Footsteps from Above: A Story about Life’s Music

by Marcus Sheridan

ListeningAs my 3 children sat across the kitchen counter eating dinner a few days ago my wife asked everyone what they were grateful for. Upon hearing their cute responses the lot eventually fell to me, at which time I shared with each the following story…..

About 6 months ago I moved my office downstairs into the basement. Because I do so many teleconferences now, the need became too great to find a place a little more private to handle the day to day affairs of my new web marketing company.

One day, after having been in the office now for quite a few months, I happened to notice the sound of footsteps above. The steps were very light, yet rapid, almost as if they were a prance. As I listened, I realized the steps were galloping up and down the main hall of our home. Quickly, a smile came to my face….Larsen, my always-exuberant 3 year old, was in full gear.

For a second I stopped hitting the keys of my laptop and closed my eyes, imagining her wearing, likely for the 3rd or 4th straight day, her favorite yellow princess outfit as she pranced down the hall, assuredly seeing herself at some magical ball with hundreds of onlookers, admiring her every move.

A few minutes later I heard a new set of footsteps. This time, although rather quiet like Larsen’s, the steps were much more relaxed…easy-going as they say. Again, a smile came to my face as I knew my 7 year old son Joseph was likely conjuring up his next project, either building another rocket to launch outside or gathering plastics bullets for his little pellet gun for target practice….I could only snicker to myself at these thoughts, especially considering I literally never built things nor played with guns growing up…Momma gave all her genes to that little man.

By this point I knew there was one set of footsteps left to identify. And before long, there they were—Danielle, my 10 year old daughter, was loudly walking down the hall above. A heal striker, like her father, Danielle is always the easiest child to identify. As Joseph is to his mother, Danielle is to me….Just as I had done with the other two, I contemplated what she was doing and gathered she was taking a momentary break from finishing another book in the ‘Percy Jackson–Lightning Thief’ series.

Learning to Listen

For whatever reason, before this particular day I hadn’t noticed the footsteps….or maybe I just hadn’t taken the time to appreciate their faint beauty. Either way, it was a moment of peaceful bliss for me as a father.

Even better is that as I told my kids this story, each looked at me with wide eyes, completely attuned to hear the sound of their step from their father’s little office below.

I wanted to share this little story with you, my fellow readers, because it reminded me of one of life’s most important truisms:

It’s the ‘little things’ in life, when listened to intently, that will bring the most music to one’s soul.

And, I’m pleased to say that as I get older and hopefully more balanced in all facets of life, I’m now hearing that music more and more.

As always, I invite you to share any thoughts or comments on this article. Your comments are what make this blog worth it, and it’s through conversation that we are able to learn and grow together…

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