When It Comes to the Future of Social Media, We’re All Clueless

by Marcus Sheridan

Future of social media

A few years ago MySpace was the rage.

Today, although still popular, many laugh at the ‘antiquated’ platform.

Tomorrow, the creation of Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe will likely have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Such is the world in which we live.


The same year MySpace was being developed (2003), some nerdy college kid named Mark Zuckerburg developed his own little platform, and called it ‘Facebook’.

A few years later, it exploded.

Today, the platform remains strong, but its seemingly daily ‘developments’ indicate more and more change in the future.

As for tomorrow, who really knows?


In 2006, some guy named Jack Dorsey came up with a blue bird and a 140 character micro-blogging platform.

By 2009, the odd culture that is ‘Twitter’ had exploded in popularity.

Today, the platform still doesn’t make a profit.

Tomorrow, somebody will want their money.


Not long ago, Google developed ‘Lively’ in one of their first attempts at getting social.

It lasted less than a year…and then ‘Lively’ died.

Then Google got smart.

And they developed ‘Buzz’.

Unfortunately, it stunk too.

Bye, bye, buzz.

Now Google has circled the wagons again.

G+ is the ‘New Kid on the Block’, the ‘next great social media platform’.

Will it last?

Brogan says ‘Yes’. Kawasaki does too.

Frankly, I don’t think any of us have a dang clue.

Heck, even Seth Godin didn’t think the web would make it big.

And Seth is pretty smart.

What Will NOT Change

I cite these examples because although we talk, blog, and write books day in and day out about all this social media ‘stuff’, we really don’t have the slightest idea as to the future of any of these platforms.

Some will survive.

Some will not.

But chances are, as with everything tech and media, they’ll all be replaced, reinvented, or removed from the annals of history.

Again, that’s how it goes.

C’est la vie.

But do you know what won’t change, especially for any business that wants success as we all look to the future?

These words have existed since the beginning of time and their significance and importance moving forward are infinite.

Is it fun discussing whether or not MySpace will survive, or G+ will dethrone Facebook, or if Twitter will pay its bills?

Yeah, maybe so, but let us not forget the difference between binding ourselves to temporary ‘platforms’ versus attaching ourselves to the timeless qualities that truly dictate greatness.


Your Turn:

I have one simple question my friends: 10 years from now, when we’re looking back on all of this ‘stuff’, what do you think we’ll be saying and thinking?

Oh, and as always, feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below.

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