What do Your Blog, Business, and Brand ‘Truly’ Look Like to the Rest of the World?

by Marcus Sheridan

When someone thinks of your blog and business, what do they truly 'see'?

If I say the word ‘McDonalds’, what images immediately come to your mind?

  • Is it ‘Big Mac’?
  • ‘Golden Arches’?
  • ‘Happy Meal’?

The list goes on and on. But without question, when someone says the word ‘McDonalds’, visions dance around the head of each and every one of us.

The same could be said for Apple and Disney too.

In fact, name any great company/ brand and an image will likely pop right into your head.

Now let me ask you a really serious question…and be completely honest:

If someone were to picture an image of your brand and blog in their mind, what would they see?

[Note**This is when you take a moment to close your eyes and really think about it. ;-) ]

I ask this question because most people have no idea how the rest of the world sees their blog, brand and business.

Why? Some call it the Curse of Knowledge. Others say ‘love is blind’.

Either way, the disconnect that often occurs from ‘owner’ to ‘customer’ with this question is typically quite prolific.

Visual Brand Imaging

I recently posed such a thought to my friend and visual branding artist Ameena Falchetto. Ameena’s story is a unique one, as she has an uncanny ability to mix art with storytelling, producing a collage of images for her clients that perfectly symbolizes what a brand is all about and tells a message in the process.

So when I went to her and petitioned, without any direction, that she draw what ‘The Sales Lion’ brand looked like in her mind, she quickly came back with the image above, one that represents so much of what I’m about:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot
  • Community
  • Speaking
  • Swimming Pools
  • The Sheridan Clan
  • And Dirty Dancing (long story, you’ll just have to read this to fully understand)

To be honest, had this drawing been done 18 months ago Ameena may have had a blank page. Why? Because I didn’t really know who I was back then. Essentially, I didn’t know my shtick.

But today I have a clear vision. My content has a purpose. I know what I do well and I don’t try to be something I’m not. And because of this fact, my blog, business, and personal brand have done very well these past 6 months.

So that’s my simple message for you today my friends. As you set your 2012 business goals and look ahead, ask yourself what you need to do to take your brand identity to another level. Seek out the help of others and find out what images they see when your blog or company comes to mind.

By so doing, you just may get on the path to having your greatest year in business ever.

Your Turn:

Ok, a simple question folks—What do you want people to ‘see’ when they think of your blog, brand, and business? C’mon, don’t be shy, I’d love to know your thoughts.


***Finally, I want to offer a special thanks to Ameena for her unique talents. This drawing will be going on The Sales Lion about page, as it powerfully demonstrates, in a very creative and unique way not seen on other blogs, everything I want readers to know of The Sales Lion brand and message. If you’re interested in enhancing an ‘about’ or ‘who we are’ page on your company website, Ameena just may have the perfect visual messaging you’ve been looking for.

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