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I hate blogging. It stinks. No, better stated, it really, really stinks. Whether it’s your personal blog or the blog for your small business, the whole idea of content production ain’t no fun. In fact, in my quest to make sure you know how to get the least amount of enjoyment out of this journey so as to experience the stresses and frustrations that come my way each and every day, I’ve come up with the following ground-breaking list. Here goes folks……..

13 Guaranteed ways to be a Miserable Blogger

1. Choose a Topic You Have No Passion For: Why on Earth would you ever want to spend hours and hours of your life writing about something that you actually care about?? Think about this for a second: It’s 1am in the morning and you’ve got a post due the next day. Would you rather talk about something that really, really gets you jazzed up or would you prefer to drudge through another article about something you’ve grown to hate on one of your silly niche sites?? I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the niche sites!

2. Do It For the Money Baby: Ahh, for the love of the green paper….that’s what I’m saying! It always thrills me when I’m approached by people interested in starting a blog and the first thing they speak of is just how much money XYZ niche can make them. Yes, such words are music to my ears as I know all the money in the world absolutely stinks as a motivator, especially when it comes to that crazy and frivolous thing called ‘inspired writing’.

3. Don’t Comment: Why would you want to waste your time and effort commenting on another person’s site?? Look people, if readers don’t want to comment on your site, forget ‘em. You don’t need them anyway. So never, ever waste your time making others feel good through comments. Plus, if you do, they may actually come back on your blog and have nice things to say….This would be very bad, as it could make you smile, maybe even make you want to start making friends and things like that. Again, all a waste of time and there’s no way you’ll be miserable with such personal interactions.

4. Don’t Share: This goes along with #3. Look ladies and gents, if you want to be mad and frustrated with your blog the last thing you want to do is risk others reading your work and sharing it with their friends and network. This being said, don’t ever share, tweet, ‘like’, or any of that other junk. Focus on YOU. It ain’t about THEM. Trust me, nothing makes me feel worse than seeing my TweetMeMe button with anything but a big, fat ZERO next to it.

5. Don’t Mention Others: When you write a post, never, ever look for opportunities to mention and link back to other bloggers. If you lose your mind and start linking back to other people’s sites they might catch wind of this and actually visit your site….or even worse they might even send you an email thanking you for the mention. That hack Tristan Higbee is famous for this and because of such acts of kindness he’s busy all day dealing with the hoards of traffic on his site. Ha, serves that guy right!

6. Don’t EVER Contact Someone Directly: As I just mentioned, direct contact can be quite damaging to your miserable level. You see, a direct contact with someone via email or a medium like Skype can take what is a general ‘acquaintance’ and lead to something much greater….like that nasty word ‘friendship’. And as we all know, it’s hard to be miserable when you’re too busy making new friends all over the world that are ready and willing to help you in any way they can….Yikes, the sound of such a thing makes me quiver!

7. Don’t Have a Writing Plan: In our continued quest to be miserable, it’s critical that we’re never able to ‘get comfortable’ with our blog. That’s why set plans like ‘I will post every Monday and Thursday’ are a very bad thing. On the other hand, never having any clue when you’re going to write and possibly missing weeks at a time simply because ‘you got too busy’ are great ways to get frustrated with your blog.

8. Don’t Delegate: Why in the world would you want help with your blog? This is especially true for a company where there are many employees and therefore the potential for many content producers. Because delegation leads to a stress-free blog with tons of unique content, one must learn to depend on no one. This way your work load will be too much to bear and you’ll be stressed each week as you try to find time to write your next article. Won’t that be fun!

9. Don’t Converse: I can’t stand it when I see bloggers actually taking the time to reply to each and every comment left on their blog. Seriously, if you’re looking to be mad at the world why on Earth would you bother engaging in healthy, productive conversation with your readers??? It makes no sense people!

10. Don’t Use Personal Experiences: Personal experiences are the bane of my existence. They lead to happy thoughts and reader engagement—two actions that any miserable blogger like me want no parts of. I see these writers out there using personal experiences in their stories all the time and yapping off how their posts only take 30 minutes to write and they’re smiling the whole time. Talk about gag me with a spoon!

11. Don’t Use CommentLuv, ReplyMe, and other Plugins: Any time a plugin cross-promotes other blogs and enhances better communication, we have a problem. CommentLuv and ReplyMe are two such plugins that everyone is talking about and they both make me sick. Whatever you do, don’t use them!!

12.  Don’t Write at the Level of Your Readers: Why would you want your readers to actually understand what you have to say? Don’t you think you’ll be way more miserable if you talk down to them and use a vernacular that’s well above their level?? Of course you would, so try it!

