“Our company is spending way too much on Google Adwords and PPC each month.”

High PPC SpendingAlthough Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Adwords can be a profitable marketing strategy for some companies, it can also financially ruin others, especially as more and more competitors get involved in online bidding wars which drastically increases the cost to show up for your most important keywords—something that Google loves but frankly often ends up blowing marketing budgets out of the water.

Here at The Sales Lion, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, some of which were spending over 100k a month on pay per click campaigns before they started using our services.

More often than not, the reason why companies end up spending so much on PPC is because they can’t seem to get the organic search results they’re looking for—something that is a byproduct of a less than stellar SEO campaign that typically is using old-school search engine optimization methods instead of a more modern SCM (search content marketing) approach.

The reality to Pay Per Click is that it can be a very profitable and important part of an organization’s digital marketing campaign, but unless said organization can specifically measure the ROI (return on investment), money is often being wasted.

Here at TSL, our PPC goals with the companies we work with are generally as follows:

1. Increase traffic, leads, and sales through organic and/or social search results while decreasing the dependency on PPC for said traffic, leads, and sales—ultimately lowering the company’s Adwords/PPC budget and expenses.

2. Help organizations know the exact PPC cost for each visitor, lead, and sale (customer)—something that can only be achieved by using the right marketing software, something that goes well beyond simply using Google Analytics.

If your organization’s goals align with these services mentioned and you’d like to discuss this subject further, let us know today.