Does your website create rocking relationships with clients? Seriously….If it doesn’t, and it’s B-O-R-I-N-G like most of your competitors, then all it takes is a few simple additions and tweaks to instill personality and a face into your company’s brand.

In this video, which is one of likely many to show in the coming weeks, I get all jazzed up about how to create powerful relationships with clients and customers long before you meet them for the first time. So take off your reading glasses for a second, prop up your legs, and let’s have a little fun…….


12 thoughts on “How to Create Rocking Web Relationships that Sell!: A Video Post from The Sales Lion

  1. Dia

    Hi Marcus,

    Very nice video! I agree with you that customers do need to know about who we are. We have to create a personal relationship with them. Adding photos of ourselves is crucial for sure. Thanks for sharing
    .-= Dia´s last blog ..Time management =-.

    • Dia, thanks so much for stopping by man, and thx also for watching the vid. Hope we chat again!

  2. Ed Frushon

    I also agree with you completely . I have been trying to get our owners to do exactly what you are stating for a while now but hopefully watching this video will convince them that it is very important! Thanks so much for the AWESOME tips and insight into todays “New Normal” in retail selling. I am already looking forward to next year’s convention!

    • Thrilled to hear you got so much out of the convention Ed. The stuff works, no question about it. Just takes action and persistence. Good luck in making this change happen for your business!

  3. Building relationships online is critical. Email follow ups with valuable info helps create these relationships. Blogs are also excellent. Having made my living online 100% for the past 10 years, I know firsthand how important this is.


    • Dang Mike, you’re kind of a pioneer if you’ve been doing this 100% for 10 years. A big hats-off to you and I’m sure by this point you’ve built up a huge amount of momentum. Awesome brother. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great post Marcus. It’s incredible the relationships we are able to form with blogs and social media.
    .-= Kyle Clouse´s last blog ..64 Ideas for a Press Release =-.

    • When I look at the internet Kyle, I think maybe the greatest thing it has done for society is that of helping the masses promote and create relationships that they otherwise would not have achieved. With a blog, I can actually connect with people and minds that work just like me….which is tremendous and motivating.

      Hope to see you again Kyle.

  5. Wow, man you born to do this stuff! There is definitely a HUGE change going on with internet marketing and having all of these mediums for us to use at our fingertips. We are just at the tip of the iceberg right now with all of this. The businesses that are going to make it are going to be the ones that personalize their website and use Social Media and Blogging to build an online presence. Can I forward this video on to our Regional Sales Mananger for Calspas? You are one heck of a teacher my man!!

    • Awww shucks Jason, thanks man ;-)

      You are very right though my friend. Major change is happening right now, and anyone that embraces this change to the fullest will dominate the niche.

      And of course you’re welcome to use any video I ever make in any way you’d like.

      Thanks again for the kind words man. :-)

  6. Awesome. This was the first video I’ve watched of you, and I had no idea you had such enthusiasm. When I think of public speaking, I just picture someone giving a speech up at the podium. I really love your approach MUCH better.

    Great video,

    .-= Christina Crowe´s last blog ..How Reading without Action Can Make Your Business Suffer =-.

    • Well thank you Christina! I never feel like someone really knows ‘me’ until they watch me teach….Yeah, I’m a pretty enthusiastic guy ;-)

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