Despite everything I’ve written about blogging for business (content marketing) over the last few years, people still ask me everyday this one simple question: “But is it really worth it Marcus?”

As you might imagine, I always chuckle a little bit when hearing these words, but my response generally sounds like this:

Blogging, when done the right way, will change your business. It will change your life. It will change everything.

The problem is, these words don’t mean anything until a company actually dives in and truly embraces the power of content.

But for those willing to do what the other 99% will not, here is a list of 50 blogging benefits (and observations) that are available to businesses willing to be the digital thought leaders in their industry and put in the necessary work. Will it be easy? No, most likely not, but the possibilities are truly unbelievable, as I can personally attest to each of the following.

50 Blogging Benefits that Will Change Your Business Forever

1. The more pages (blog articles) your website has, the more time consumers will spend on your site. The more time they spend on your site, the further they move down the sales funnel. Like the quote says: “If you hang around the barber shop long enough, you’re going to get your hair cut.”

2. You’ll see that “viral posts” are often grossly overrated, and your actual goal is attaining customers and achieving ROI, not silly metrics that last a few days and then fade off into the social media sunset.

3. People will view you as the expert voice of your industry—the go to place of information, teaching, and enlightenment.

5 years ago, most businesses had never heard of the phrase “content marketing.” Today, the people at the Content Marketing Institute have become the trusted voice and source of the entire industry, all because they were relentless in their blogging/content efforts.

4. You’ll quickly find out blogging isn’t the science so many make it out to be. When it comes down to it, consumers have questions and a great blog answers them. It really is that simple.

5. You’ll see just how much consumers appreciate honesty and transparency—especially considering your competitors choose the “Ostrich Marketing” (aka head-in-sand) approach.

6. You’ll quickly find that some social media “experts” have no idea what they’re talking about and “the rules” can vary drastically depending on the industry, niche, company, etc.

7. You’ll realize that many readers don’t understand silly acronyms and industry jargon—a product of the curse of knowledge and a problem of bloggers and businesses everywhere.

8. You’ll start online relationships that turn into true offline friendships.

9. You’ll show consumers you actually care about them. Why? Because most businesses in your industry aren’t even blogging and taking the time to be great teachers. In the world of business, the best educators get the reward.

Most businesses in the waterproofing industry have never even considered blogging…which is just another reason why Matt Stock and the rest of the gang at US Waterproofing (Chicago) are leaders in their field.

10. You’ll quickly hear your competitors and others in your field complaining about your motives, tactics, etc.—a natural byproduct of questioning the status quo and becoming a thought leader in any field.

11. You’ll find those in sales become much better at their job when they blog. Don’t believe me? Write about a subject for the next hour and then go explain that subject to a friend or client and see just how easily the words and thoughts flow.

12. You’ll ask yourself, “Why in the world did we wait so long to embrace blogging?? Geez that was dumb!” (You may not ask yourself this, but I’ve asked myself this question about 15,864 times over the last 3 years.)

What has blogging done for my swimming pool company? You can see here for yourself.

13. Your website will get more traffic through SEO. (Good traffic leads to good leads which then leads to even better sales.)

14. Your website will get more traffic through social sharing.

You never know when you’re going to find “magic in the social media bottle” as this article found for me at the beginning of this year.

15. As more members of your team buy into the “culture” of being teachers and thought-leaders, a feeling of unity and togetherness will grow within the ranks of the organization.

16. You’ll be drawn to the other leaders and thinkers in your industry, and your mind will be expanded and quickened due to their profound influence (Thanks Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, and Michael Stelzner)

17.You’ll get a chance to tell your CEO and management team, “Ha! I told you this stuff would work if we just stuck with it and chose greatness!!” (and then you’ll get a raise for your efforts. ;-))

18. Once you overcome your fears of blogging, you’ll also gain the strength to do more video-based marketing as well.

One of the best video blogs for any blue collar business in the world, Mid Atlantic concrete understands the power of video marketing.

