able to come out this way for a future blog world though (or similar show). It’s so interesting finally meeting people you’ve been reading for so long. Tonight, me, Danny Brown, Gini, and John F sat around a table and talked and laughed. It was way cool, surreal in a way after so much time.

      Anyway, thanks, as always, for your continued support brother!


  18. Marcus,

    Sounds like quite an escapade and a fun one at that. Can’t wait to hear all about your experience.

    I would like to kidnap

    Dino Dugan
    Danny Brown
    Glen Allssop
    Pat Flynn
    Marcus Sheridan

    Have fun!

    • I’d love to meet Dino, too! Danny and I are speaking together in the morning. And I JUST got to meet Marcus. So I can give you the scoop for you get to kidnap them.

    • Heck of a list Sheila!! You’ve got taste in bloggers 😉

      I met Danny for the first time ‘in person’ today. What a guy!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by Sheila!


  19. Anthony G

    Hey Marcus fellow WVU alum here. Just spoke with the voice of the Mountaineers and we want to give you a heads up that Miss WV 2011 will be in attendance at Blog World. She would love for you to help her online campaign.

    • Anthony, a pleasure talking to a fellow ‘Eer!! Yes, I did meeting Miss WV and tweeted it and tried not to pass out while she put her arm around me for a photo. Very cool! 😉


  20. I think you’ve just made yourself a target, Marcus.

    If anybody gets kidnapped, you KNOW this is going to come up. I can almost see the headline in the NY Papers: “Lion denies plotting kidnapping of bloggers…”

    Seriously, though, it sounds like you’re the only person to kidnap. You would be like a human compass (er, GPS) to point out all the other valuable people.

    Have fun.

    • Security alert! Somebody call Homeland! 😉

    • Haha John! Very kind words :-) And yes, I guess as Davina has said so wisely, I’m now on Homeland’s list 😉

      Appreciate you coming by John and hope we chat again!


  21. All the best buddy,can’t wait to hear how it goes! (The Expo not the kidnapping plots! lol)

    That’s a damn good list you got yourself there Marcus, I’d add in Lewis Howes, Sean Malarkey (don’t know if he’s speaking but he’s going) and Jay Baer, and of course you! :)

    Have a good one man look forward to hearing the follow up!


    • Excellent additions Robert…I’m going to have to look up Lewis and Sean.

      Hope you can come next year brother!

      Thanks for your support and stopping by :-)


      • Yeah, I’m big into Internet Marketing and Social Media so been following those guys for a while now, great guys with great knowledge and products.

        Going to go to the next one in Los Angeles, hope to see you there!

  22. Fantastic!! All of the people you mentioned are awesome. Those are some people in the industry where each & everyone gets inspiration from them. And yes, there is no doubt your name might also come soon to the list. Really jealous of you for having a big ball in the blog world event. Would love to see pics of yours along with your superstars.

    Enjoy & have fun!!!

    • Very kind of you Hyderali….guess this just means you’ll have to start making plans for next year!!

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Marcus :-)

  23. Marcus Sheridan!!! (said with a tone that sounds like an angry mom haha)
    So help you GOD if I was at Blogworld and my name wans’t on that list – seriously – superstar or not!!! LOL 😉

    I’m kidding – I would kidnap you and a few of the people you mentioned here before you even had the chance to plan your strategy!

    It’s funny you mentioned Lee Odden and Farnoosh – I had no idea that you read their stuff often – how did I not know that by the way? Lee was one of the first biggies I ever came across and I have a ton of respect for that man and what he does. I regularly read TopRank and it’s just loaded with insight. He’s also such a friendly guy.

    Farnoosh is an exceptional writer – no two ways about it! I connected with her a while back and her posts are just so damn inspiring. I just love her style and topics!

    As for Gini – no clue who she is and whatever….Muwahahahah! Totally know what you mean about talking that gal to the movies. Heck, I just want to install a TV everywhere she turns. I’m so jealous that you two are gonna be together – remember, feed her tons of wine and shoes and you’re good lol. Aunt Gini rules!

