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Mad Marketing PodcastWell it’s podcast time again everyone, and in this episode of Mad Marketing we, as always, cover quite a few topics:

-How Atlanta is the most paranoid “snow” state in the country.

-A mistake I made speaking to an audience of 500 people this past week, and what I should have done instead

-The proper format for writing a “cost/price” article for your service or product

-How to deal with Trolls and haters online

-One very unique way a CEO of an ultra successful company gets his employees to participate in the company blog/content marketing

-Responses around the country from businesses who put “What we are not” on their websites, as mentioned in a previous episode

-and more…

As is normally the case, you can be assured of a good laugh, some learning, and a quicker ride to work as you listen in my friends! :)

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January 5, 2015

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December 15, 2014

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