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Mad Marketing PodcastIt’s that time again everyone! In this fast, fun, and furious episode of the Mad Marketing Podcast we talk about a wide range of marketing and personal topics that have been rummaging through my brain in the past few weeks. Specifically, in this episode we discuss:

  • Why people look at me funny when I’m in Walmart
  • A prediction that Google will eventually try to put HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and pretty much everyone else out of business by creating their own Marketing Automation and CRM/Sales tool. :-)


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Mad Marketing #36: Thoughts on Great Speaking, Communication, and Engagement

October 6, 2014

Well it’s Podcast time again folks! And in this episode of The Mad Marketing Podcast we cover a variety of topics, including: What my trip to Copenhagen Denmark taught me about Danish culture, speaking to a “shy” audience, and the wisdom of Jay Baer Thoughts on attending “Business Gets Personal” where Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Ramsey, and [...]

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Mad Marketing 35: Getting Content Marketing Buy-In and Martha Stewart’s Keynote Bust

September 23, 2014

Well, it’s podcast time again folks! After traveling to conferences these past few weeks and reflecting on what I’m seeing throughout the marketing industry, I wanted to discuss in this episode a variety of subjects, but mainly the power of words (messaging) and how it can dramatically impact your business. Furthermore, we’ll discuss: Getting buy [...]

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Mad Marketing 34: SEO, Train Rides, and More

August 25, 2014

Well, it’s podcast time everyone and as always, this episode ended up have a great mix of education, laughs, and some typically random thoughts from yours truly. I think you’re going to love this episode and as always, if you have questions for the podcast simply contact me here. In fact, here are a few [...]

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Mad Marketing #33: The Power of Simplicity in Everything

August 4, 2014

Well, it’s podcast time everyone, as the newest episode of The Mad Marketing Podcast is here! In this fast and furious episode, I’ll be discussing: -Why Guardians of the Galaxy was AWESOME…plus a personal Star Lord comparison (sorry, you’ll have to see the movie to understand that one ) -How all great things in marketing [...]

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Mad Marketing #32: Legacy, Leadership, and Staying Way Ahead of the Competition

July 18, 2014

Hello everyone! It’s podcast time again which means your drive to work just got a lot quicker with a few more smiles hopefully mixed in as well. In this episode, I’ll be riffing away on a variety of subjects, including: Lebron James’ example of how one man can change through personal development and what that [...]

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Mad Marketing #31: Passionate Reflections on Family, Social Media, and Professional Speaking

July 3, 2014

Well it’s that time again everyone! In this episode of The Mad Marketing Podcast, I riff away on my personal thoughts regarding: The outpouring of support over my daughter’s health issues What it truly means for a business to be “social.” How to get your speaking career started Upcoming Marketing and Sales Conferences, including: Content [...]

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