Google’s Newest EMD Update Once Again is a Victory for Content Marketers

by Marcus Sheridan

Once again, change is in the air w/ the Big G and content marketers need to take note…

In case you missed it, Google had another update last week—a pretty significant one—as it goes after low-quality EMDs (Exact Match Domains — domains with longtail keywords). To be honest, I say it’s about darn time, as many of these worthless EMDs have been the bane of my existence as a digital marketing guy who has always had a vision for the full overlap of content marketing mixed with clear and junk-free SEO. But for too long, I’ve simply seen too much crapola at the top of search rankings.

Now granted, just like any update, many sites are getting kicked where it hurts and certainly don’t deserve it (just read the comments on this post if you want to see what the word *angry* looks like in a blog comment section), while others are still sitting at their perch and clearly have no value to readers other than to take their money.

Notwithstanding, this update is just one of many, many more that we’re all going to see in the coming years that turns every SEO “trick” on its head and brings more attention to the one SEO technique that will be timeless—Great Content.

It’s for this reason that we’re also going to see, in my opinion, the eventual elimination of folks who are simply “SEOs” and the rise of Search Engine Content Marketers—what I feel should be the goal of every great marketer who respects Google’s job to deliver the best content but also understands what the word “value” truly means to consumers around the world.

And as I watch people freak out about this update left and right and act like it’s the end of civilization as we know it, I have to ask myself if they really have a clue as to what we’re all in store for in the coming years, with dozens upon dozens of updates yet to be unfolded.

All this being said, as businesses and marketers we can’t necessarily control the “Big G” and dictate future updates, but we can have a singular focus on making sure our site’s information is such that we are the best teachers in the world at what it is that we do.

If this is our true focus, come what may, there is a good chance we’ll be the digital leaders of our respective fields.

And to be honest, I look forward to that day.

Your Thoughts

Do you pay attention to Google’s updates or could you not care less? Also do you see a future that morphs content marketers with SEOs as I do? Finally, as you look at what Google is doing, do you think their search algorithm is better or worse today than it was before all the updates started happening?

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