Great Brand or Great Inbound Marketing: Which comes first?

by George Thomas

Note from Marcus**** This interview is done by TSL team member, George Thomas, who will be doing video interviews with businesses and thought leaders for the TSL learning channel going forward. We hope you enjoy…

Great brand or great inbound marketing, which comes first? That is the question.

Have you ever wondered as a company where to get started in the brand vs. marketing debate?

“I should work on my brand!”

“No! I should work on my inbound marketing strategy!”

Well in this interview with Remington Begg from Impulse creative we wrestle with this age old question. Should a company have their branding polished and “great” or should they get people looking at whatever they have at that point in time?

We talk about how no matter which way you focus some of the key principles are the same. You have to be be focusing on consistency, simplicity, being memorable, and contagious. If you focus your efforts in those directions you will quickly find your company killing it.

Enjoy, and look for the next interview coming soon.


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