19. Instead of being a part of the problem, you’ll now be a part of the solution.

20. Other companies in your industry will come to you for advice and knowledge.

21. Because of tracking, you’ll be able to see which companies and competitors are scouring your website.

22. You’ll be a positive voice of change when things aren’t what they should be in your industry.

23. You’ll be giving your sales department more ammo to use throughout the sales process.

Having easily one of the best blogs in the appliance and lighting industry, Yale Appliance of Boston leverages the knowledge of their employees to produce content and ultimately affect the sales process.

24. Your emails will now get better because they’ll include all that content you’re producing.

25. Other business ventures and opportunities will arise as your popularity, brand, and influence grow.

26. You’ll attract better, more qualified employees as they’ll see you as a “forward thinking” and “social” organization.

27. By blogging, you’ll have a better feel than ever as to what your customers do and do not care about. In other words, as you study your analytics, social shares, and comment section—you’ll see what folks are drawn to as well as the topics that don’t seem to have as much impact.

28. Speaking of blog comments, if there is any place that will give you a feel for your readers it’s a blog’s comment section. As you have discussions with them there (and on other platforms), you’ll be more and more in tune with their needs.

29. By writing blog articles, you’ll naturally have more value to share on your other social platforms, like Twitter and Facebook for example.

Want to see a Facebook page done right? Social Media Examiner mixes blogs, questions, polls, etc. in a very effective manner.

30. Writing inspires more writing. Teaching inspires better teaching. Listening inspires even better listening. This is the essence of a blog.

31. Your inbound links will grow…and grow…and grow. Even crazier, you won’t have to pay some black-hat company to grow your links for you—something that will end up biting you in the digital butt later on. (See Google Panda, Penguin, and any other animal they come up with in the future.)

32. As you give valuable information, you’ll naturally grow your company’s list. And as you grow the list, you’ll have a much better email marketing campaign along with countless other list-marketing opportunities.

33. The more blog articles you write, the more opportunities you’ll have to repackage that same content and turn it into an eBook, white-paper, etc. (Note, since this site’s eBook was released in November of last year, it has been downloaded over 7,000 times and is the centerpiece of the TSL sales process.)

34. You will be more prepared and able to beat the competition head to head. Why? Because you give value and you’re the better teacher. That’s why.

Ever heard of the “Geek Squad”? Chances are, you have. And despite the fact that this company does tech service as a business, they still produces TONS of video content for consumers. Why? Because they GET IT.

35. As your business benefits with more traffic, leads, and sales, you’ll now have more time to spend with those that truly matter in your life. The power of financial peace for a business owner can make all the difference in the world as to whether or not your kids know your name.

36. Because your community will grow, you’ll have the ability to crowdsource their knowledge, skills, opinions, etc.

37. You’ll develop your niche or “shtick” with each and every post, which ultimately leads to greater focus, clarity, and company vision.

38. Your prospects will become more and more qualified, which means better sales appointments, which also means much better customers to work with (and less of the ones that make your life miserable.)

39. You’ll likely learn to love writing, even though you never saw yourself as a “writer” before.

40. As others see you and your company as thought leaders, you’ll start to get more invites to events, conferences, etc. so as to share your unique story with the world.

The greatest example I’ve ever seen of how blogging can affect one’s brand, Gary Vaynerchuk went from blogging about wine to social media celebrity.

41. You’ll start to depend less on Pay Per Click and other outbound marketing techniques because your inbound marketing will become the core of the company’s lead generation campaign.

42. You’ll learn what numbers really matter in your business and what numbers, especially the social media ones, don’t mean squat.

43. You’ll start to see the platform that will best serve you and your business. In some cases, it may be just blogging. In others, it may be video (YouTube), or visual (Pinterest), or social (Facebook, Twitter).

44. More and more people will ask you for guest posting opportunities—either on your site or theirs. And as you guest post on other sites, you’ll be exposed to new audiences, opportunities, and attain more inbound links along the way.

