It’s Called a BLOG, Not a BRAG

by Marcus Sheridan

And so the saga continues—corporations are blogging less. Focus has shifted. Social is the name of the game…

Blah, blah, blah

Let’s just stop the madness for a second.

I’m going to explain the problem these failed blogs have by using an analogy:

Have you ever met someone that seemed only able to talk about himself or herself—without the slightest ability to shut-up for a minute and actually listen, respond, and then listen some more?

Yeah, I bet you know someone just like that. We all do. And those types of incessant “me” and “my” people drive us all bonkers.

But the sad thing is most business blogs (not referring to personal here) are just like that.

They’re not about education.

They’re not about listening.

They’re not about answering every consumer question.

No, rather than discussing what the customer actually cares about, they want to yap about themselves.

They want to brag about the awards they’ve won.

They think we care about the events on their calendar.

And they even want to shove down our throats why their products and services are the greatest things since sliced bread.

Enough already folks.

If you own a business, and want to brag, keep it to the rest of your website.

But leave the blog to your prospects and customers. Allow it to build a foundation of trust by making it about them. Yes, a call-to-action after a post is a good thing, but for the love of Pete let’s all just shut up for a minute and start listening to what our people are saying.

And when we’re done listening, let’s listen some more.

And when we’re done listening some more, let’s start writing blog posts people actually care about.

Their questions.

Their problems.

Their blog.

Are you with me?

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