Why Finding Your Blogging and Online Voice is a Total Myth

by Marcus Sheridan

It’s a windy Saturday morning here in Burgess Virginia. I’m sitting in my office and looking out the window, contemplating where and who I was three years ago when I started this blog, The Sales Lion. And in 2009 when I wrote the first article of this site—Death of Salesman—little did I know what would become of the TSL brand, community, and ultimately my career.

And to this day, I still have no idea.

Nor do I think I’ve “found my voice” as we so often read about in the million or so “How to Blog” guides that are out there.

What’s funny is I once wrote about how I found my online voice.

Since that time, I’ve reached another conclusion. I hadnt’ found my voice at all, rather, I’d just moved on to a newer version of me. My focus, thoughts, and passions had changed—and with it, my writings.

But that’s the way blogs, business, and life work.

They change.

Tomorrow Never Arrives

That’s also why finding your blogging voice is like saying, “tomorrow is here.”

Nope, tomorrow never arrives.

I’m not the only one. Hang around the online world long enough and you’ll see bloggers and writers changing their style all the time.

Take Geoff Livingston for example. Geoff is a smart guy, a published author, and a passionate thinker.

In the past, Geoff has written some pretty polarizing stuff, and more than once he and I have been on opposing sides of the argument.

But recently Geoff turned over a new leaf. In fact, he announced he was going to change, and since that time the difference in his writings has been quite astounding.

Has Geoff found his voice? Although I certainly don’t speak for Geoff here, my opinion is that he is just continuing to develop and evolve, which is the only way any of us can make it for long in this difficult business of the online world.

Or take my friend Chris Brogan.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Chris has gone through some major changes recently. He has shifted much of his focus from the blog to more of an emphasis on deep relationships with his email/newsletter audience.

Chris Brogan Home Page

As his site has done before and will continue to do so, Chris Brogan is always changing and evolving who he is online.

Also, his site was completely redesigned and revamped.

As a big fan of Chris, I watch him with great interest and learning, because I know this is just another stage of the development of his voice and business,  and that eventually, he will change again.


I could literally go on and on with stories and observations of others who are still developing their online voice, but I’m sure you get my point.

Frankly, after doing this now for 3 years and having written over 350,000 words in my “voice”—my suggestion to others in the online world is this:

From this day forward, stop worrying about “finding your voice.”

And if you do find it, throw it back in the river so you can find it again later.

Finding is not the goal here.

This is about GROWTH, pure and simple.

And trust me when I tell you that if you’re growing, happiness will follow.

Your Turn

I’m very curious to know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on finding your voice, and would love to hear about  your experiences with this subject. Do you think we ever really find our voice or is it more a matter of moving to the next phase of who we are? And what stages have you been through up to this point in your blog and business?

Don’t forget, your thoughts matter.

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