13. Whatever You Do, Don’t Smile: I had to end with this one. I never write with a smile. In fact, I frown and squint my eyes and sometimes even yell at my computer. Talk about feeling awful…these actions work great!

So there are 13 guaranteed ways to be a miserable blogger. And although I don’t usually promote comments and further conversation, I’m going to change my tune today and ask readers if there are any other ‘miserable’ behaviors and actions that I missed, as I’m sure everyone is just itching to try out these self-defeating ideas. ;-)

PS: **Remember what I said about comments….leaving one here might actually bring us both a smile, so be careful!!

83 thoughts on “13 Guaranteed Ways to Blog and Be Totally Miserable

  1. Truth….truth is told here!
    Boy this was great. Look, 14 months of misarable blogging sure was enough for me. I didn’t comment, didn’t direct contact, didn’t mention….as I think about it, all I did was post. I took your advise, pretty much verbatum, aaaaand by the end, the love just wasn’t there anymore man.

    So I started anew, I’m doing the exact opposite of every piece of great advise you’ve given here and whooo-ho, I’m meeting some awesome peep’s and having a blast!

    Awesome brother!

    • Awesome brother. The ‘real me’ is dang happy for you and the ‘new Jason’. :-)

  2. LP King

    All of your tongue-in-cheek recommendations add up to a perfect recipe for blogger self-destruction! I loved it.

    • So glad to bring you a smile LP….sometimes I’ve just got to let the sarcasm come out ;-)

  3. Ohhhh….so THAT”s what I’ve been doing wrong!!

    :) Great post!


    • Ahhh, get out of here with that Melinda, you actually do a great job with much of your blog and networking and all that jazz. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That was nice and refreshing Marcus :D

    I think the biggest thing that I get fed up with when I read a lot of blogs is that they almost never have a voice to them which is why I’m so glad to have found your blog.

    Anyone can create some run-of-the-mill round up or tutorial post but it’s the little things you add to it that really make it YOURS.

    It’s all about taking your experience with what you’re talking about and conveying it in your message; giving someone to latch onto rather than just text.

    Keep at it man, you’ve got me hooked.

    • Very kind of you Murlu. :-)

      I think the more you hang out here the more you’ll see that I only about one thing– the lessons life has taught me. If I ain’t lived it, I’m just not going to write about it, ya know what I mean. To me, the essence of a great blog article is that it’s ‘real’….not just a snippet copy and pasted from Seth Godin’s most recent best seller.

      Hope you come back through these part again Murlu and I have a feeling I’ll be making my rounds at your place very soon. ;-)

  5. Marcus – this was a great read. Being new to the game I’ve fallen victim to just about all 13 of the miserable mentions. Unfortunately I didn’t have the fortune to learn it the easy way… but I certainly picked up on disastrous methods in time. I wish I could have found this post before I got started, it would have made the transition much smoother. But hey, being that I’m learning, and actively tweaking and fine tuning – I at least feel like I’m in the right direction now. I tell you, I really take a lot form these writing-focussed posts. It’s because of our conversations and these posts that my game has elevated. I have a LONG WAY TO GO, but I’m heading in the right direction – I hope!

    • No question you’re heading in the write direction JK…big time. You know I feel very, very strongly about your talents and abilities. Your gifts and your story need to be shared with the world. And I can’t wait to hear it all come out in the coming months and years.

      So grateful every time you stop by here my friend.

  6. Dia

    Hi Marcus,

    This is a great post my friend! Having a topic that we are passionate about is one of the major keys that help make blogging enjoyable. In the process as well, we learn more, our knowledge gets strengthened, and we can help others with what we are passionate about.

    I wonder why some bloggers don’t engage with others or try to build relationships. Building relationships is a crucial part in blogging as learn from each other, support each other, etc….

    Thanks for sharing my friend! We all needed this list as a reminder :)

    • Yeah Dia, isn’t that such a mystery when bloggers seem to be unengaging. I don’t know about you, but if I leave a comment on someone’s blog and get no response, I’m not too down with that. Especially if it happens twice. Why? Because I’m here for the conversation. I’m here for the relationships. I here to network and strengthen my fellow man. That’s what this is all about.

      You’re one of the best Dia, thanks again for commenting. :-)

  7. Writing on a topic you no nothing about is a major chore! Geez coming up with ideas for it is difficult but actually having to write them are even harder.

    Thats why I always advise my friends to write what they’re passionate about.

    • Agreed Edwin. I find that writing about something we don’t like to be next to impossible….and completely unfulfilling to boot.

