We hear a lot of talk about ‘personal brand’ all over the internet. And no doubt, we should. When it comes down do it, branding, or the way others perceive us, affects almost everything we do in life, be it personal or professional.

This being said, branding has always been something very, very important to me. The bottom line is I want to be known for something, I want to have a message, and I want others to know exactly what that message is.

Tapping into the Power of Video

As a whole, I think we’re all (at least those of us with blogs and businesses) want the same thing. We want folks to recognize our mission, our talents, and our worth. And more often than not, we completely lean on the words we write to transport that message to the world.

This, in my opinion, is selling ourselves short of the resources available to us, especially when it comes to the power of video.

What’s crazy to me is I look around the blogosphere and see people that have built pretty decent brands, large audiences, and are receiving speaking opportunities—yet most don’t even have a personal branding video. And for those that do, the video is average at best.

Some of you may remember an article I wrote a few months back entitled, “Blogging, Serendipity, and How I Met One of My Heroes”. In that post, I mentioned my love for West Virginia University, sports, and the voice of the Mountaineers (football and basketball)—Tony Caridi, who serendipitously had been reading my blog for quite some time as he is a Hubspot customer, trying to leverage the power of inbound marketing to take his video production company, Pikewood Creative, to the next level.

To make a long story short, I went to Tony’s company and worked with his staff on their Inbound Marketing, and Tony in-turn produced a video for me and The Sales Lion brand.

As promised then, here is the video, and I’m going to sincerely ask that if you’re reading this article to please take a few minutes to watch this. I doubt you’ve seen a personal branding video quite like this and it preludes everything we’re getting ready to talk about…


How to Create a Branding Video that Sells YOU (or your company)

The night Tony sent me the completed version of this video I emailed it to my 10 year old daughter Danielle and asked her to watch it. A few minutes later I got an excited phone call from my wife. She said:

“Oh my goodness! Danielle and I just watched the video and when it finished she was jumping up and down screaming, ‘My dad is so awesome, my dad is so awesome!’.”

Needless to say, those words gave me a huge smile. She had been moved by the video, touched in a proud and positive way. I’m sure she’ s naturally biased but that is still the type of emotion we want viewers to have when they get a chance to watch such a video.

So how is it done? How does a personal branding video go from being a simple visual clip to a moving expression of one’s unique mission and identity? Along with Tony’s help and input, I’ve come up with 2 essential keys:

The Power of Story

Many writers fail to properly use the power of story, especially personal ones, in their work. Most business also suffer from the same. This, my friends, is a huge error.

In speaking with Tony, ‘Story’ was the first word he mentioned with respect to creating powerful video for individuals and companies.  As he put it, “Everyone’s got one, you’ve just got to find it.”

This is why, when we shot the video, Tony asked me question upon question, many of which were similar in nature.

I later found out he was asking these questions because he was digging for the ‘Marcus Sheridan Story’, and after he and his producers went back and looked at the clips, they knew exactly what the story was that needed to be told– from struggling pool guy to Sales Lion to Speaker/Teacher of Inbound Marketing.

Amateur vs. Professional:

In 2006, before I even knew what inbound marketing was, I had a professional video made of our swimming pool installation process, our company, our customers, etc. To say the video was above and beyond anything anyone had ever done in the fiberglass swimming pool industry would be an understatement. It was easily 10 years ahead of the competition and since its production on DVD, we’ve sent it out to about 3000 prospective customers over the years.

Without question, the DVD made many, many sales on its own. It’s quality shocked people and looking back, that was the first time I truly embraced the power of ‘content’ without even knowing what I was doing.

Oh, and did I mention the video cost me about $35,000? Yeah, back then that was a lot of money. But again, it was worth every penny.

And so it is with personal branding videos. For quite some time, I’ve had a video of me giving a seminar on the side column of this blog. Although this video shows good content and has lead to speaking opportunities, it by no means screams of ‘high end’ production. And because I frankly want to speak to millions of people before it is all said and done, I knew such a video, although a ‘start’, was clearly not the end goal.