    Shonali is just an incredible gal who I connected with a while back thanks to Gini I think. She’s all that you said and more and I wish I could meet her in person as well – much like the rest here.

    Johhny B Truant – try to find out his real name will ya? haha

    Don’t forget to say hi to the gang and hug them for me!
    Have a blast!
    Ciao t…d

    • Griddy, Griddy, Griddy :-) Fact is, I think you might be the most popular blogger never to come to blog world, as everyone seems to miss your mojo in these parts 😉

      Gini, Danny, John, Lisa Gerber, and I all had dinner tonight. (John’s wife and baby were there too). It was really nice. And you’re right, Gini has a taste in shoes, I even noticed those little guys myself tonight 😉

      Well, we all wish you were here. Thanks for being such a goof ball. :-)


    • Farnoosh

      Ingrid, my dear, you have brought me smiles and tears today -thanks dear friend!

      • Hey Farnoosh,

        Glad I succeeded in doing both those things lol ;).
        Always a pleasure seeing ya – your words and avatar for now – and hopefully one day in real life.


    • Yes, you did find me through Gini (is there anything in this world that woman is NOT responsible for) and vice versa… and then it was love at first byte. I need to see you IRL ASAP!

  24. Kristi Hines would be my favorite blogger… over and over 1000 times not sure I’d kidnap anyone though. 😉

    As of lately however, I feel like more people want to kidnap me then anyone online. I have received email after email from friends with nothing but inspiring words on my latest post. I have received dozens of people sending me instant messages, had a few people try to scam me out of my money, its been a crazy week for me and its just started… the real craziness hasn’t even begun yet.

    Also this will probably be the last time I am able to comment regularly until after my summer journey is over. I will attempt from time to time swinging in and leaving my remarks, but it will not be easy.

    Still hoping to see a comment from you about my journey. 😉

    Hopefully you have a blast in the city and learn amazing new ideas. I’ll be sure to read about after I return.

    Best wishes

    • Bruce, you’re an awesome fellow, and you’ve got great taste– Kristi is golden– simply an awesome person. Best of luck to you on your journey, it’s going to change your life.



    • Thanks Alex, very kind of you to say that…and yes, I’ll be sharing. :-)


  25. You baby, of course……..

    Between Griddy’s list of two and your list of 7 I know I had to be the next one in line; oh wait, I wasn’t in New York anyway……

    Good list and I’m only familiar w/ about 1/2 of them so it will be interesting to check them out. Just what I need, somebody else I can hang out with and drop my carpet bomb comments, huh?

    I’m sure the NY trip will take you to the next level and Mark and I will be able to say we knew you when, but that’s ok; we’re big boys and won’t pout too much.

    Have fun, be safe and best of luck on your continued journey.

    • Your kind Bill. And no matter how much successs I attain, I’ve got a feeling you’ll always say– We knew him when he was just a goof ball. And now we know him as an even bigger goof ball!

      Take care my friend :-)


  26. Ok, let me just say that I would make kidnapping preparations before hand involving food and wine. I’m sorry. I am a hostess. No rude food-less hostage taking here.

    You ( I assume leafy greens sauteed in garlic with homemade linguine work for a Lion?)
    John (but please warn him that the food would be Italian since it’s illegal to live in France and actually like Italian food)
    Shonali (her blog is fab, she is gorgeous and looks like she doesn’t eat too much which is a good thing because I know the rest of you are going to pig out)
    Danny Brown and Gini (there will be plenty of wine so we can wine-board them for their secrets)

    Wish I could immerse among all that talent. Have a great time. And I am a New Yorker. Enjoy my city for me.

    • Yes, please! Wine and food from you. Done and done!

    • Hah, John and the Italian food thing.. classic. 😉 I’d want the party too, not some stuffy meeting or conference. Everyone go out to dinner, or really… do a potluck and everyone bring their best creation and/or favorite wine, a few decks of cards, see what happens. Fab idea Diana.

