Mad Marketing Podcast #13: Business vs. Personal Blogging, Money Keywords, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastWell it’s that time again folks, the Mad Marketing Podcast with all of your awesome email questions from these last few weeks. As you can see from below, there are some great ones here so I hope you’ll have an enjoyable listen and don’t hesitate to leave and questions for future podcasts in the comment section below!

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Your Questions

Hello Marcus,

I started my business 3 years ago and sadly realized very slowly that I was a highly trained Sales Rep without the knowledge and skills to create my own leads.  I started using Hubspot seriously in July of 2012 and have seen a dramatic increase in my web site traffic.  My biggest concern is how to convert those that visit my pages into real leads and ultimately paying customers…. 

Either way, I already read the beginning of your book and love it .  I am committed to Hubspot more than anything else I have ever done and look forward to using your insights to do what I set out to do 3 years ago.



Hello Marcus,

[I’m responding to this in the middle of reading your 8 Renegade Methods post]….

Would the “generic” blog server to create brand awareness and authority within the industry, with the local blog functioning as the primary lead generator? 

Would I host both blogs on our agency’s website, or would I need to move one elsewhere?

My only concern, with the generic blog not focused on “money keywords” how does it justify the content? Would it not be better to post four times a week to the local blog instead of two times a week to each?

Would it be safe to assume that, while not completely impossible, it’s very difficult to have ONE blog serve both functions?

Thanks again for time, it’s much appreciated.

Joey (Insurance Agent)


Hi Marcus,

I’m writing an ebook about how to set your freelancing rate, and I’m hoping to use your name and input to give the ebook some weight. Here are some questions. If you choose not to answer some of them, that’s fine. 1. How do you measure your intellectual worth with respect to your pricing?

2. I’m sure you know what your “bare bones” pricing is…what you absolutely must make in order for a project to be worth your time. What do you add to this (percentage or flat rate) to determine your minimum pricing for your projects, and why did you choose that amount?

3. With regards to industry standards pricing, is there anywhere you trust/go for information on that, or do you use your personal judgment on what the industry standard is for a particular project? Do you factor in location (theirs or yours) when pricing?

4. Do you vary your rate by customer? For example, if a high-end remodeling company asked for essentially the same project as a gas station, would you charge them the same amount?

Warning: there may be more…but these are the ones I’ve come up with for now. :)



Hi Marcus,

What is the big difference between business blogging and personal blogging. Also If you have a business (in this case children’s furniture) do you then have a blog on your website or do you have a blog separate to your website ? Presumably you want to lead your readers to your website but thought I would check with you




Hi, Marcus.

I’m really enjoying your blog, newsletter, and podcast and am doing my level best to incorporate social media into my marketing mix. But it’s problematic, and here’s why. My business is a sole proprietorship, so I have to do it all myself: marketing, accounting, lead-gen, creating content, and doing actual billable work. In addition, my kids are in grade school, so my workday effectively ends at 3:30. It’s not feasible for me to stay up until a million o’clock or get up at oh-dark-thirty to carve out more time during the day because then I would lack the energy I need for work and family activities. My biggest problem is with analytics. Although I have a WordPress site with a Google Analytics plugin, I have no idea how to track data. I see the spikes and valleys but don’t know how to read the charts. I just keep cranking out the content with my goal being four blog posts a month. Is there an easy way to learn how to read the results? Thanks for all you are doing for my business and for keeping your upbeat attitude. It’s contagious!

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