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Learning Inbound Marketing with Mark Kilens

In todays interview we get to talk with Mark Kilens from HubSpot about education, HubSpot, Inbound, and learning as you work.

Mark shares with us why HubSpot has a major focus on education. How it ties back to their three pillars of delighting their customers. We talk about how companies that have products or services should also have an education arm of their business.

( Yes that means you! )

We share how with education you can transform how people do business with your company.

Mark walks us through how the idea of “HubSpot education for customers” started with Content Camp and is now transformed into the HubSpot Academy, Inbound, and so much more.

You can connect with the HubSpot Academy on Twitter if you have questions.

Learning Inbound as you Work

We spend a good amount of time talking about how to learn inbound marketing while you work. The secret to this is by using the new projects tool set from HubSpot.

The great thing about these projects, they can be implemented no matter if you use HubSpot or not.

We also talk about:

  • The Inbound Conference
  • Transforming lives through education
  • Best ways to learn Inbound and HubSpot
  • The Inbound Methodology

A couple quotes I love from this interview are:

“Keep it simple” ~ Mark Kilens

“You can forget what you learned, but you can’t forget what you understand” ~ Chris LoDolce

No matter if you are a HubSpot user or not you will get a ton of value during this interview. Mark makes sure to share both HubSpot users and non-users tactical ideas.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions about the best way to learn Inbound and HubSpot.

What’s Next

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