How Can a Content Workshop Effect My Company Profitability?

Sales teams want marketing teams to make it RAIN! Marketing teams want sales to make it RAIN! See the dilemma in that?

This, as you’re likely aware, is a big problem around the globe for businesses big and small, which is exactly why the act of eliminating silos and getting sales and marketing on the same team is critical. But how does this happen? Watch this awesome interview with Krista Kortla, the Senior Vice President of Marketing from Block Imaging and see the possibilities for your organization…

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Why Podcasting is Becoming Better than Blogging for Building Trust, Engagement, and Loyalty

July 22, 2014

2 years ago, a huge portion of the emails I received from my audience looked something like this: “Marcus, just found you recently and have been reading all your stuff…” Today, these very same types of emails tend to look like this: “Marcus, just found you recently and have been listening to all of your [...]

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What’s More Important Inbound Tactics or Inbound Strategy? An interview with Eric Keiles

July 19, 2014

When a company realizes that their current marketing is not working, they start to look for new things to do to get the job done. In today’s world it takes you about 5 minutes and you realize that new way is inbound marketing. Only problem, inbound comes with a ton of things to do, which [...]

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The Problem of Developing Your Company Voice: An Interview with John Bonini

July 11, 2014

Hello everyone, it’s George Thomas again and I’m happy to bring you another educational interview to help empower your company with Inbound Marketing best practices. Today I sit down with the incredibly smart and talented John Bonini, Marketing Director for Impact Brand & Design. In this interview, we discuss the good, the bad, and the [...]

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How One Person Became a Content Marketing Machine

July 5, 2014

Yep, it is that time again. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a couple fig newtons, and get your learn on. In today’s interview I (George Thomas, Inbound Marketer here at TSL) will be talking to Rob Misheloff from Smarter Finance USA. You can check out his website at We here at TSL had [...]

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