45.You’ll learn very quickly what subjects you’re most passionate about (and could discuss forever) and also those subjects within your business that clearly do not make you jump out of the bed in the morning.

46. As you have a culture of blogging with your employees, you’ll find certain introverts you never knew were “social” are actually your greatest teachers, thinkers, and passionate brand advocates. (More on this one in the future, as I’ve been seeing it tons lately with clients.)

Although you can’t see it from this photo, Block Imaging’s blog is a classic example of what can happen if you allow your employees–in all phases of the business–to be content producers.

47. You’ll get the incredible opportunity to live the “Digital Law of the Harvest”—sow the field, plant the seed, water the crop, protect the garden, watch it grow…..and reap the harvest for your faithful efforts.

48.You’ll learn that your definition of “sexy content” is not shared by others. In fact, you’ll find that “sexy content” is anything that helps anyone who has any type of problem at all.

49. You’ll meet people (readers) and have experiences you never dreamed possible previously—all because of the doors that were opened through the power of blogging and content marketing.

50. People around the world will thank you for caring, teaching, and helping. As you give value and work to solve problems, no matter the niche or field, you’ll be blessing the lives of others. Ultimately, is there any greater benefit than this?

Your Turn

Despite the fact that I’ve mentioned so many blogging benefits here, there are still plenty I’ve yet to mention…which is why it’s now your turn. Tell me, what would you add to the list? Also, of the benefits mentioned above, which have impacted you and your business the most?

97 thoughts on “50 Blogging Benefits that Will Change Your Business Forever

  1. For me, blogging has bought about a lot of opportunities (the latest being my roles as the digital marketing manager in a start-up company). I also had to turn down a million dollar offer which I landed via blog (when I was a newbie in that niche). I have explained it here in this post:

    • Two GREAT examples Adarsh. The bottom line is you’re a hard worker, and readers pick up on that.

      Thanks for all your efforts my friend.


  2. Wow Marcus! This list of blogging benefits is awesome!

    For me the most important benefit is “People around the world will thank you for caring, teaching, and helping.” … There’s NOTHING like changing the world with your words. It’s amazing how much you can convey with a simple blog post and how many lives it can impact.

    Many bloggers start blogging with the purpose of making money. I think it’s a completely wrong approach. You should blog to help your readers and enrich their lives. You need to aim at making this world a better place. Because when you do that, the money automatically follows.

    Thanks for such useful post! Appreciate it!

    • Mustafa,

      I really like your point about money not being the motivation for blogging, but instead the motivation being to make the world a better place. If your heart is right in the matter, it makes a huge difference in how people respond to you and in your overall success.


      • Thanks Rebecca! I think blogging is a powerful medium if used the right way.

        There is nothing in wrong in monetizing your blog or having financial goals with it, but the main idea of blogging is to share your ideas and give real value to your audience.

        Remember, your readers are real people and they will see through you. They’ll know if your genuine or not :)

    • Hey Mustafa, and thanks so much for the comment. I do think the underlying desire to teach and help others is what enables a blog to grow and stand the test of time, as money, no matter how high it is, cannot last as a motivator.

      Good stuff bud,


  3. Marcus,

    There are so many great points in hear… 50 great points I guess… so I’m only going to pull out one and add my thoughts…

    That is how blogging helps you to become an expert in your field (or if you are already an expert whatever is above expert).

    I started blogging after 14 months in the insurance business… For those not in the insurance business at 14 months you know NOTHING. So I started blogging about insurance as I learned things. Figuring if I didn’t know that much and I sold insurance people buying insurance are truly behind the eight ball when it comes to understanding what they’re buying.

    Well… I wouldn’t say now, 3 years later, I may not be an Expert yet but my working knowledge of insurance, the industry, the market and how to help consumers understand the product has increased 100 fold and that is 90% due to my blogging work.

    Blogging forced me to look deeper into my product and really think about how consumers saw the product. What motivated them and what they didn’t care about at all.

    It’s without a doubt the best thing I EVER did for my business and I will never stop.

