The 12 Magical Tenets of Content Marketing and Blogging Success

by Marcus Sheridan

content creation rules

Recently, my friend Seth Price from Placester contacted me with a simple offer:

“Marcus, let’s show others the content marketing strategies that you’ve talked about so much in a way that visually sticks…”

Finding the idea appealing, I gave Seth the green light after which he and his friends at Placester immediately worked their magic.

The following is a visual model of all the core tenets I espouse so fiercely here at The Sales Lion and with all our clients as well (To view each, just use the scrolling buttons on the site). I know each of these 12 tenets, if followed, get results– specifically by building your brand, increasing traffic and leads, and finally by generating a lot more customers.

For those of you that find it helpful, I’d be grateful if you shared it with your peeps. And if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below.

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