    • You are too good to be true Diana….and witty too!!! I just LOVE your plans and I’m marking the days off my calendar! 😉

      Hope you’re having a good week and thanks so much for adding a smile to my dear lady. :-)


  27. Hi Marcus,

    Wow, Blog World New York sounds awesome. I still remember the marketing conference where I saw both Gary Vaynerchuck and Chris Brogan (both are amazing speakers). I’m too shy to approach them and start talking. But, I learn a lot from conferences even though I just listen :)

    Have a great time and please share your views on what’s happening.


    • Jens, you’re such a cool cat man. You would have loved being there today. After Gary V finished speaking, I literally jumped on stage, before anyone got close to a chance, and took a photo with him. What a great guy!!

      Hope you’re well my friend and thanks for all your support!!


      • HEY! Where’s the pic Marcus???

        • Yep – show us the pic!

  28. LOL! You are a brat. And, look at that, we already have a photo together and you didn’t have to kidnap me. And I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of one another in the next 48 hours.

    • Brat?? That’s the best you can do french fry lady?? 😉

      Great seeing you tonight Gini. You’re going to be awesome tomorrow. :-)


  29. Hi Marcus
    That’s a great list and I’d love to add a few of my own favourites and highlight what they bring to the web.

    Danny Brown puts out interesting and useful info, and like you he replies to each and every comment with a personalised response – plenty of humour at Danny’s blog.

    John Hoff over at WPBloghost has some great technical videos that he makes sound so easy. One of the web’s good guys who will help you out with that PHP stuff we all dread.

    Melanie Kissell over at Solo Mompreneur if you like a little banter and knockabout. Mel is the sort of blogger who supports other blogs helps build community.

    Those are mine.
    Hope people go and say hello.

    • Keith, you’re a gem!

      Thank you kindly for the mention here! I only wish I could recall how I found you on the web. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t through any normal channels — you know — like social media. So we must have connected through mental telepathy or kinetics. :)

      You’re a keeper,

      • No Mel it wasn’t SMM.
        Now stop it and go home.

        I’m falling about laughing at this end.

        All the best Mel

        • I’ll admit … I’m laughing on this end, too! But I’ll take your advice, stop it, and go home. :)

    • No doubt, an excellent list Keith. I like Mel a lot too– she certainly is one of the ‘good’ ones. :-)

      As for understanding PHP….I feel I may be a lost cause…Alas!!

      Appreciate you stopping by my friend, cheers–


  30. Oh, how I wish I could be there, Marcus — have a royal blast at Blog World!!

    I would definitely kidnap Chris Brogan, Johnny B. Truant, and YOU.

    We’ll be sitting on pins when your verdict comes in about Blog World. Enjoy New York City and stay safe. Remember to permanently affix your wallet to your trousers somehow. They seem to have a tendency to get “lifted” there. :)

    • Haha Melanie, you are too cool lady! :-)

      I’ll be sure to let you know all about it, and thanks for the NY ‘advice’ too 😉

      All appreciate your support,


  31. Thanks for sharing this Marcus. It is wise to mingle your mind with fellow bloggers. When we surround ourselves with people who enhance our unlimitedness and support our aspirations, nothing can stop the enriching light that emanates from us.

    Now, I think I would kidnap yourself and JK – you both seem like wonderful company.

    • Ha, that’s awesome Rob! Tell me man, you’re from the northeast right?? How come you didn’t come out to blog world?? I would have love to of met up.

      Maybe next time though.



  32. Wow, I’m SO jealous!! You’re in my hometown AND you’re meeting all those fabulous bloggers! I can’t wait for Blogworld Los Angeles and my turn! 😉

    As for kidnapping:
    1. You
    2. Davina
    3. Glen Allsop
    4. Srini
    5. Ingrid
    6. Farnoosh
    7. Leo Babauta
    There are LOTS more I’d choose, but the list would go on all day.
    Keep having a blast – can’t wait to get the cliff notes (and see the videos! there WILL be videos, right?) 😉

    • Hi Tisha!! So you’re going to be at BWLA huh?? That’s awesome! I’m still considering the idea myself. :-) But I love your list– it’s got some of my fav peeps!!

