You May Not Like Me, But You Won’t Forget Me

by Marcus Sheridan

I was reading an excellent post from Mitch Joel yesterday where he made a statement that put me in deep thought:

The goal of appeasing everyone is a testament to how quickly it will fail.

Darn straight Mitch Joel, darn straight.

When it comes down to it, few businesses are great when to comes to creating memorable content and brands. They want to be liked by all, and it kills them, crushing any chance to stand out in a dense crowd of noise-makers.

That’s what I love about the unapologetics of the world–they know who the heck they are but also who the heck they don’t want to be.

It’s also why I read folks like Chris Brogan, Danny Brown, and Ryan Hanley.

At times I disagree with these guys. Then there are times when I feel like shouting, “YES!” to their words.

Such is the product of the unapologetic. Like Mitch Joel stated in his article, they abhor apathy.

Personal Growth

Over the last few months the number of speaking engagements that have come my way has been truly profound. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to make a point.

When I speak, my goal is the antithesis of apathy. In fact, I force participation. The audience isn’t given the choice.

So, as you might imagine, some folks love it, others hate it, and there is nothing “forgettable” about it.

But my speaking style is me. It’s who I am through and through and it’s also the reason I’ve been so blessed with new opportunities.

Below is my 16 minute presentation at Social Slam (put on by Mark Schaefer) this past year. Of all the speaking opportunities I’ve had, this was one of the most enjoyable, as you’ll easily understand why if you watch the video and see how the speaker-audience relationship comes to life.

But I show this video here for two reasons:

1. It’s a great discussion on how content marketing and blogging are used as a sales tool.

2. It’s the anti-apathy.

So give it a watch if you will. Yes, it’s a little longer, but it will be fun, I promise. And I’d also ask you to consider this question:

Do you, as a business owner, marketer, or blogger try to make everyone love you? Are you afraid to turn anyone off?

If so, why?

YouTube Preview Image

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