Mad Marketing #22: The Future of Content Marketing, Content Strategy, and More

by Marcus Sheridan


Mad Marketing PodcastWell it’s podcast time again my friends and as always, in this episode you’ll be guaranteed to get a fast-paced helping of marketing advice, smiles, and a dash of motivation to get your day going. In this episode, I discuss everything from my “Gluten Free” eating (and results), hosting my own event and what I learned, as well as the future of Content Marketing.

In the future, if you’d like a question of yours answered in another Mad Marketing podcast, please let me know!

Your Questions/Emails addressed in this episode


On 3.12.13 I discovered you on EOF podcast.

Since, I read the ebook, listened to 20 Mad Marketing podcasts.

Had an amazing chat with you on Skype on Wednesday.

On friday, I had a 3 hours meeting with a prospect that came to one of my conference.

At the end, he agreed to do a 3 hour workshop (time suggested by you) for $5k.

He accepted also a 6 months retainer for $2k per month.

Total: $17’000

You are directly responsible for this….

What can I say?

Man, you rock, you are doing good things for people.


ps: this happens to C students and action takers!


I read your recent blog….

The Tragedy of Third Party and Review Sites and How Content Marketing Can Fix It

My question is are you saying that by publishing enough content you could rank ahead of these huge review sites?

If yes…what are the steps to executing this?

From a search standpoint, you might rank for these critical keyword phrases (including those of your competition). This can ultimately lead to a mountain of qualified traffic, leads, and sales you never would have interacted with in the first place had you not thrown your hat in the content ring.


I’m already seeing MAJOR improvement in traffic to my site in the 2 weeks since I watched your Hubspot video and read your free ebook. I know I’m writing a crazed testimonial right now and I don’t care.

Avg visitors per week Dec 2013 = 414 (same old strategy)

Avg visitors per week Jan 2014 = 967 (new strategy)

Traffic MORE THAN DOUBLED in two weeks.

That’s after implementing the following:

  • Writing a list of top 100 questions
  • Requesting questions (as you do) from recent newsletter subscribers
  • Posting twice a week with those articles (FOUR so far)
  • Using my existing social media channels to promote the posts

Marcus. Seriously.

I have heard some of your ideas before, but our secret sauce is HOW you convey it. I am more motivated than I have EVER been to write about what I know, do it regularly, and be seen as THE educational resource for soulful organizing techniques.

I’m in a competitive market (Hello, Martha Stewart?!), and I am SO excited to see results so quickly. I have a promotion that launches mid-February and will see in the weeks leading up how this new strategy will impact sales.

All of this is a long, long way of saying thank you.


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