    Marcus… You’re the man buddy and posts like these and flood of amazing comments and stories that will be posted here as a result is a testament to value you bring the small business market.

    Thank you!

    Ryan H.

    • This was perfectly awesome Ryan. You were a rookie, and you used blogging and “forced cognition” to make you better at your trade. Wow, I absolutely love that bud.

      You’re an example of “doing it right” my friend.

      Rock on,


  4. Hey Marcus, since following your blog and reading your book, so much of what you say here has manifested in my life. ( I read your book less than 3 weeks ago). I must be honest, until then, I was starting to believe that Internet marketing was a crock of garbage. I remember reading your post on how you made $2 million in sales for your pool business. Somehow I believed you and today I am here. As we speak, I am busy selling to someone who lives in Australia, (I live in South Africa). If I can do it once, I can do it a million times and more.

    Thanks for the inspiration, advice and training. You rock!!!

    • Wade, that’s GREAT news bud!!! Isn’t it amazing how the web has changed “local economy” to mean “around the world…truly powerful.

      Just do me a favor and keep it up brother, I want to hear more stories :-)


  5. Hey Marcus…

    One biggie point you may have missed (and forgive me if you didn’t…I read and re-scanned the article to make sure it wasn’t mentioned) is the fact that blogging helps give a better and more complete understanding of your customer base, which in turn helps you better define the marketing aspect of your website.

    • Great point Leo. I think the process of “understanding your customer base” is one that never stops, which is why having the blog makes such a huge difference as it’s a constant indicator.

      Thanks again Leo!


  6. Wow! That’s an amazing and thorough list. I’m definitely printing it. I think the best part of blogging for me so far is that since I’ve been doing it I haven’t really had to make any cold calls. People who are interested in what I offer usually contact me and it’s kept me busy. I also believe that it’s important to have a blog as the hub of your social media efforts. You have to have an interactive place to send people to where they aren’t distracted by shiny objects and other people’s news feeds. Thanks so much for this.

    • Hi Rebecca! That’s awesome you don’t have to do outbound calls anymore, what a relief!

      Keep up the great work on your blog and thanks for stopping by :-)


  7. Hey Marcus

    I agree with the benefits of blogging and/or video marketing and/or podcasts. Different markets respond to different types of content – for me (as you know) it’s video – and what everyone needs to do is figure out where their audience hangs out and create the kind of content that suits them.

    Keep rocking.


  8. Wow, this took some time and effort! Good stuff, Marcus. My favorite was…

    11. You’ll find those in sales become much better at their job when they blog. Don’t believe me? Write about a subject for the next hour and then go explain that subject to a friend or client and see just how easily the words and thoughts flow.

    So true. They feed each other, really. The more I write, the more clearly I speak to clients. The more I speak to clients, the more clearly my thoughts come when I write.

    Keep it coming!

    • Hey Jon, thanks so much for the kindness bud. Yeah, for some reason, this post reallllllly took some time. Like 6 hours or so. Eeek.;-)

      Thanks so much for the support my friend,


  9. Hey Marcus,

    This is a great list but the importance of #4 can’t be said enough..

    “You’ll quickly find out blogging isn’t the science so many make it out to be. When it comes down to it, consumers have questions and a great blog answers them. It really is that simple.”

    • Pat!!! How is the smartest guy in Boston doing my friend? :-)

      BTW, I’m coming out there for Inbound and hope to catch up…(as I’m sure I’ll be verbally abused by Steve the whole time 😉 )

      • I’m gonna have to put that on my resume 😉

        Looking forward to catching up when you head this way!

  10. This just gave me the motivation that I needed to start blogging. I’m still a little apprehensive because I don’t want to make mistakes, but I realize this is probably part of the process. You have to make mistakes and learn from them before you can become a better blogger. You can’t write an awesome blog post every time, at least not at first. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and ask myself the famous question, “Why didn’t I start blogging sooner?” Thanks for the great post!

