When it comes to effective content marketing, too often businesses forget just how much their website copy and messaging impact a reader’s ability to trust, relate to, and want to do business with a company. When it comes down to it, here is the deal:

Every word of your website is a component of your overall content marketing and business success…or failure.

But instead of going deeply into a massive 1000 word review of what “great website copy” looks like, I’m going to show you something today that we at The Sales Lion do with our clients and it makes for an incredibly eye-opening and powerful experience.

Step 1: Go to the Home Page of your website

Step 2: Count how many times you use a pronoun that relates to “you” and “your company.” (an example would be: we, us, our, I, etc.)

Step 3: Now count the number of times you use a pronoun referencing the reader or their company/issue/need. (an example would be: you, your, etc.)

Step 4: Compare these two sets of numbers (and if you’re like 99% of companies and organizations, you’ll quickly realize your copy and messaging is all wrong).

Step 5: Go and do this same activity on every page of your website.

It’s Always About Them…Always

You see, I told you it would be simple, and I wasn’t kidding.

Sadly, when it comes to website messaging, most companies almost exclusively make it about “them”– their products, their services, their greatness, etc. From my personal studies, I have found that most copy is 90% about the company and only 10% about the customer.

In other words, it ain’t about *them.*

Their problems.

Their current issues.

Their worries.

If you’re ready to take your content marketing efforts to the next level, do this activity mentioned above. I’m telling you, it will blow your mind and there is a very good chance the light-bulb will come on and you’ll realize some changes need to be made.

Your Turn

I’m hoping you’ll play along with me on this. In the comment section below, tell me how it went for you. Did most of your pronouns reference you, your company, and your stuff— or did they reference the customer, their problems, and their needs?

Something this simple can go a long ways folks. Give it a try, and then discuss…

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