As Tony pointed out, these days, because technology has allowed each and every one of us to be photographers and videographers, many people think they are pros when they are not, thus preventing their visual branding from reaching its full potential.

Although I’m a huge advocate of Average Joes and Janes ‘just doing it’ when it comes to writing blogs or producing video, I do feel that there is a time and place to let an expert be an expert. Does it cost a lot more to do it this way? Yes, of course, but the potential monetary gain is also more than worth it in almost every case.

As Tony said, “You can go to the grocery store and buy a really nice steak for $30 and cook it yourself…or you can go to a 5-star restaurant and have Bobby Flay cook it for $400.Which one do you think is going to be most memorable?”

Good point Tony.

The video above has hours and hours worth of editing that went into it. There were two cameras, recording at different levels, during the shoot. The dancing caricatures were completely the idea of Tony and Pikewood, as were the typing scenes, music, pace, etc.

Bottom Line: All I did was talk, and then I sat back and let the artist paint the picture.

Take Your Brand to Another Level

Hopefully you see where I’m coming from with this. Branding is huge. It can make or break your successes as a blogger and/or business owner. And because of this fact, the time for you to embrace the power of video is now. If you can only afford to do something yourself, then do it. If you can afford to do something professional, even though it might be a financial stretch, then by all means make it happen.

But embrace video. Tell us about you. Tell us your story. What you are is special, and it’s about time the world understood that a little better, don’t you think?

 Your Turn:

Let’s talk about video and branding. What’s been your experience with video? Has is affected your company? Have you used it as a branding tool? What have been your observations? And finally, if you’re not yet on the video train, why the heck not??  ;-)

Have a great week everyone!

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91 thoughts on “How to Create an Incredible Personal Branding Video that Sells YOU

  1. That is the *BEST* video I have seen on branding – it surpasses all scales of poise, style, sharpness, connecting with your audience, and coming across extremely sincere. Love it, Marcus. GREAT job! Will you do mine too? ;)!

    • You are the kindest lady on the planet Farnoosh! And considering all those awesome videos of yours out there, I’m honored and humbled by your words.

      Heck, maybe we could figure out a way to do one together at some point, ehhh? :-)

      Thanks again for all,


  2. Marcus,

    I know you hate commentors now because they don’t make you money (kidding) but I have to say I’m very impressed by what you have been doing. You are a storyteller… It’s a gift and I’m glad you’re willing to share it.


    Ryan H.

    • Ryan, thanks for this man and that super kind video of yours as well. What a guy you are!

      The art of ‘storytelling’ is something I’m sure I’ll be talking more and more about in the future, because you’re right, it is the driving key behind just about all of my success.

      Have a great rest of your Monday brother,


  3. Awesome video buddy!
    The quality, the ‘story’ which was scripted in the way it was shot, great production work.

    One of the first corporate videos I did was for my outdoor coaching company. They filmed the events we staged for corporations and then I sent it to the local news channels. I made sure they edited in a way that it didn’t look like an ad.
    This is exactly what you did here with yours. I would like a distribution channels beyond TSL for it :)

    • Hahaha John, I’m with you man.

      Glad you liked it bud. But the main reason why I made it is because I see you doing all this stuff on your end, and you keep getting a leg-up on me, so I hadn’t to get an edge somehow ;-)

      Thanks for all the support brother,


  4. Nicely executed, Marcus! Good work like this takes time and effort, and it definitely shows.

    • No doubt about that my friend. Great work does take time and effort. I think sometimes we forget this. ;-)

      Talk soon,


  5. Thanks for this Marcus. I feel like you are talking to me. Again. Ha! The video is fantastic. quality content and beautifully produced. As always, I appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge. As you know, I want to get on the speakers circuit and share my passion for the CARE Movement and my story. I have been considering video, and l have to do my own (scary) for now, but I know how important branding is and more importantly, I have a story that needs to be shared.

