Bangor Maine downtown

5:00pm Thursday August 8th: I find myself walking the streets of Bangor Maine this evening, musing at the magic that brought me to this spot ( a little blog about a Lion) and taking a moment to soak it all in. And as I do this, my feelings of gratitude are palpable.

You see, I’m here to speak at the Bangor Daily News “What’s Next” Marketing Conference tomorrow and right now I’m using the opportunity to see a part of the world I’ve never seen, which is way better than locking myself in a hotel room over the next 48 hours.

This is an old town—one that, from the looks of it, was bustling at one point but has since fallen on tougher times. Notwithstanding, there seems to be seeds of rebirth as I walk through historical downtown and see the activities of the evening along with a mix of newer, more trendy businesses combined with older ones that have obviously been around for generations.

Although I’m not one to enjoy being alone often, I appreciate moments like this one. The architecture of the old buildings and the river running through town take my mind to a place of yesteryear, envisioning what life must have been like a century ago, letting the closet history buff within me smile with wonderment.

630pm Thursday: Time to walk back to the hotel. By this point, I’m hungry, but I haven’t stopped to eat anywhere. For some reason, I’m not much of one for a sit-down meal by myself, so I guess the hotel food will have to do.

As I’m walking back, to my pleasant surprise, I see a tall, shaggy haired fellow walking in the distance, and he too is alone.

It’s Chris Brogan, one of many people that have mentored me over the past 4 years since my online life began and someone I honestly think the world of. I smile at the serendipity.

After warm greetings, Chris and I decide to stop at the Zen Thai restaurant and enjoy a meal, along with his Chief Operating Officer, Rob, who joins us shortly thereafter.

For the next two hours, the conversations go everywhere. Yes, marketing and social media are intermixed, but more than anything we talk about growth, our families, our beliefs, and what brings us happiness.

I’m glad to be here, and feel very blessed to have the opportunity.


Serendipity can be such a kind friend at times…

1am Friday: I think it’s time for bed. Client work is keeping me up tonight, but it’s good. I’m working in industries these days that are thirsting for some marketing innovations, and I’m hoping like heck something magical will come out of this, just as it did with River Pools and The Sales Lion, but only time will tell.

830am Friday: I’m watching Brogan give the opening keynote to the event, which is taking place under a tent. Although the setting is unique, and although there is downpour outside, the vibe is a great one, and Chris does as he always does by delivering a tremendous message.

1030am Friday: Just found out my flight was cancelled from Bangor and there are no more leaving on this day. Not good. As it is, I’m missing the opportunity to coach my daughter in a softball tournament tonight and need to make it home by 12pm tomorrow to be there for the final two games. Despite the setback, I find another flight out of Portland (two hours away)and make the immediate decision to rent a car.

Doing what I truly love in Maine...

Doing what I truly love in Maine…although it appears here that there may have been karaoke mixed in ;-)

1:45pm Friday: I’m giving my presentation and it’s a great group of about 250 business owners and marketers. Like always, I’m weaving in and out of the crowd and they are feeding me energy continually with their laughs, smiles, and bright eyes. It’s moments like this that I feel complete—on purpose—and doing the thing God put me here on Earth to do, which is teach and inspire others to reach their potential.

2:15pm Friday: The feedback after the presentation is wonderful, and, as always, I’m feeling so very grateful for the experience, once again sensing awe at what has brought me to this point.


This is why I love what I do…

2:30pm Friday: Let the journey begin. Time to fly down 95 south so as to catch my flight from Portland to Philadelphia.

5:30pm Friday: Thankful to have successfully made it on time and checked here at the airport, but we’ve just received word the flight is delayed. This may not be good.

7:30pm Friday: For the past 20 minutes, I’ve been on the phone with one of the parents on my softball team, Regis. We are playing a team we haven’t beaten in a long time, and the score is 0-0 going into the final inning. Regis is nervously giving me the play by play while I silently listen on from the airport. The other team’s bats finally get going and they manage to score 2 runs in the top of the inning. Things are looking, and sounding, bleak at this point.

After scrapping out a run in the bottom of the inning, we’re down to our final out with no one on base. My daughter Danielle is up, and knocks a clean hit to center field.

There is still hope.

The next batter gets walked.

Now it’s getting interesting.

The pitcher throws a wild pitch.

Now there are two outs with runners on 2nd and 3rd.

My little fireball shortstop, Savannah, is up to bat.

Strike one.

Strike two.

I’m cringing my teeth to hear Regis say what’s coming next…

Then, all of the sudden, all I can hear on the phone is wild screams of celebration.

Savannah managed a clean hit to the outfield and both runs scored.

We’ve won, 3-2.

A little tear forms in each eye as I imagine the scene on the field. These girls have worked so hard, and they enjoy it.

I’m a proud coach, and a proud Dad.

9:30pm  Friday So here I set on the plane. Somehow, despite the weather, we made it out of Portland and are headed to Philly. Unfortunately though, I’ve missed my next flight, and in this moment I have no idea if I’ll be spending the night in the airport, waiting for the first available flight, or if I’ll be forced to rent a car tonight and drive the 7 hours from Philadelphia to my home in rural Heathsville Virginia.