    • Hey Robert, so glad this helped. :-)

      Yes, mistakes are going to be there, no doubt. In fact, you’ll see them again and again and again.

      In fact, if they ever stop, it likely means you’re not growing and pushing like you should be. 😉

      Best to you sir!


  11. Great list of benefits, Marcus. It’s really great for those of us that sometimes struggle when we’re not seeing traffic or engagement.

    My favorite part of blogging (sales aside) is the random networking that has occurred from some of my posts. I wrote about a blog about the explosive growth of a comic book convention, and people actually contacted me to appear on their podcast. It was so random, but it was awesome to meet new people, get the opportunity to talk on a podcast, and spread some brand awareness. That never would’ve happened without blogging!

    • Great point Mandy, there is certainly that serendipitous side to blogging that is amazing to see when it does happen. :-)

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by!


  12. That was a awesome post and the points are very powerful and helpful. thanks for sharing

  13. Hi Marcus,
    your post is awesome! I don’t know which of mentioned points is the most important for me, but all are true. BTW – your ebook was downloaded one more time 😉

  14. I started a grou blog of entrepreneurs with strong connections to Japan, from around the world. We started it on January of this year, but it was hard to keep people writing (including myself).

    Deep down inside, I had doubts in how it would work, and people not reacting to articles or posts that we worked hard on writing made our motivation go down.
    Until last week, when I finally decided I would give it a harder try only write when I had the urge to tell something that I thought it was important, instead of just writing to keep more articles up.

    I translated a speech in the Rio summit which inspired me into Japanese.
    The next day I have to triple my bandwidth because I’m getting 100,000 unique visits a day! In a week I had 500,000 unique visits, more than 38,000 facebook shares, and many invites from blog magazines asking us to let us repost our work in their sites!

    The Japanese blogosphere is very polite and every time they reblog something of yours, they always leave you the source link to you. :)

    Here’s the post that changed our mentality and pushes us to keep going and writing inspiring posts for Japan and the world.

    • Wow Akira! Those are some serious numbers my friend!! Well done!

      Keep up the great work,


  15. Excellent list! I kept nodding my head as I read through each one. Thought number 17 was hilarious because when I was working for companies that knew nothing about social media and I introduced it to them (even though they were extremely uninterested) and it worked…I SO took the time to gloat. :)

    I’m with Mandy above, I really love the networking aspect of blogging. I have met so many great people and learned so many great things through blogging. It’s such a great community of people who truly want to help one another succeed.

    Thanks for the post!

  16. Hi Marcus, I’m so glad you are calling it “blogging” this week. I can’t let go of that word and you know why :)
    I have 2 favorite examples from this post – Mid Atlantic Concrete and US Waterproofing. I’m probably the only one who will openly admit that I can’t wait to go and watch the concrete videos on YouTube. I love that stuff and we do some related videos here at my day job. As far as the Waterproofing blog – I get this vision in my head of this crew of guys (and gals) debating over who has the best blog post! That is like heaven for a blog lover like myself. It might seem so “unconventional” to the rest of the world but I can see it clear as day.

    Thanks Marcus, I knew this post would be a winner when I saw the title but you still managed to surprise me with the awesome content.

    • Lleane, you are simply too kind!! Thank you and I’m glad to know there is someone out there that’s just as passionate as I am about seeing the power of blogging and content do it’s thing for a business and the employees therein.

      Thank you!!!


  17. Wow… for once I have almost nothing to share or add to what you’ve written. Nope, that can’t work, otherwise this turns into a useless comment. So I’ll go with promoting #29 & #30 the most because one of the biggest problems with most people is that they hate the actual process of writing or having content on their blogs and thus are missing out on having people find their sites and share what they have to say. And as much as I’ve written, I’d know!

    Whew, saved my comment reputation. :-)

  18. Krista Kotrla

    Fantastic list!! Agree with you on every single point 100%. Especially love #46 (and not just because you happened to use Block Imaging as an example)… It has truly been amazing to see team member’s hidden talents and strengths emerge giving them a better platform to shine.