    Congratulations on all your success. You are one of the good guys.

    Thanks again brother, for your support, encouragement and inspiration.


    • Mr. Al, my friend, you’re always so kind. :-)

      Glad you liked the vid brother and now I’m just looking forward to seeing yours. ;-)

      Keep believing buddy,


  6. Beyond story you need calls to action.

    We don’t want to have a branding video that says ‘oh gee, that’s nice.’ what we want is a video that gets people to trust us with the next step.

    1 – to take a free trial _________.

    2- to learn more.. ________

    Finally, we have to respect time of people. In a sales environment, 60-90 seconds is about what people will give you. This is informed by 1,000,000+ vies a month across our products.

    If you guys are thinking of doing this, I put together a script writing guide.

    http://simplifilm.com/writing-software-demo-script/ this is best practices that are, again, informed by millions of views a month across many products.

    • Nice Chris, good points and thanks for putting that out there man!

      Have a great one,


  7. WOW Marcus! I am impressed. Your story is inspiring, your sincerity is obviously genuine, and the production of the video is outstanding.

    Congrats on all your success and on this video. You are going to soar even higher…I can feel it! :) Enjoy the ride.

    • Thank you Joanne!! I smile just reading your comment :-)

      Have a wonderful rest of your week,


  8. Nice work, Marcus. I was at the seminar in Boston featured in this video, so naturally I kept looking for myself. I’m not in the footage, but I’m still able to appreciate how powerful a marketing tool a video can be.

    At that seminar you talked about just going out there and shooting a video. I think I can do marginally better with iMovie than just the typical ShakyCam home video, but your work has inspired me to think bigger. At least when I net some more clients with all the inbound marketing I’m now doing as a result of having seen your roadshow!

    • Hahaha, so glad you were there Laura, and next time I’ll tell my video job not to miss you!! ;-)

      But thanks so much for your kind words and keep up with that ‘thinking big’…it will take you places!

      Have a great week Laura,


  9. Mark Mathson

    Great video Marcus! It is a personal branding video unlike many others that I see, in a positive way. The Pikewood Creative team did a great job.

    • Really kind of you Mark! Yeah, Pikewood does some pretty high level stuff. Without question, a saw a whole other side of video I never knew.

      Have a great week my friend,


  10. Really liked it, especially how you it just felt very frictionless. Just you and your story. It wasn’t overloaded with pitch. I do see what Chris is saying above. I don’t think an over the top sales pitch would fit in this kind of a video, but a little clarity as to why they would be contacting you would go a long way.

    Other than that, it is really spot on and the tone felt perfect for you. Also love the idea of letting the expert be the expert and trusting in your videographer. Something we all don’t do often enough…

    • ‘Frictionless’…Hmm Michael, like that word man, thanks. I think balance in a vid like this is tough. You don’t want to be overly pitchy. You want it to ‘feel good’. But, like you said, people need to know what you’re all about.

      Cheers brother, hope you have an awesome week and sell loads of jewels ;-)


  11. Consider myself convicted. I published a post about adding a video component to my online presence today, but I’ve been thinking about the idea for a few months. I guess your post is the final nail in the coffin. :) No, I can’t afford a professional video like the one you have – it’s very good – but I can start small and move toward that.

    • Awesome Erin :-) And yes, you can start small and move toward that. Just the fact that you’re willing to take the next step with this important medium says a lot about you as a person and professional.

      Keep believing and keep pushing my friend. :-)


      (No go get to work on that video!)

  12. Now… this is something I’ve already done! ;) however, I never thought of it as personal branding I thought I was just allowing people to see me! Love, love, love the new video!

