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Copyblogger comments

It appears Copyblogger has exercised their rights as a business….Oh my!

I’m going to be short and sweet with this post, so here goes…

Copyblogger, one of the biggest content marketing “blogs” in the world, turned off their comments last week. And, as one might expect, a lot of folks in the digital space have made negative statements regarding the situation.

Frankly, it reminds me of the time my friend Chris Brogan unfollowed everyone(131k people) on Twitter. Just as with this situation, people seemed to go after Chris for simply exercising his right to listen to his personal promptings and trust in his own gut.

At the time, I defended Chris, and today, I’d like to do the same for Copyblogger (not that they need my support).

This Isn’t About Blog Comments at All

To me, this conversation has nothing to do with comments being turned on or off on a blog. It really doesn’t. Sure, we could go on all day about the pros and cons of allowing them. Heck, just this morning one of my incredibly talented employees here at The Sales Lion, George, voiced high agitation about Copyblogger’s move.

But in my opinion, George, and anyone else that gives Copyblogger a hard time, is forgetting an important truth:

We can do whatever we want with our digital space.

It’s our space.

It’s our right.

If Copyblogger wants to change their website to pink and purple and start writing about My Little Ponies (my 4 year old would be thrilled), they can do that. It’s their business and I’m not going to tell them how to run it.

Each of us has been given the ability to choose our actions as we feel prompted to do so.

Apparently, Copyblogger feels this is something they should do right now.

Maybe they’ll eventually change their mind. Maybe they won’t. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter.

But I say good for them. In fact, why would it bother any of us? They’ve done nothing but give value to all of their readers in this space for years.

Now granted, they gave this value to us because they knew it would come back to them, and it has. Today, they have an incredibly successful business, and they’ve earned every penny of their worth.

We live in a world where tolerance (for the most part) is embraced, mainly because, inherently, we’re all different.

If this is the case, why don’t we carry that same philosophy to the digital realm?

Our ability to choose is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans.

This past week, Copyblogger exercised theirs, and for that, they should be commended.

Your Turn:

I’ve said my 2 cents worth, now I’d love to hear yours. What say you? Is this an unpardonable act or is it a silly argument in the first place?

Note***Another great article was recently written on this subject by Mark Schaefer. Read it here. **

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