    The one additional benefit we’ve experienced is how much our team has learned from one another by reading our own articles! So now we’re all becoming better educated about our own extensive list of products and services. And it is great to hear team members from different departments praise one another for their blog articles that taught them something new or helped them with a deal (similar to what you describe in #23). The benefit of blogging to increase internal education and training has been huge.

    Oh, and I am right there with you on #12 too!!


  19. Nice post. Very helpful. Blogging will increase opportunity. understanding your customer base is an important factor. Thanks a lot Marcus for sharing such a nice post.

  20. You make blogging sound like the coolest thing ever, and as a blogger, I think you’re right! It opens up a whole new world, as you get to share your expertise and interact with so many different communities. It serves as a critical piece of a content marketing strategy, and it’s just plain fun to me. Thanks for taking the “rocket science” out of it. If a person isn’t blogging, I think reading this post will give them the courage to give it a try.

  21. WOW! You’re absolutely right on point with these top 50… All through reading your tips I am here shaking my head up and down saying “Yup! He’s right” LOL. It’s very true following these simple strategies and tips will in fact carry ones business a very long way with online & offline marketing. Most people do not know this, and it’s honestly not their fault they do not know. They don’t know this because of lack of education is the reason. No one is teaching the average Joe. This definitely gave me courage to continue writing my blog consistently because of the simply fact, that these key points are RIGHT!!! And they WORK!!! Plus I am really enjoying blogging daily. It’s fun!! lol… Thanks for sharing this! Very educational.

    Janelle McLeod

    • Hey Janelle! Your passion jumps right off the page. And I love it!

      Thanks so much for bringing your smile,


  22. Blogging can definitely help for the success of the business. These are very important tips and thanks for sharing it with us. Certain businesses who set up company blogs can establish healthy communication with their customers and other interested individuals. This really can help for the popularity of the business.

  23. Success in online marketing is contingent upon people being able to locate your web presence. One of the best ways to connect with current and potential customers via the web is to leave your footprint around the Internet and create a trail that leads back to your business.

  24. Hi Marcus

    I build the odd website for local businesses on the side – and I usually advocate adding a blog to it…

    You just added a hell of a lot of ammo to my sales pitch…:)

    And opened my mind to some new possibilities.

    Thanx a million


    • Hahaha, nothing like free ammo Peter :-)

      Rock on,


  25. Hey Marcus,

    The question I asked myself was will my blog be about “blogging for business” or is it a “professional blog?” The distinction may be subtle but it’s important. I’ve concluded it’s a professional blog. I’m not blogging to promote a company or its products (blogging for business.) I’m building an author’s platform in a professional manner.

    But, it’s personal too! I simply want to serve people – to help struggling achievers and entrepreneurs “find their path.” So, although it’s a professional approach, if it’s not personal, connected, sincere, and caring, what have I got?

    With these clarifications in mind, I can more easily follow plans and strategies that will keep life simpler and success more achievable. Thanks for the list, Marcus!


    • Hi Carmelo, thrilled you found some value here.

      To tell you the truth man, it really doesn’t matter so much what you call it as long as you make it work for you and run with it.

      Cheers my friend,


  26. Hey man,
    You’re just amazing. I’m not new to your blog, yet this time you’ve really surprised me. I couldn’t imagine that the whole paraphernalia of blogging advantages could be summed up like this…
    The write-up has a unique composure, and excellent expressions. I believe you must have been in touch with good literature, or have attended some writing sessions. The points are meritorious, but the exactitude and beauty of expression is above all.
    Thank you, Marcus!

    • That’s incredibly kind of you Raheel! thanks!!

  27. Wow! This list of blogging benefits is awesome…

  28. After staying up past 1 am last night to get out a blog post, only to realize once I hit the pillow that I needed a whole different approach, then staring at the ceiling for another hour, then being a wreck for my 8am “tweetup” and groggy all day… this post is really an inspiration. A lot of stuff I knew but never put on paper, and hence, never fully internalized.

