Important Definitions:

Inbound Marketing: The process of attracting customers to you versus the old-school method of interruption (aka Outbound Marketing). Instead of using mediums like radio, print, TV, direct mailers, etc. — you instead create powerful content and strategies, through the use of blogs and social media, to attract qualified leads to your website and business.

Content Marketing: Very similar to inbound marketing, but the process of using informational blog posts, videos, etc to teach consumers, thus earning the trust of search engines and customers, ultimately resulting in more business and sales.

Inbound Marketing Made EasyDear Marcus,
I was steered toward Hubspot by a copywriter that I work with and stumbled across your Sales Lion page while looking for reviews about the site.  I’m still not sure about Hub Spot, but I downloaded your ebook a couple of hours ago and I’m blown away.  And now I understand why I have been hearing blog, blog, blog for so long.  It is so blatantly obvious now….uggggh, the time I’ve wasted.
I used to think (3 hours ago) that I was a good writer and put out some interesting newsletters and occasional blogs, but you’ve opened my eyes to a whole different level of blogging and writing.  More importantly, I see that I was missing the whole point behind the strategy. 
Sheen Fischer
EPA Certified Renovator

2011 Chrysalis Award Winner

A Labor of Love

For 4 solid years, I’ve been writing here on The Sales Lion about my journey from pool guy/web dummy to successful inbound marketer. During this time and over the course of a few hundred articles, I’ve shared every ‘secret’, strategy, and tip that I could think of. And now, instead of business owners and inbound marketers going back through the archives and trying to find the most critical articles in their field, I’ve produced a FREE eBook, that also includes new content, and is one of the most comprehensive ever written on this subject. By reading this eBook, you will:

  • Learn how to dominate your competition through blogging
  • Discover easy strategies to come up with tons of awesome content, quickly and effectively
  • Gain a clear knowledge of ‘SEO’ and how content and blogging can garner visitors to your site
  • Find out how to use content as a powerful sales tool
  • Understand how to leverage the power of YouTube and Video for your business
  • Read my thoughts and tips on all things HUBSPOT
  • Receive my monthly Inbound Marketing Newsletter
  • And much, much more

Sound like a good deal? Well then stop going about inbound and content marketing the hard way and start reading! (Oh, and if you have any questions or comments regarding the book, please don’t hesitate to let me know!!)

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  1. Bruce


    How can I download the eBook? The link is broken. I’m also a current subscriber.

  2. Bruce,

    I will email this to you. Sorry for the inconvenience — we’ll get this up and running soon. I appreciate you letting us know of the problem.


    • Bruce

      No worries – and thank you. The eBook looks interesting.

      • Bruce,

        I just sent it to you. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you don’t receive it.

        Best to you,


  3. Maureen

    How can I load the e-Book?
    I am just beginning to learn about how to use social media for my business and saw your web site. It looks like a great resource for a beginner.


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