    • Beith, I gotta tell ya, and I’m not exaggerating about this, but your personal brand video (that is what it is btw ;-) ) is one of the best I’ve seen online. For a ‘newer’ blogger, the fact that you came right out the gates with that thing is stinking AWESOME, and it alone was the reason why I called you that day…guess your smile just made it impossible not to! ;-)

      Thanks again,


      • Thanks Marcus. I hope that smile draws you back, as today I posted my first every video blog! Yikes! :)

  13. Love the video Marcus!

    And equally, I love the content behind this post. I wasn’t sure where you were going to take it, and I think you covered this topic perfectly man.

    I’ve never done anything with video or branding. *BUT*, it’s something that I have on the list for both HN and Growth Effect. Why? Because I’ve formed an expectation to see video myself. I want to see people speak about what they have to offer. I want to feel their passion, understand their commitment, and just get a very personal spin on things.

    That video showed your sincerity in what you do. It made me feel comfortable because I could get a great feel for who you are and what you stand for. That dang video captured so much, and attracted me to want to learn more.

    Great stuff Marcus. Absolutely great stuff my friend.


    • Thanks for the kind words brother, as always. I’m gonna be honest with you my man—the time has come for Mr. Allen to unleash the video fury with his brand…something you’ve done as well as anyone online in my opinion. So just do me a favor and keep me informed as to how it goes for you. If you’re anywhere as talented with video as you are with graphics and design, you’ll crush it!!

      Talk soon,


  14. Hey Marcus,

    I forgot to get my dose of The Sales Lion today, until Al Smith told me you had such a great post up. Wow, talk about production value! I’m really, really working on narrowing my theme and honestly struggling a bit, but seeing your video, and reading your post is a big help in this area. Maybe visualizing a video for myself, ha ha :) that’s way off, man, but thinking about a theme in this context is the help I needed today. Pikewood did a great job with this. Seamless editing and a tightly-packaged storyline. I wonder if my wife can do the same thing with our flip cam? :)

    Seriously, have been considering video. I’m in my 40s, so I’ll need to cover up the wrinkles, put on some weatherman makeup, and maybe don a toupee. What do you think?

    Thanks, Sir.

    • We can keep each other accountable! I’m heading down the video route, too. I think I may be a few steps ahead of you, but I’m sure you’ll catch me soon. :)

    • What do I think? I think you need to get that flip cam ready my friend! :-)

      Here is the thing Craig—If you want to get speaking engagements, this is a must. No way around it. For me, everything started to really happen when I began using more and more video on this site. And now I suspect the pace will pick up even more with this.

      So get recording brother!! :-)


      • I’ll start small like Erin. It might get a chuckle or two at first, but a kid’s gotta start somewhere, eh? Thanks, Marcus.

        • Craig, who cares about chuckles man. Some of my old videos are so bad I look like a dead man. Seriously. You’ve got to start somewhere, and if you want to speak, video is bigger than text in my opinion. Good luck bud, and I’m here to help.


          • Thanks for the offer, I just might take you up on that ;)

  15. Not a word of a lie Marcus, but this is your best ever post for me. Stunning quality, superb topical content, great advice, and a majorly produced video. You’ve gone to the next level bud!! It’s s favourite of mine as I teach the concept of ‘My Story’ in my sports motivation work – it’s where everything stems from; the reasons, meanings, desires, and the dreams. It’s also the ‘why’ they’re working so hard. The story in business is just as powerful – it shows that good old human side and your credentials for what you do. And video makes it more intimate, as if you’re talking to each person individually, a private session. It brings us to customers minds, their trusts, and their hearts. Branding is one thing, but emotional connection is oh so more.

    • This makes me so very, very happy to hear John. :-)

      It is all about story, isn’t it? Now it’s just time to show yours even more my friend. ;-)

      Cheers to you sir!


  16. Marcus, I’m seriously impressed with the video. I know personally how hard it is to do a good job with that sort of thing (I just spent about $1,000 on inputs to assemble a trailer for our new book myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLC12qx7keE – and I’m not thrilled with the outcome), and yours just knocks it out of the park!

