How to NEVER Run Out of Blog Topics and Ideas Ever Again

by Marcus Sheridan

There is one question asked more than any other in the blogging/content marketing industry:

“How do I continually come up with new blog articles and ideas for my business?”

And being that I receive this question from readers maybe more than any other I get, I knew it was time to give the answer, and here it is:

Stop talking so much.

Start listening more.

That’s right, the answer isn’t Google.

Or some latest keyword tool.

The answer is found in listening to every question you’re ever asked from this day forward.

Whether it’s in an email.

Or on the phone.

Or face to face.

You get questions from prospects and clients all-day, every day.

So start listening.

Then write them down.

And then start answering.

If you do this, you’ll never look for another blog post again, as they’ll come looking for you.


***I intentionally made this my shortest post ever of TSL, mainly to make a point—We’re making this process of “blog topics” harder than it need be because we’ve forgotten our greatest source of information and inspiration—living, breathing, and thinking customers.

Agree? Disagree? Is it really as simple as I make it out to be? Speak your minds friends.

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