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In today’s interview we get to do a deep dive into the HubSpot social media tool. HubSpot’s very own Lars Osterberger  talks with us about what makes the HubSpot tool different than options like HootSuite and Buffer.

We also look at the 3 main areas of the social media tool:

  • Publishing
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Yep, you read that last bullet point right, you can start to measure your social media ROI (return on investment) with the tool.

We also get a chance to chat about some social media best practices, some exciting things coming in the future with the social tool and the HubSpot CRM.

A couple best practices you want to focus on are:

  • Publish consistently to your community
  • Be quick to respond to interaction
  • Seek out influencers in your industry

If you want to dig in deeper to your social media strategy to make it more efficient and profitable, then this video might help you with future business decisions.

Or at least help you know if you would use the HubSpot social tool.

Enjoy! Remember no one cares that you had pizza with goat cheese on it. : )



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