    Next time, I think I’ll just go straight to the guys who made yours. :)

    • Great point Danny. In so many ways it falls on the shoulder of the expert. For me, all I did with this was sit on a chair and speak to Tony for about 30 minutes. The rest was the magic of him and his staff. And that’s what we pay the experts for–their vision, their art.

      Keep rockin brother, you’re doing things right.


      • Or, alternatively, if you don’t have access to an expert, just stick with your strengths, and don’t try to over-reach; I threw something else together in an afternoon for $70 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YOH-t2Ar5k), and I think it’s a whole lot better than my $1,000 trailer!

  17. Marcus – I have learnt a good deal from you the past few weeks/months – and I am going to take forward these into my next job/role… So cheers. I enjoy Inbound innovation already but I see now how much further we can go….

    If you have not seen my own Online Video Resume – then here it is – http://www.moviecom.tv/niccartwright

    • Thanks Nic, I really appreciate that man!!

  18. Nice work with the video dude….really nice. Good work :-)

  19. This is a fantastic representation of branding! The video speaks volumes about your journey and is something I will think a lot about when developing my own personal brand.

    In the last few months, in reading your blog and those of others I have learned a lot and am thankful that you are here to share your knowledge and insights with all of us. Thanks.

    • Awesome Anthony! So glad you got something out of this man and hope you’re able to apply a couple of these principles to your brand as well.

      Have an awesome week bud,


  20. Great video Marcus. There comes a time where it’s worthwhile spending some money and letting an expert do their stuff. I think there’s a myth that just because technology makes some tools more accessible, that we’ll be able to get the same results with those tools as an expert would.

    I’m a guitarist and do some home recording. Sometimes I’ll program a drum part or record a bass line myself, but when I get my drummer or bass playing friends involved, the things they come up with a far greater than anything I can do.

    Your video is proof that getting an expert involved not only saves time, but can lead to a far greater end result. And I like the way you both helped each other out – you helped with with marketing and he did the video.

    Finally, you tell some great stories in the video. They’re easy to understand, support your message, and stay in the memory after the video is finished.

    Well done.


    • Wow Allan, what a great comment my friend.

      Yes, although we can do more than ever with technology, there is nothing better than letting an expert be an expert.

      As for the stories, I do appreciate that as well. I wanted this thing to be ‘real’, so others could relate, and I think we met that goal.

      Again, really am grateful for you stopping by Allan,


  21. Hi Marcus!

    I saw this on FB before I saw it here, so now the pressure is on for me to say something different. I really liked what I said on FB tho. Drat. Social Media fatigue, blah blah blah.

    Oh, I know. I’ll reference something I said over on Olivier Blanchard’s post but a short while ago. To wit – and this may be corny – I really enjoy the opportunity to hear peoples’ voices (that aren’t in my head) and see people like, moving and in 3D and stuff. Although I love interacting with folks like you online, it can get sort of onliney after awhile. There’s no facial expression, no tonality, that hints at what a person is really like. So, I’m delighted you made this video not only because it’s a fabulous representation of your dedication and passion but also because I get to see a glimpse of what Marcus is like beyond the computer.

    It’s a nice change of pace.

    Also, the video still rocks.

    • You actually make a really great point here Margie—we don’t ‘mix it up’ enough. Video is great. Video with good conversation is even better. Hopefully this video will, as you mentioned, help folks really get a better feel for me and what I’m all about. Guess we’ll see. ;-)


  22. Spectacular video, Marcus! Great job, brother.

    • Awww man, thanks bud. Appreciate that plus all that other awesome support you’ve been giving me for over 18 months on here Eric….BTW, you may be the longest standing reader on TSL…did you know that?? ;-)

      • Nah, no way. You’re the man when it comes to smart marketing and sharing your knowledge through blogging, so there have to be a few lurkers that have been around for a while ;-)

        Also, I saw you’re keynoting Marketing Sherpa. Way to go!

        • Thanks man. I’m just a little pumped to be doing that one. ;-) And talk about diversity, Solis has an IQ of 190 and I have an IQ of 54. Should be interesting viewing!

