Why Buying Facebook Fans Makes Your Company Look Really Stupid

by Marcus Sheridan

buy fb likes

You’re better than this…

This post won’t be long folks, but it needs to be said…unfortunately.

I was researching a bit of information for my swimming pool company tonight when I stumbled across a high-end builder in the industry that was making a big deal on their home page about the fact their company Facebook page had over 2500 “likes.”

Knowing this elevated number to be extremely rare for any swimming pool business, I then looked at the photos of their “fans” that were on display and within seconds it became obvious to me that they had sold their soul to the social media devil and paid a few bucks on some place like Fiverr (a site I actually like a lot) to get a couple of thousand “fake likes.”

Now you might be asking how I know their fans were fake. Well, I’m not going to go into details, but let me just say I know what swimming pool consumers look like…and they didn’t look like the folks on their page.

And after seeing what this company had done to “appear” socially awesome, what was respect I had for their business quickly turned to disappointment.

Here is the deal my friends—Online consumers aren’t dumb. In fact, they’re getting smarter every day. Furthermore, they can spot a social media rat when they see one.

Be it fake testimonials.

Fake videos.

Fake reviews.

Fake anything.

This is exactly why it doesn’t pay to try and attempt to bloat your numbers for the purpose of appearing more “popular” than you really are.

So please, don’t go there. You’re too good for it anyway.

Stick to transparency. Stick to truly listening to consumers and then earnestly answering their questions.

If you do this, although the “numbers” may grow slowly (many of which don’t mean squat anyway), at least they’ll be real and won’t make your brand look desperate for attention.

Your Turn

A simple post begs a simple question: Why the heck are companies still doing this junk? Thoughts?

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