How Much Does a Content Marketing Consultant or Agency Cost?

marcusspeakingContent marketing has certainly exploded over the past few years and because so many businesses are just now “getting it” when it comes to the power of great teaching (online) to garner consumer trust, traffic, and sales– many folks are wondering how much a content marketing consultant costs, as well as what duties one might expect from said consultant.

Like any subject that is not a commodity, explaining general pricing guidelines for content marketing is no easy task, but based on our rates and the rates of many of our colleagues, we’ll do our best here to help you get at least a general feel for what to expect.

Potential Duties of a Content Marketing Consultant or Agency

Let’s start with the consultant’s duties for a second.  This is an incredibly vast area, but here are some potential offerings you might expect to see:

1. Content Marketing Workshops: For those consultants and agencies looking to establish a true “culture” within the organization of content marketers (employees that help teach the world about their industry through blogging, video, white papers, etc.) an initial workshop with the team is almost always necessary, especially if all employees are going buy-in and see the proper vision and understand “The Why” to content marketing, social media, etc. Generally speaking, these workshops go anywhere from a few hours to possibly a few days, and can start as low as a few thousand dollars and get easily in the 20-40k range if it’s an extended event.

Having become one of the premier leaders in the field of content marketing workshops over the past few years, we at The Sales Lion find that most businesses are best served with a 3-5 hour workshop with the main portion of the team (those that might be participating) and then another few hours with management to discuss the workshop’s results as well as other details for successful implementation. To read an extensive breakdown about the keys to a great content marketing workshop, read the following article: How to Give an Incredible Content Marketing Workshop that Gets Results

2. Social Media and Content Marketing Training of Key Staff (including Chief Content Officer): For a content marketing campaign to be very successful, it’s generally necessary that someone on staff is the main champion, leader, and organizer of the marketing efforts within this realm. Often times, this person doesn’t just “get” content marketing without some type of training that shows the ins and outs of such things as proper blogging strategies, video marketing, website conversion strategies, SEO elements, and many more duties.

3. Oversight of Content, Especially Blog: It’s always a great idea to have a second set of eyes outside of one’s industry to look at things like blog articles (and titles), videos, website pages, etc. to make sure each component of the content marketing efforts reach their potential.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising: Believe it or not, Pay Per Click (PPC) still has major value for many companies and should not be disregarded by any company until experimented with and carefully considered. When done right, a great PPC campaign works in fluid conjunction with a successful content marketing strategy.

5. Email Marketing Campaigns: Just as with PPC, email marketing is a MAJOR component of a great content marketing campaign, especially if it’s used to deliver blog articles, videos, etc. to potential and existing customers in such a way that it helps them progress further down the sales funnel.

6. General Web Design: Although most content marketers aren’t “web designers,” they should at least understand how a website’s pages have a drastic effect on consumer action and conversions. This also includes the development of landing pages and call-to-actions throughout the website and other digital copy.

7. Social Media Integration: As Jay Baer loves to say, “Content is  the  fire and social media is  the gasoline.” In some industries, where social is extremely prevalent (like retailers, restaurants, etc.), it’s important to align content and social together in a way that gets maximum results. In other industries, platforms like Twitter and Facebook may not be nearly as important, but this does not mean they shouldn’t be considered in the content marketing process.

8. Understanding Web Analytics: A great content marketing campaign is one that is tracked, followed, experimented with, and scrutinized when it comes to site analytics. This is necessary to show return on investment (ROI) and is also why web analytics beyond what Google offers is often times required. For example, many of our clients here at The Sales Lion are taught how to use HubSpot to measure their inbound and content marketing efforts and the true ROI of their work.

Actual web stats for the massive appliance retailer–Yale Appliance–located in Boston, Mass. After meeting with Marcus in 2012 and revamping their content marketing strategy, the website traffic, especially organic, exploded.

Cost of Retainers for Consultants/Agencies

As you can see from the list above (which could be much longer in fact), the duties of a content marketing consultant or agency can get pretty expansive, as well as the time it takes each week to properly perform these duties.

For most small to medium sized business, consultants/agencies on retainer generally run anywhere between 2-20k per month.

For larger organizations and enterprise businesses, the number is more like 5-50k per month.

Here at The Sales Lion, our clients generally range from 3-15k per month in terms of the monthly retainer cost– a number that is dictated by the extent of the scope of work and duties performed.

When all is said and done, as an organization that is considering bringing in outside help to market your business to greater heights you need to be able to answer (to the best of your ability) these two incredibly important questions:

1. Because we are not currently maximizing the internet and digital realm with content marketing, how much is this potentially costing our business?

2. If we embraced content marketing and truly did it well, what are the realistic results in terms of branding and bottom-line we might expect?

We can tell you that if you think hard about those two questions, your process of hiring a content marketing agency/ consultant will be much, much easier.

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