      Thanks for the comment man.

  8. Hey Marcus,

    I am nodding as i go through point by point and do a bit of self-reflection. I think i have covered most of it and i am pretty safe. Just want to add one which is a bit related to point #1. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, you will just be stressing yourself everyday to come out with a blog post. I always believe we must be enjoying what we are doing else it’s better to give up.

    Thanks for the great post.


    • So glad this made you think and reflect a little Lye. Ultimately, that’s all I can ask of any article I write, is that readers will get the brain cells rockin and rollin :-)

      Keep up the great work on your blog Lye and thanks again for stopping by!

  9. When I first read the title for your post, I thought to myself, why would I want to read about how to be totally miserable? :) But then, I thought (before I started reading the actual post) that, by reading what you shouldn’t do, we actually learn what we should do in order to be happy (and successful).

    I totally agree with your list. But there is one of the ways that I think is more important than all the others (according to my personal experience), and that’s “do it for the money baby”. When I started my online adventure, the only thing I had in mind was money. I had read articles about kids earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month while sleeping, just because they joined some MLM company (based somewhere in the Pacific). I thought, wow, I have to try something like that, and that’s how I got started.

    Now, many years later, I know that this is the worst mistake ever. If we’re not doing it other than for the love of money, we’re going to be miserable, and I was for months, until I realized that I actually don’t care much for money at all. I just want to have fun and learn a lot while having fun :)

    • Great story and testimonial here Jens. As you so well stated, thousands of people a day go online and read about the newest ‘get rich quick’ technique or practice and get all excited and throw themselves into this thing called ‘making money online’.

      Within no amount of time, most people quickly realize that although there is a chance to make money, it’s very difficult, especially if your heart is not in it. One day we’re seeing dollar signs as our motivator and the next day we’re seeing the work that’s required to gain those dollars…and any motivation and inspiration quickly wears off.

      Great comments, as always Jens. Appreciate you coming by.

  10. OK, Marcus! I agree with you.
    I am not going to leave a damn comment here! No, never!
    What? My fingers just started dancing on the keyword and mind is asking them to type something. I don’t want to, but here’s what my mind and finders say:

    Awesome Post!

    You did a great job of telling this upside down. And Tristan’s mention? Well, that had us(fingers) laughing upside down! :) He really is a hack who deserves to deal with that lot of traffic and comments!
    Bye, now I am going to leave and make my life completely miserable. Remember, I did not comment, my fingers did!

    • This was absolutely great Ishan, really had me laughing man as you ‘played along’ perfectly. Oh, and I’m glad you agree with my Tristan statement…What the heck are we going to do with that guy??

      You’re a blast Ishan, appreciate it man. :-)

      • Thanks Marcus! :) Glad you like it.

  11. Lol! I love the sarcasm! :-) (I’m smiling just with irony. I’m actually frowned. And I hope your smile is not authentic, if you smile back that is… )

    • Ha Constantin! No worries, my smile in response to yours is fake as well ;-)

      Thanks for commenting man!

  12. Marcus you’re a bit of a class act, I must say.

    When I first started blogging, I was writing the stuff I wanted to write about. I only wrote about writing, acting, and a bit of spiritual stuff to spice things up, yet I wasn’t really helping anyone. It was for my own pleasure, no-one else’s.

    Then one day, I got a comment on one of my posts which said:

    “This isn’t very interesting, could you recommend other sites for me please?”

    It broke my heart.

    That was THE kick up the rear that I needed to start taking this blogging thing seriously, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve still kept some of the old posts in my archives, so I can remind myself of how far I’ve come.

    Keep up the sarcasm Sir, it makes you sound like an old veteran ;-)

    • So I sound like the seasoned veteran, ehh? Nice! I’ll take that Stu :-)

      Every time you write Stu I can tell you enjoy what you do. You’re a ‘happy writer’ as I like to say. Your goodness shines through with each word and you really add value to others. No question you’re becoming quite the ‘veteran’ yourself.

      Thanks for the comment bud!

  13. #7 is my Achilles, for sure. I have no problems with commenting or direct contact, but when it comes to frequent posts? Oh, the pain!

    • The question is Joe, why do you feel pain when you write? Seriously, I’ve read your stuff and it’s fun and you’re passionate so why the difficulty? Do you feel you lack confidence? Do you fear the amount of time each post will take? I’d really love to hear further from you on this man.

      • Marcus, I’m way too much of a perfectionist. I have to write it and let it fly. With inspiration from your post here, I’m going to plan a posting schedule of at least once a week, and hopefully I can build from that.

