The Value Of CEO Buy-In, Content that Teaches, & The HubSpot COS {Interview}

by George Thomas

The Value Of CEO Buy-In, Content that Teaches, Measuring Results, & The HubSpot COS

By George Thomas

In this interview I get a chance to talk to Sean Farrell from Quality Data I wanted to highlight Sean because I felt like many small to medium sized businesses could connect with his journey. By watching the video, my guess is you’ll relate to the struggles Sean has dealt with and hopefully find some inspiration in his thoughts.  Mainly though, our discussion is centered on this issue: How do you transform a static brochure-style website, a sales force and an entire company into a teaching and lead generating machine?

Sean shares how CEO buy-in affected his entire team. He opens his analytics up to the TSL viewers and reveals how in 5 months time,  they have gone from 250 visitors and no website leads per month to over 1,500 visits and 44 leads per month. Sean also talks about several components of the HubSpot tool that he has fallen in love with, as well as why he chose to put the Quality Data System website on the HubSpot COS.

Some other items we talk about are:

  • Changing how you sell
  • Educating yourself
  • Creating premium content
  • Figuring out what works and repeating it

Some of the people that Sean mentioned during this interview were Ian Altman, Jay Baer and our own Marcus Sheridan. Make sure you check out these guys if you are ready to rock your marketing like Quality Data Systems.

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