  23. Hey Marcus, That video is awesome. You are a true champion with words. Please do not reply to this message as it will surely take away from the time that is needed to write more content. I hope you will get paid a commission on every Pikewood Creative video made through your visitors here on the Sales Lion. Maybe he should have something on his site like Mention “The Sales Lion” and receive 200 off your first video production. 100 to you and 100 to the end consumer. Where can i sign up? You always told me “price isn’t nice”. But I will tell you “Free is not for Me”. Capitalize my friend your worth every penny. Keep up the great work.

    • Hahaha, you’re awesome Mark, and I appreciate that.

      And btw, I’ve looked at the link you sent me and will be calling you via phone tomorrow….I promise. ;-)


  24. Hey Marcus. Great topic and great video. Very subtle items in there. Savvy. So rather than kiss your butt on how sexy you look there let me answer your questions :)

    Q. What’s been your experience with video?

    For me video has worked great. I’ve done a lot of unscripted how-to and interview stuff that people have responded really well to (shared, subscribed, commented on). I love video and actually it’s pretty easy to do with a webcam (or a Mac) and simple editing software like Camtasia or my favorite ScreenFlow. If you’re going to be a piece that’s truly meant to get you business I agree that money needs to be spent on it.

    Q. Has is affected your company?

    Yes. Because I am in Thailand (as I write this comment) and can’t meet people in person, which is best, video is the next best thing for making in-person sales and making connections with people.

    Q. Have you used it as a branding tool? What have been your observations?

    I put my company name on everything I do. Actually at a meetup here in Thailand I had someone come up to me and say “I’ve seen you before. Oh yeah, on YouTube!” My reaction was, “WTF? That’s freaking awesome.” Happy days.

    • Robert, loved this response man, it’s awesome what you’ve been doing with vid man, and I love your screencasts, as they’re completely helpful to dopes like me :).

      BTW, and I know we’ve talked about this some, but you’ve really got some great momentum going right now man. Love watching it from my end. :-)


  25. I have never done any videos for my sites, but I know days for their absence is numbered.

    Great story and video production. Really love the way you protrayed your success in marketing with the story of the guy with many girls to choose from to dance during prom night. You really have a great way to break down complex problems.

    Cheers Marcus

    • That’s right Jimmy, just hit record brother!

      Appreciate the super kind words!


  26. Marcus, Great job. It really tells the story of your journey and of the inbound marketing movement well. I have watched you throughout my time using Hubspot and I am always impressed with how you have taken a tool and turned it into a passion. Well done and keep on inspiring us to continue our efforts as well. We did our first company video almost seven years ago and it still resonates today. Well worth the effort.

    Best wishes

    • Thrilled to know that what I’m doing is helping Lee. That’s simply awesome words my friend. :-)


  27. Hey Marcus, I really enjoyed your video! It was great to hear you tell your story in your own words, and it made me instantly understand what you’re all about and what you can bring to an event as a speaker. I hope the video brings you tons of speaking leads – I have a feeling it will. :)

    • That’s so very kind of you Carmen! Yes, I’m sure this video will benefit me for many years to come. Heck, it has been less than a week and it’s already working some major magic. :-)

      Thanks so much for all your support Carmen,


  28. I got chills…

    The video is awesome.

    Great stuff Marcus

    • Thanks brother, appreciate that man. :-)

      BTW, I’m going to do a video interview with you at some point in the near future…just so you know. ;-)

      • That would be awesome. Anytime, anyplace…let me know.

        Thanks Marcus!

  29. Wow – that video was inspiring. It looks so simple and I like how the video captured some of the words and made you look like you cared. I can tell that you were doing something meaningful and pulling from your heart. Your video guy really captured the essence that you cared. The entire time I was wondering how I can do the same thing about my self defense business as well.

    Awesome work, Marcus! And thanks for creating this site. I look forward to learning from your post.