        I do have a passion for the subject material that I put up, that’s not a problem. I just have to organize it and get it going.

        Thanks for the great comment, appreciate it.

        • Good deal Joe…I might have to hold you to it man ;-) But trust me, just let the whole ‘it’s gotta be just right’ thing go. I don’t even let that junk cross my mind anymore and boy has it made a difference. Can’t wait to watch your developments Joe.

  14. Marcus,

    You have provided a wonderful way to express why we love to blog. And on the days I don’t like it (which happens sometimes), I will go back to this list to figure out why and to help get me back on track.


    • Glad to help Alex. I’m also glad to know you man because your blog is inspired stuff…I really mean that. I also think the name ‘The Bridgemaker’ is one of the most fitting titles to any blog on the web.

      Stay great my friend and thanks so much for your continued support. :-)

  15. Awesome thoughts Mark. Thanks for the reminder of how not to blog.

    • You’re welcome Jeremy, and great to have you on here man :-)

      Btw, I see you don’t have an avatar yet. Have you considered going to http://www.gravatar.com to get one? It’s super easy. Heck, even my daughter Danielle now has one :-)

      Take care my friend.

  16. Hat tip Marcus, totally up my alley. But I suspect you already knew that.

    • Ha Davina, I had a feeling you’d like this one! Us sarcastic folks gotta stick together ;-)

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Heh, you’d think I’d have more to say, some wisecrack but no. This was pretty darn perfect as is. Heck, I left a longer comment on the “love content writing” piece. ;-)

  17. I’m working hard on the not smiling Marcus, but it aint easy.

    Love the way you presented this info.
    What did I say in my last post… “no preaching, no breast beating.”
    You used a truly entertaining way of making us pay attention.

    One that I shall start using is “Don’t Mention Others”, you know what I mean.
    I rarely do it but will add it to my nest post… after I’ve published your guest post!

    BTW – you obviously aren’t superstitious.

    • Ha Keith, you cease to bring me smiles with your comments man ;-)

      Mentioning others is a funny thing. Even after this post was written, I actually thought of a couple of other people I really should have mentioned that practice the ‘correct’ ways of doing things and thus love their blog. I think once we get into the mindset of asking on every post, “Where on here can I mention someone else?” we will then start to find great things happen.

      Always appreciate your great comments Keith. Thanks!

      • Nail on the head Marcus

        ….. once we get into the mindset of asking on every post, “Where on here can I mention someone else?”

        We will have cracked it.

  18. Ok Marcus, I realize from your tips that my blog-like site partially stinks :D
    You see, I’ve never been able to stick to a writing plan, mainly due to my 9 to 5 (which many times actually becomes a 9 to 9!). But even when I’m free, I take so much time to finish a tutorial for my site, come up with examples to include within it, and write a few exercises on it. That’s why I’ve chosen to never stick to a time-plan, it just never works with me!

    • Oh Amr, not so hard on yourself my friend!! You’re doing many things well and considering you have quite the full time job it’s dang tough to pull off a successful blog and hit everything on the ‘to do’ checklist. Just keep doing whatever makes you happy my friend, and thanks so much for coming by with such a busy schedule! :-)

  19. Hahaha. Thanks for the mention, Marcus! I know, I know, all the traffic and comments I get… serves me right :D (And I added a link to this post on my Mentions page and in my Mentions sidebar widget.)

    But you’re spot on with this post! I’ve made pretty much all of these mistakes at one time or another, so I can indeed testify that they’re quick and easy ways to be miserable, and they’ll work every time :)

    • Well looky here, the hack has entered the building! ;-)

      Seriously Tristan, thanks for allowing me to poke fun man, you’re the best and I appreciate the reciprocal mentions very much.

      To your continued blogging success and happiness :-)

  20. Marcus,

    Okay…I am one of those with a writing plan that includes specific days to post. I like the necessity level it creates. I like the consistency for my readers. I can also fill email broadcasts for the up coming posts.

    Now I have to admit that I had to learn not beat myself up if I miss a post. But that has been a rare occasion once I got into the habit writing my posts a head of time.

    I have done the miserable thing on some niche sites. I still can’t go back to them. Hmmm…I probably should confront it and sell them.

    Part of my plan includes writing in a series and that helps too.

    • Sounds like you’ve experienced the best and worst internet marketing has to offer Sheila. The fact that you’ve developed a plan and learned to be consistent puts you ahead of so many bloggers. Now, as you continue to build your network and produce content things will very much start to fall into place, as I’m sure you’re seeing.