But despite the pending obstacles that await, I’m happy. I’m smiling. And I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at the life I’ve been given…

After what ended up being another very long drive in a rental car, I made it to the second day of the softball tournament, lucky to be able to have another experience to remember with my daughter Danielle.

After what ended up being another very long drive in a rental car, I made it to the second day of the softball tournament, lucky to be able to have another experience to remember with my daughter Danielle.

27 thoughts on “Father, Speaker, Traveler: A Personal Look at 30 Hours of My Life

  1. hi Marcus

    It looks like you’ve spent amazing moments these days…

    I’d like to ask you, how did you start your speaking career… how did you feel in your first appearance on the stage, and what lessons did you learn back then?

    What message do you have for others who’d like to take on this route, could their blog be the launch rocket for a speaking career, or what else would you advise?

    Do you actively market your speaking services, or others come to you?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us on Friday and Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your personal life! We are so glad things worked out for you to get to the softball game-best wishes from CSFCU!

    • My pleasure, and thank you for being there!! :-)

  3. Marcus,
    Thank you so much for venturing up to Bangor, Maine, and it sounds like it was an adventure going back home. You delivered a powerful speech and I plan on implementing the great information on my new website coming out soon and carrying it over to my social media channels.

    You had great energy, hope to see you back in Maine, minus the rain!

    Getting back home is always worth it, great picture of the softball team.


    • Gary, can’t thank you enough for the kind words. What a thrill it was going to Maine and meeting so many incredible people.

      When I speak, the people dictate the power of the talk, and you and everyone else there made the experience.

      Much thanks,


  4. Marcus,

    You’re the man bro… I haven’t had a free moment to sit down and express MY gratitude for the time we were able to spend in NYC together. It’s the relationships we build in life that ultimately determine our life’s value…

    …it is a pleasure to know that you are the real deal. A genuine cat with passion dripping out your ears who cares about the product he’s delivering night in and night out.

    I’m also glad you got back for the softball games day two. That would have been a true tragedy.

    Not everyone gets to use their gifts everyday. Cherish it my friend.


    • What fun it was for me to meet you in NYC Hanley….and man you’re tall! 😉 (Funny how avatars don’t show height 😉

      Appreciate the heck out of you bud.


  5. Dude, you always bring amazing perspective to things, both the big and the little.

    So happy the Lady Lions crushed it, especially under pressure in the 3-2 win. Kind of reminds me of their coach. That’s when the true character comes out … when the pressure is on. You don’t wanna mess with a Lion when they’re backed up against a wall. Lions go all out and come out on top in those situations. #NoQuit

    Your rock bro

    • Too good to me Rhino. :-) This was a post-season pick-up tournament that was spur of the moment, but tons of fun.

      Thanks for all you do brother, let’s catch up soon.


      • Those are often the best kind of tourneys … playing for the fun of it.

        And yes, let’s definitely connect soon! Give me a shout out when it convenient for you. Looking forward to it as always.

  6. I love how you always keep the right things in perspective. I am sitting in a hotel room in Austin Texas getting ready to speak at a national sales meeting tomorrow. But, like you, my thoughts turn to whether or not I can make it home to my son’s soccer practice in time.

    I’m sure you blew them away in Maine (I was there last week). Beautiful part of the world, and fantastic people. My trip to Austin is too short, and I’m thankful that I return here next month for a longer stay.

    • Ian, thanks for the kind words brother…Funny how you and I are crossing the country all the time…doing something we love, but also loving what it allows us to do–have a great life with the family.

      Save travels my man.


  7. Open Apple Maps, make sure you are in satellite mode, pinch to zoom out as far as you can, and you’ve got the whole wide world in your hand

  8. I think we’d all consider ourselves lucky to be able to even experience just one of those hours you amazingly cherished!

    Quietly walking down the streets of a beautiful old town in Maine… Running into a long time mentor (Brogan, no less) and enjoying a meal together… Crushing it at a conference doing what you love (and all under a tent!)… Listening in on and cheering for your daughter hundreds of miles away… Experiencing a nail-biting, movie-esque moment with your daughter…

    And of course, being able to share it in this incredible post is tremendous.

    You continue to inspire and give us all something to strive for!

    • You’re the best Josh. :-)

      Can’t wait to catch up again soon!

  9. Hi Marcus

    It’s interesting to read about a snippet of your life. Isn’t it wonderful that things tend to work out just fine?

    I think public speaking would terrify me!

    I feel blessed to be able to be a stay at home dad, looking after the kids but still have the time to keep my blog going as separate focus.

    • Yep, they do work out my friend. :-) And congrats on doing what you love bud.



  10. Michelle


  11. Yes! This is awesome! I’m a bit of a sap, but I started the ugly cry once your daughter came to the plate. As a father of three and passionate baseball coach, I know that feeling!

    Congrats, my man. Keep doing great things.

  12. I’m amazed at how you do it Marcus! I find having one child is enough. Nevermind all the consulting, speaking and managing you do.

    Congrats of living such an exciting and fulfilling life!

    • Appreciate the kind words Alain :)

  13. Very nice photo :) and a nice story thank for this.

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