Mad Marketing #23: Gary Vaynerchuk, REAL Authenticity, SEO, and More!

by Marcus Sheridan

Speaking at the Cadre DC event at a DC Synagogue, Gary V. was on his best game...

Speaking at the Cadre DC event at a DC Synagogue, Gary V. was on his best game…

Well it’s podcast time again ladies and gents, and in this episode we’re going to be talking about a huge array of “stuff,” ranging from:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • The debate of “real authenticity” online
  • Social Media Mistakes I’ve been making
  • Best SEO practices for targeting keywords
  • Content Marketing’s Potential Effect on Start-ups

So if you’re looking to have a quick ride to work, sit back and give it a listen.

And as always, if you have questions you’d like answered on a future podcast, don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Other Questions Answered in this Episode of Mad Marketing

Hi Marcus,

You asked about my main challenge with marketing.

I’ve spent a good few hours searching on keyword planner to understand what people are searching for and how often, what time of year, about the keywords related to my blog.

So what I now have is a long long list of potential keywords, numbers of hits and ‘competition’ rating.  But it strikes me that even for those with supposedly ‘low’ competition, when i type the term into google there are some very well established pages that come up on the first page… making it less likely that i will be able to place on these, at least initially.

So my main challenge is probably prioritising from my list of about 200 search terms all of which I have numbers for.  Which one should I hit first?  I realise this is heavily related to how likely those searching a term are valid prospects for me… but beyond that, is there another method I can use to figure out where to start?

Thanks and sorry if your book answers this, I’m about to go and read that now.



I didn’t even have a website before I read your eBook.
No website, no blog, no national presence.

Now people know me, I have a best selling book on amazon, I’m getting leads around the country, and I have MULTIPLE first page rankings on google and this weekend I was just asked by a national franchise to be their site selection specialist. It’s ridiculous…like a pinch-me-to-prove-it kind of ridiculous!

Seriously – your thoughts played a MASSIVE role in moving me forward.



I found you on the web by entering “I have a dispute with yellow pages” and loved your article on why not to advertise with yellow pages.  They basically make you feel that you will go out of business unless you buy their ads in the book and do the internet stuff that helps people get my phone number.  They are ripping me off!!  I downloaded your ebook and will start to read it this evening at home.


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