    • Oh my goodness Elmer, you could do amazing things with video. In fact, if you don’t embrace video right away you’ll seriously regret it, because you have a visual product that people need to see. They need to see your students in action, and how your classes have benefited their lives, and the different things that are taught, etc.

      Get that flip cam ready!! :-)


  30. Marcus – That is a great video! Tony’s company did a great job of distilling your key messages and allowing you to tell your story. Congrats on getting that done.

    • Thanks Tom! Really appreciate that man, Tony knows what the heck he’s doing, that’s for sure.

      Cheers bud,


  31. Really, my favorite line is “so much daggum traffic.” That made me lol. Kudos, on a job well done Marcus. Looking forward to seeing you “bring it” in LA! :)

    • “Daggum’ is such a masterful word, isn’t it Marlee? ;-)

      Prepare yourself to laugh a whole lot next week lady!


  32. Marcus…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Your video is warm, heartfelt and authentic. I needed a little motivation today. Getting a little overwhelmed adding HS to my companies service offerings. I just might be reaching out to you for some coaching.

    • Hey Tommy! So great to hear from you man and I’m thrilled you liked the video and is has given you that little nudge. Regarding HS, try not to get overwhelmed. One piece of content at a time man…oh, and make sure you read my eBook so you don’t make the same mistakes I made! ;-)

      Have a great one bud, I’m here if you need anything.


      • Thanks Marcus. I think I have the ebook somewhere, just haven’t read it yet! I signed onto HS as a VAR in July, looking to add inbound marketing services to my design and web dev business. Just getting my footing with it from a sales perspective.

        Been blogging about once a week, it’s getting easier as I find my voice, twitter following is building a bit. Yes, one piece of content at a time…

  33. Awesome video about one of my all-time favorite stories!

    The video-interview I did with you in Atlanta is a beautiful example of how a very low-end production can be extremely effective as long as the story is intriguing and presents the viewer with true value. High-end production doesn’t mean anything, if the material/story behind it sucks.

    I often use video in my content marketing. I find it especially suitable for presenting optimization cases. My video blog posts usually get most comments, and I think it has partly to do with the personal experience my viewers have when hearing my real voice, and feeling the enthusiasm that I simple cannot hide ;-)

    My experience is, however, that while people generally react very well to video, there is a clear group that despise video with every fiber of their body. So I’ve try to have copy and video complement each other – e.g. so the video expands on subject matter presented in short form via the copy…

    – Michael

    • Michael, great stuff man. You know, I’ve done a ton of interviews over the last year, but the one with you and me was my favorite, I guess because we simply sat back and talked man…and just let the content do its thing.

      Regarding video vs text, you’re exactly right man. I always try to have a mix. Frankly, many people just won’t watch video, as they feel it takes too much time, but the ones that do are very, very serious learners/customers/etc.

      We’ve got to teach the textual, and the visual learners.

      Great stuff bud,


  34. I feel very special. You know why. #thatisall

  35. Awesome! I love the high school prom analogy.
    Good production value on the video too. Loved it! I get a better sense of who you are now, even though I enjoyed your Webinar chez Gini a month ago or so.

    • Hey Jon, really appreciate you taking a moment to stop by here and tell me your thoughts on the video. Very kind of you!!

      Have a nice weekend,


  36. Marcus – working for a company in the film and broadcast space, video is a driving force in what we do.

    Story telling is a vital component to ones brand essence. A good script is essential in carefully conveying your core message.

    More importantly, your story must be genuine. Your brand personality must build throughout the story. This video you produced is a perfect example.

    Knowing you personally, the ‘Marcus Sheridan” brand resonates throughout the story in a very effective manner. This in turn, leverages your credibility and trust that I can account to.

    Fantastic job my friend!

    • Hey my man, I appreciate you saying this. The more I learn about the power of content, the more I see ‘story’ being the centerpiece of really everything. Being it video, blogging, whatever—the power lies within the story. That’s what people buy.

      Thanks, as always, my friend.

      Talk soon,


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