7 Blogging Superstars I’d Like to Kidnap While at Blog World New York This Week

by Marcus Sheridan

blog-world-nycAs you read this article, chances are I’m either in an airport, in an airplane, or walking around New York City like I’m lost. You see, Blog World is having their massive event in the Big Apple this week, and I’m just a little bit stoked to finally catch up with some great friends I’ve made online as well as have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest stars of the blogging industry. And considering some of the following people are going to be inundated with fans and requests, I figured it would just be easier to kidnap them while I was visiting so as to pick their brains for a few days and release them back to the virtual world when I was done. ;-) So without further ado, here are 7 blogging superstars that I’m truly excited to see……(and kidnap) :-)

1.Chris Brogan- As some of you already know, I met Chris Brogan before at a Hubspot event in Boston. So impressed was I with my little run-in with Chris that I wrote about 5 relationship building principles he taught me, and the cool thing was that he even commented on TSL in a response.

What I like so much about Chris is he’s an incredibly bright guy who manages to come across as normal, but is changing the world of content and business in many, many ways. If you visit his blog, he writes about everyday life experiences that have taught him a lesson, and is masterful at packaging those lessons to his readers in a way that teaches and inspires.

2. Gary Vaynerchuck- My story with the Great Gary V is an interesting one. Honestly, I did not know who the guy was until I appeared on Hubspot TV in Boston last year. By the end of the show, the host told me (as you’ll see if you watch the hilarious video) that ‘I was the Gary V of the swimming pool industry.’ Not knowing who Gary was, I went home and watched one of his clips, and immediately I could understand why she made the comparison (one I seem to get more and more these days).

The best way I can describe it is Gary exudes unbelievable passion when he’s on stage. Essentially, he’s a ball of energy that takes his audiences for an emotional ride and leaves them moved, motivated, and inspired. Coming from a ‘niche’ industry (wine) and moving on to become a best-selling author and speaker, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at Gary’s career path and have a strong inclination as to that’s where I’m headed.

3. Gini Dietrich- Ahh yes, my dear Aunt Gini of Spin Sucks. Although I’ll have decent access to Aunt G (assuming her body guard and superstar CCO Lisa Gerber doesn’t block me ;-) ) when we go out, I’m considering kidnapping Gini just to take her to a local movie theater and make her watch Pirates of the Caribbean with me. (long story, but for those of you that didn’t know, Gini thinks she’s too cool for movies ;-) )

But seriously, Gini is as driven and talented as any person I’ve met in the blogosphere. And besides that, she named her dog ‘Jack Bauer’. Is that not the coolest dog name ever??

4. Lee Oden – Lee is the founder/CEO of the uber popular Top Rank Blog, one of the first blogs that truly delved into the art and skill of content marketing. Being personally involved myself in assisting business establish effective content marketing campaigns, I’d love to pick Lee’s brain for a few hours about this incredibly important and ever growing subject.

5. Farnoosh Brock- Many of you have likely heard of Farnoosh. She’s the author of the Prolific Living Blog and although I’ve been following her blog for a while, I really became a fan of hers when I listened to her BlogcastFM interview. You see, when it comes to general rules of writing, grammar, etc—Farnoosh is practically flawless—something I need quite  a bit of work on myself.

6. Shonali Burke- I recently found Shonali through Ingrid’s blog, and I’ve been very, very impressed with what I’ve seen thus far on her site– Waxing UnLyrical. Not only does she produce excellent content at a breakneck pace, but she’s witty, positive, and truly ‘gets’ social media—which is why I’m very excited to meet her this week.

7. Johnny B Truant- Without question, Johnny B Truant is one interesting cat. The guy exploded onto the blogging scene last year and has established his name and brand as one of the top in the industry. Speaking of ‘brands’, this is the thing that most impresses me with Johnny. For example, you may have seen his Twitter avatar, where he’s known as ‘the guy with the green apple in his mouth’. His blog’s header also sports this image and it’s integrated into everything he does. In fact, I’d go so far as to say Truant has done the best job of individual brand imaging of any single blogger in the world.

So that’s it folks—7 bloggers I’d love to meet, kidnap, mind-meld with, etc ;-) while I’m in NY this week. What’s even better though, I didn’t even mention some of my good friends that I’ve already got dinners planned with, like John Falchetto, Srini, Danny Brown, and Troy Claus.

I’ll be updating my Twitter account throughout the week as to all of the happenings so I hope some of you follow along and accompany me along this sure-to-be fruitful and inspiring journey.

Your Turn:

OK, simple question folks: If you could kidnap (or kindly borrow ;-) ) any blogger, who would it be and why? Come on everybody, I know you’ve got a favorite, and Bill Dorman is only allowed 5 votes! ;-)

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