      Take care Tisha and thanks for all your support here!!


  33. Love the post man.

    You’d definitely be on my kidnap list along with Steve Scott and Coblett (O:

    Have a great time and can’t wait to read about your experience with being around some big names.

    Later brother!

    • Haha Adam! That’s really kind of you man and I appreciate it a bunch. Are you going to the LA show maybe?? If so, and I’m able to go, I’d love to catch up!!


  34. Marcus,

    I would chain the doors and lock everyone in the room. No one leaves!!! Ha, ha, ha (evil laugh) With everyone locked up the world would be forced to come to my site and my site alone and the world domination plan will be one step closer to completion. You all can’t blog if you are trapped in a room like sardines with no internet access! :-)

    Great question.

    I would have to say….

    oh man my flux capcitor just broke. I will have to finish this comment later. lol!

    • LOL Frank! You kill me bro– lock up everyone so they’d have to hang out at your place….now THAT’s an original idea!! :-)

      Hope to catch you at one of these shows soon my friend.


  35. G’Day Marcus,
    I wouldn’t try to kidnap any of the buggers. I have enough trouble coping with my own ego. But I’d be happy to have a drink or a cup of coffee with Al and Laura Ries.

    On second thoughts, maybe coffee with you and Gini D could be mildly diverting!

    “Curmudgeon On!” that’s what I say.


    • Now coffee with Gini D would be fun (and hey, she’s even prettier in person Leon! 😉 )

      Hope one day you’ll be able to make it out as well my good friend. :-)


  36. Hey Marcus

    I’ve been busy this week so missed this post till today – blog world is probably over now.

    I sure would love to have a chat with Gary V – have total respect for that guy. (funnily enough, most of the questions I’d ask him would be about his ‘ghostwriting’ process – maybe a couple of video questions).

    I’m hoping to go next year – don’t know if he’ll be there but I’d like to hook up with Chris Garrett. I nearly met up with him in Paris last year (long story).

    He probably wouldn’t attend Blogworld but I would LOVE to meet Steven Pressfield (the War of Art guy).

    Beyond that I’d just like to hook up with people and actually meet in person – plus find an Irish bar (that’s easy in New York right?) and sink a few Guinnesses and chew the fat.

    Hope you had a great time.


    • Hey Paul, thanks so much for this bud, and sorry for my slow response, the last week has been a little hectic 😉

      I tell ya man, I’d love if you were able to come out to one of these and we could sit down with the rest of the group and shoot the bull….and then maybe you and I could find something to disagree on as well!!

      BTW, I got a photo with Gary at Blogworld. The guy was awesome. Good as gold.

      Take care my friend,


  37. A bit too far away from us bloggers here over the pond Marcus but make sure you have a blast, bag a few bloggers, and keep the ransom to under a million in used notes (well that’s what they say in the movies!!). Hope NY was AOK mon ami. Rock and blog on!

    • Thanks big John, appreciate your always awesome and kind words my friend!! :-)


  38. LOL kidnap them and share us some of their secret juicy tips!

  39. Hi, Marcus.

    I’d like to borrow or kidnap two sets of people. The first group would be the people who have given me tremendous support and they are Bill Dorman, Danny Brown, Patricia Millman, Sherryl Perry, Ari Herzog, Linda Hewett and Kaarina Dillabough. Bill because he is so good at being social, Danny because he has a good heart and has valuable lessons to share, Pat because I know she smells lovely and has great insights, Sherryl because of her great insights on marketing, Ari because he is Ari and then, Linda and Kaarina because they are so good in enlightening people.