    Thanks Marcus, this is yet another one I’m bookmarking, and borrowing from heavily when I talk to clients. All the best!

    • Barrett, your comment here made me smile big time my friend.

      And thanks so much for all the tweets and support bud.


  29. Hi Marcus,

    I’ve been busy establishing my new company, so I’m going over all the posts I’ve missed on your blog this weekend.

    This one stands out and I’ll be using it as examples for a new client. This company has been very sceptical when it comes to blogging and content marketing, but they’ve let me teach them about blogging and I’m so happy that they’ve said yes to this. I’ll be teaching them all the technical stuff about blogging, but I also need to show them examples of what it can do for them and why they should keep doing it.

    I’m going to use this quote from you “You’ll find those in sales become much better at their job when they blog. ” I’m sure they’ll love that :)

    Thanks a lot.

    • Glad this helped Jens. The one about increasing sales is amazing. Truly amazing actually.

      If they do this, their sales people will be some of the best communicators in their industry…no doubt about it.


  30. Marcus, been catching up on about 400 unread emails and I ALWAYS read you blogs so I was humbled to have you use our company as an example in your post. Very kind of you. I will be the first to admit that Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me early on to do videos. Can’t wait to see him speak later this month @ HS in Boston. Like you, he really rocks! We’ve got about 85,000 views on ConcreteAnswers.TV which is not large compared to perhaps watching a cat on a skateboard or a baby laughing at a dog but our viewers are returning again and again for more videos that inform, educate and yes, entertain. We call each other “Creteheads” because both we and our viewers are passionate about the concrete industry. I go to industry events and I’m recognized by folks that I never would have had the opportunity to engage with if I hadn’t ventured into video blogging. You my friend inspire and drive me. Thanks for your efforts and encouragement. Looking forward to catching up in Boston…
    Rock on…

    • Owen, you’re very welcome my friend. And yes, looking forward to Boston, I’m going to give old Gary a Run for his motivational money 😉

  31. I’m starting to learn the power of blogging. I struggle with being consistent. Being a pro Videographer I always think I need to have a video attached to my blog post.

    I just realized that the video doesn’t always have to be of me. I’m mean I’m not Oprah (You know she’s on every cover of her magazine).

    But I’m dying to see where consistency will take me.

    • Consistency is an important part of this Jalanda, no doubt, but I don’t think the video is requisite every time. Mixing it in, but continuing to push out value and content and documenting your thoughts is what will eventually lead you to your goals.

      But yeah, stick with it and don’t let off the gas..and see where the path will take you. 😉

      Good luck!!


  32. SV

    Excellent post! At Downwrite Good we are big supports of blog for businesses– there’s no better way to display your expertise while also ranking better on Google.

    For businesses out there not yet blogging, get on it! A well-optimized blog can really help ignite your business – check ours out:

    – SV

  33. Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for such an insightful blog post. I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now and one of the main benefits I’ve seen is that the leads that come from a blog are high quality.
    I totally agree with point 11 about learning about a topic and blogging about it straightaway.

    • So glad you liked the article Ruth, keep on pushing!


  34. Aline Sylvie Pawele

    Dear Marcus,

    I read your article with a lot of interest. I am totally new to the blogging era, though I have realized that business cannot be as usual… until just now, I always thought that blogs are for those who have too much time on their hands! Thank God I know otherwise now.

    I have a few questions for you:
    1) Is blogging appropriate for all industry – I am an independent representative for an online network marketing industry.

    2) How do I choose the subject(s) to blog on, when I have sooo many (various) products to promote? As well as promoting a business opportunity that goes with the purchase of products?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    • Hi Aline, and thanks for asking. To better answer your questions, I strongly recommend you read the free eBook found here on TSL. That being said, to answer your questions briefly:

      1. Content marketing/blogging is extremely beneficial to any industry that involves questions from prospects/clients/customers/etc.

      2. This is easy. It just means you have thousands of potential topics….That being said, start with the products that make you the most money.

      Good luck!


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