“I’m frustrated with my SEO firm and their poor results.”

SEO tsl imageThe world of SEO has changed drastically over the past few years. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and search engine manipulation. Furthermore, gone are the days of SEO companies charging large retainers to clients and getting paid big bucks for content that, if we’re being honest, is solely meant to make search engines happy while never being read by a real person to garner trust and results.

With the massive Google algorithm changes that came with Panda and Penguin, many of the old school techniques and link-building services by search engine optimization companies not only no longer work, but also penalize the company for attempting to manipulate search engine results.

In all frankness, SEO companies should have seen these changes before they struck the industry to its core starting in 2011—changes that will only continue to develop as we look ahead to the digital age. Instead of attempting to “game” the search engines, the methodology of the most forward thinking SEO companies should have always been about great teaching, communication, and answering consumer questions. Here at The Sales Lion, we have coined this process as “Search Content Marketing” and it’s a practice our clients have been using  with tremendous success long before the rest of the SEO industry caught on.

Far and away, the most common complaint we hear from clients here at The Sales Lion sounds something like this:

My SEO company gives me a report each month but to be honest, I have no idea what they’re doing.


My SEO company seemed to get results at the beginning but these days I don’t see their value.


My SEO company tells me we should be producing content but they haven’t given me any type of plan to make this happen effectively.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, and you’re finally ready to embrace a type of search engine optimization that gets incredible traffic results (as shown in these powerful TSL case studies) and is also “Google Proof,” then The Sales Lion team may be able to help. Granted, our methodology isn’t for every company because we push our clients to be actively engaged in producing targeted content, but if you’re willing to do SEO the right way and in a way that’s built to last, then we should talk. Please use the form below to connect with us.