Chris Brogan, A-Listers, and the Reality of a Low Blogging Self-Esteem

by Marcus Sheridan

blogging self esteem189,438 Followers on Twitter

81 Klout Score

76,029 Subscribers to Feedburner

Yep, those are just a few numbers from Mr. Chris Brogan, one of the most successful ‘A-List’ bloggers in the world, and also a guy who suffers from a low self-esteem.

Don’t believe it? Yeah, I wouldn’t have imagined it myself. Heck, with numbers like that one would naturally assume Chris simply wakes up each morning and looks in the mirror to say, “Ahhh yes, another day of internet domination…” And how could he not with constant reinforcement of his words echoing off of every social media platform from here to the moon? But such is not the case folks.

Chris Keeps It Real

On Tuesday of this week, I wrote about the tendency that some ‘successful’ bloggers have to get too big for their britches, and thus allow the size of their communities to lead them to overestimate their importance in the grand scheme of things—a quality often referred to as ‘arrogance’ ;-) . Much to my pleasant surprise, Brogan read the article and left the following comment:

I do something quite different. I get into cycles of blogging sensitivity. I write very sensitively about things. I get very defensive. It happens about once every two months.

I have very low self esteem (working on it every day), and so I’m not one to think I’m all that and a bag of chips. I believe you earn your audience every day. And on days when I’m defensive and sensitive, that’s when I fail my audience.

I guess that’s what I’m doing differently that could be done better.

Yes, you did read that correctly—A guy who has been praised and read by hundreds upon thousands of people battles with a very low self-esteem. And even more interesting, Chris wasn’t too proud to admit it.

Impressive and real as it gets? Yeah, that would be a mild understatement.

A New Perspective

So impressive that I personally received a number of private emails from readers saying to the effect: “Wow, I had no idea Brogan suffered from a low self-esteem. I have a whole new perspective and respect for the guy.”

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to make Chris out to be some depressed guy who happens to be kinda famous in the online world. But what I am trying to say is that one of the most successful ‘A-list’ bloggers in the world is a normal person, just like you and me.

  • He takes criticism seriously.
  • He cares about each post.
  • And he clearly doesn’t want to fail his readers nor his clients.

 We’re All in the Same Boat

I talk to lots of bloggers and content marketers. Some are business owners scared to death to blog, but definitively understand that if they don’t get with the program, their business will be left behind.

Others are blogging for more personal reasons, maybe not for business success, but rather to share with the world what life has taught them. And do you know what? They’re scared too.

Heck, we’re all scared, intimidated, and unconfident at times when it comes to our writing ability. No one wants to mess up and look stupid. Even if we aren’t about subscribers and ‘likes’, we still have an inner need to do well—at least in our own eyes, if not the eyes of every person that crosses our way.

So this is my simple message today for every blogger out there:

You are not alone.

That’s right. Chris Brogan is right there with you. I’m there too. So are your peers. And by knowing this, maybe you can now just shrug off your worries and get on with being the best you can possibly be.

Your Turn:

Do you ever struggle with a ‘low blogging self-esteem’? How have you been able to overcome these issues and find success? Because this blog is purely based on the power of community, I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one, as each person’s words can truly make a difference.

PS: Why aren’t we friends on Facebook yet? C’mon, friend me before Google + takes over the world ;-)

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