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Although you may not think this image is applicable to content marketing success, I'd submit it has everything to do with it...

Although you may not think this image is applicable to content marketing success, I’d submit it has *everything* to do with it…

I’ve discussed again and again here at TSL the need every company has, if they truly want to skyrocket their web traffic, leads, and sales—to establish a *culture* of content marketing within the organization. In order to make this culture a reality, it’s critical all employees have a shared vision and understanding of what their roles are within the content marketing process.

One of the best examples I’ve seen of a company that “gets it” with respect to this is Segue Technologies (client), an IT and software development company out of Arlington Virginia. Since the moment their VP Ron Novak decided to embrace doing content marketing from a cultural standpoint, they’ve produced exceptional results. It all started with a full-team content marketing workshop and then became a matter of developing consistent participation from the team members to keep the content efforts going. In order to help each one of these employees catch the vision, Segue produced two exceptional graphics:


(If you’d like to see the full, easy-to-read PDF version of this graphic, just click here: Blog_Guidelines)

Make sure you take a moment to really analyze this visual aid. It displays 5 pieces of information that every “content marketing employee” should be aware of:

1. The head of the blogging efforts (Alexa) is shown in the upper right.

2 The 4 main purposes of the blog are shown in the middle section.

3. A simple 3-step method for choosing content is shown in the 3rd section.

4. “Help tips” are mentioned for those employees struggling with producing content.

5. Sharepoint is noted (bottom right) as the content storage area.

In their next visual aid, Segue does a tremendous job showing showing the blogging goals, production, and distribution process:


I’m sure you can probably imagine the benefits of introducing visual aids to a company’s content marketing efforts. Sure, this may not be a good fit for a solopreneur or extremely small team, but for an organization like Segue that has dozens if not hundreds of potential content producers, it can make a very big impact on helping create a needed “cultural” approach to long term content marketing success.

Real Numbers, Real Results

In just under 12 months since they began this process, Segue has managed to produce, on average, 4 blog posts per week, which has equated to ever 200 pieces of content during this time. Not only that, but they’ve created some powerful eBooks as well. As you might imagine, their traffic, leads, and sales have been dramatically impacted. Just take a look at the following chart, which shows organic traffic growth to their website during this time period:

13 months of blogging= Incredible Results for Segue Technologies

12 months of blogging= Incredible Results for Segue Technologies

As you can see, by implementing an “all-hands-on-deck” approach, Segue went from less than 1000 organic web visitors a month when they started to roughly 25,000 visitors a month just 12 months later– a 3000% increase and an impressive accomplishment for any company, especially one that’s in a competitive market (web app development). Not only that, but today this very traffic is producing dozens and dozens of web leads per month, something that was almost non-existent before.

I could literally spend much more time discussing all that Segue has done well in this process, but suffices to say their business has been dramatically impacted by doing content marketing the right way, and truly making it a part of their company culture. In a busy world where it’s easy to say “We just don’t have the time,” Segue Technologies is an example of “doing it right,” and my hat tips to their efforts.

Your Turn:

A couple of simple questions I’d love to get your thoughts on: If you’re in a company with multiple employees, have you found ways to get them to buy-in to the process and also contribute content? If yes, please explain. Also, if you’re willing to share, what have been the traffic/leads/sales impact content marketing has had on your company?



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