    The second group would be you, Gini Dietrich, Nitty Griddy, Brankica, John Falcetto and Brandon Yanofsky. These are people who I would like to get to know better because I know they have amazing things to put forward for my growth as a blogger. :)

    • Pat because I know she smells lovely LOL, that was so awesome and so true Kim!! :-)

      I love the list of people you’ve come up with and I think it’s great you’re surrounding yourself with such a special group of people and community.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope to see you again Kim. :-)


  40. Hey Marcus, it was great to meet you – hope BWE NY was as good for you as it was for me. :) Great blog BTW!

    • Hey Lee!! So glad you were able to make it by my blog, and I’m sorry for the slow response. Since writing that follow up post to BWENY I’ve been a little busy answer comments 😉 But it was great meeting you at the show, and if I may be quite honest for a second (at the risk of sounding like I’m kissing up), I was really blown away with your humble nature. I have found in the past that sometimes when bloggers experience success they don’t always maintain the humble, kind nature that got them there– but you were just the opposite, and I thought that was really, really cool.

      So thanks again and I hope we can meet again in the future.

      Have a great memorial day,


  41. Hi Marcus
    This post is really funny reading. Not just the post itself but also the comment you get here. You really know how to get people to interact on your blog in a very funny way. I just watch your video from HubSpot TV and must say that it was very inspiring. You really have some interesting points about consumers and why many small business owners fail because they are afraid to speak about what is not perfect about their products.

    If I had a dog named “Jack Bauer” I think I would be to cool for movies too 😀

    • Hey Thomas, I’m so glad you got to see me on that video for Hubspot. I refer to that one often because it’s such a truer indication of the type of guy I am.

      But thanks also for your kind words about this blog. I love the community, that’s all there is to it, and it’s people like you Thomas that make it what it is, so thank you sir!!


  42. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for these links, they’re really great! Its so nice that you’re advertising fellow bloggers, I’m definatley going to have a look through those links. Your blog is looking in good shape too – keep up the good work!


    • Thanks Harriett, you’re sweet, as always! :-)

  43. Phew! I felt bad because I didn’t make your list, then I scrolled up again and realized you’d left out Danny Brown and I knew how you felt about him so I’m in good company! 😉
    Seriously tho Marcus – great list. The absolute best thing about events like this is that you actually get face time with people you really want face time with! (It was the first time I got to hug Danny & Gini in person myself.)
    Of course, sometimes you don’t.
    So I’ll put you on my list for LA if you come to that one. Sooner or later, we’ll cross paths.

    • Absolutely Lucretia. After these last couple of days, I feel like I practically know you!! 😉

      Thanks for all and I would love to come out west for the next one….guess we’ll see how that one goes 😉


  44. You are far too kind. I am willing to be kidnapped by you for a day or so/ :)! You can pick my brain and maybe I can explain my whole routine better to you – I don’t know if I did a good job when you asked me during my session. My days vary and sometimes my life is chaotic, Marcus, that’s the truth, but a lot gets done during those chaotic hours.
    Seriously, I am honored to be on a list that contains the names Gary V and Chris B. I mean, wow! You are far too kind. Pleasure to meet you, dear friend!

  45. Wow Marcus. Great list you have there mate. I would definitely take a look at their twitter feeds and then follow them too. Great one! Thanks a lot.

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  48. wow! you have a nice site! there’s a lot of people who reads your post. Your posts are incredible. Lastly you are a great blogger. :)

  49. Hi Mark,
    Great article and I am a big fan of Shonali Burke myself. Cheers!

  50. The irony of me commenting NOW (!) on this post is that once I headed to BWE, I didn’t look at my Reader, ‘cos I was so caught up in the experience, and then a few days R&R. One of the highlights for me, without a doubt, was meeting you, Gini, Lisa, John & so many others. And now I’m even more flattered that you’d want to kidnap me, though I’m curious as to whether that’s still your impression after seeing me IRL. :p

    I’m also particularly pleased that I was able to introduce you to Lee – and I hadn’t even read this post then! Isn’t he awesome?

    As to whom I’d want to kidnap… oh, so many people. I’m going to start with Griddy and John Falchetto. Hmm… maybe I should make *my* list.

    Thank you for the kind words, Marcus!

  51. I enjoyed reading this post Marcus
    as always your posts are different and creative
    keep in touch pal :)

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