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As the first person who really started the movement of making content marketing a culture within organizations, Marcus Sheridan and his team at The Sales Lion work with businesses of all sizes in the following capacities:

In-House Content Marketing Workshops:

MarcusSpeaksIowa5If an entire organization is going to embrace content marketing and each employee is going to catch the vision of seeing themselves as a teacher/content producer, an in-house summit is a must to achieve maximum results. As the first person in the marketing industry to teach that “Yes, your employees can all produce content!” for the company’s marketing success, Marcus Sheridan will come to your organization and spend a day teaching the following principles:

  • What is content marketing and how does it affect a company’s ability to generate more business?
  • How do Google and the other search engines treat content and how does the average consumer shop/research online?
  • How can great content affect the company as a whole but also every employee individually?
  • How each employee can teach the world what it is they do, and the results that come with a teacher’s mentality.

With multiple case studies as to how this one event has literally changed entire company cultures and marketing success around the globe, this is one service you should strongly consider–Just read this amazing testimonial from the largest retailer of kitchen appliances in the entire northeast:

I’ve been blogging since 2007 with pretty decent results. Or so I thought. Our average post would garner anywhere from 200 to 500 views. I happened upon Marcus’ profile during a Hubspot seminar and figured I would call him. I really didn’t believe he would have that much teach me.  After the first hour of our first session I realized that I had been blogging, but not business blogging. There is a huge difference. Marcus teaches how to be found organically, how to properly engage your prospects and how to write a call to action to turn these prospects into customers.

The results speak for themselves. In December of 2011, we had 18,000 visitors to our website through organic (which is free by the way) search. In September of 2012, with 48,000 visitors from organic search just using Marcus’ business blogging techniques with an average post of 1000 views(and climbing).

We also had Marcus speak to the staff to infuse the idea of content marketing to the staff. Now everyone is a blogger. We blog 5 to 6 days a week and own the top three slots on Google for approximately 141 keywords. Our business in a highly competitive market is up about 15%.   We have also reduced marketing costs by approximately $500,000.

If you follow his plan, the culture of your company will change. You will evolve from shouting at people through advertising to advising them through strategic business blogging.  You will be amazed.


Steve Sheinkopf


Yale Appliance And Lighting

CCO Training

Are you looking to hire a CCO (Chief Content Officer)? Would you like to train them to be the best in their industry? The Sales Lion team can help.

This was a screenshot sent to Marcus Sheridan of Block Imaging’s web traffic after he assisted the company with an in-house content marketing workshop.

With the rise of Content Marketing and the incredible need for businesses large and small to embrace a clear and effective content marketing strategy, Marcus Sheridan has taken the principles he orginally applied to River Pools and now translated them into a system by which CCOs can achieve optimal results for their business.

General Content Marketing Consulting

Is your company’s blog producing little fruit? Is your website low on conversions? Are you finding SEO to be difficult?

If so, then The Sales Lion team can help, as Marcus Sheridan now teaches other businesses exactly how he created the most trafficked swimming pool website in the world as well as huge success with The Sales Lion blog. Furthermore, Sheridan has now worked with multiple other industries and sectors and seen tremendous results wherever he has assisted.

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