      As always, thanks so much for your comment Sheila and the RT’s you’ve done as well. It’s all very much appreciated.

  21. Jon

    Passion for the topics you write about, the desire to lift others up and showcase their work, and commenting all make this so much more fun. Thanks for the tongue-in-cheek angle with this list!

    • A good day to you Jon, not sure if we’ve met. :-) So glad you liked the article and that you stopped by The Sales Lion. Sure hope we chat again!

  22. Marcus, I love reverse psychology. “If they don’t comment on your site, forget ‘em!” Ha ha. That’s awesome.

    I like how Gary Vaynerchuk puts it about passionate blogging – often, it’s not that someone’s bad at writing or speaking about a topic, it’s just bad that he’s doing it at all.

    Thanks for being real, Marcus! Makes my day every time!

    • GREAT point about Gary V, that guy is something, isn’t he Bryan? When he speaks, he exudes passion to his listeners and readers. We’ve got to do our best to carry out the same emotions with our writings as well.

      Personally, I’m funny about the subjects I write about. If I’m not truly passionate about whatever it is, then somebody else should be doing the writing, not me. Ya know what I mean man? I think you really share this trait as well Bryan. It shows in your writings. I mean that.

      Thanks again for taking the time to stop by bud.

  23. Allison Henry

    Great advice Marcus! I love your sarcasm. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and have been doing a little bit of research on the subject. One of the things that I’m seeing over and over again is “finding your passion” first. For me, this has really resonated. Great bloggers let their personalities shine through, they interact with their readers and they provide helpful content that keeps readers coming back. It’s clear to the reader when the blogger really loves what they’re blogging about – as long as it’s not about themselves all the time! LOL! Thanks for sharing Marcus! Cute kids by the way! :-)

    • Well a warm welcome to you Allison :-) So excited for you and this new adventure you’re getting ready to undertake. I can tell you right now that the people you see on this comment strand ‘get it’. They have a ‘team’ mentality. There are other blogging circles out there that don’t share the same core beliefs in terms of reciprocity and giving back and all that stuff– at least as far as I’ve been able to tell.

      My point is you’re on the right track. Hopefully you’ve read more blogging articles here at TSL and on some of the other sites shown in the above links as well. Also, don’t hesitate to ask anyone here questions. We all want to help you reach your potential and come out of the gates firing.

      Thanks for the mention of my family as well. I love being a dad!!

      Appreciate the comment Allison and please let me know when your blog gets going full tilt!

  24. An Oscar performance in acting (writing) Marcus where you really had me believing that you were really that miserable. But we all know you better than that! Another one is ‘Do your own naughty PR’. Many bloggers add comments with sly remarks about their blog like, ‘I wrote about this subject on my last post’ or ‘I wrote a post about doggy swimming lessons yesterday and it has proved very popular’. There’s no direct link or request you read it but it’s highly suggestive and you know what they are really saying. Funny thing is they do it again and again but think it’s only the first time they’ve actually done it. Great 180 post and I just love not being miserable. Toodle pip!

    • Ha, glad to know I had you going for a second there John!! ;-) To tell you the truth, it was kinda weird writing in this style because, as you know, I’m very much into promoting a ‘positive’ feel to my writings. But hey, sometimes you’ve just got to mix it up, ya know ;-)

      I like what you’ve brought up here as well about self promotion. Doing it in comments ain’t cool, especially when there are already tools like CommentLuv set up which is more than a generous promotional tool for commentators.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts here John and keep kicking ‘miserable’ in its butt every day! :-)

  25. Hi Marcus,

    Spot on ;)

    Dudes who ice grill it make me laugh, only because of how many people they turn off by not smiling. Few people seek serious folks out to go into business with. We seek light, happy, joyous people because we want happiness before all else.

    Engagement makes one happy too. Isn’t the goal to make connections? Has to start with contact.

    #4 and #5 might be the central keys to online business success. Mention others and they mention you. Same deal with sharing. Never look for a 1-for-1 deal; the universe doesn’t work that way. Simply be a giver and the universe will send givers your way.

    Thank YOU for sharing Marcus :)


    • Engagement is a powerful word RB. In fact, you’re very, very good at it. I haven’t told you this, but I’ve learned a lot about ‘engagement’ watching how active you are on Twitter. You really understand that medium well, and for a beginner like me, it’s nice to have an example of how to do things the right way.

      Always appreciate very much you stopping by RB. Continued success and many mentions my friend. :-)

  26. Ha ha! I love that, Marcus. Very funny and points are very well made. A fun read.

    • Hi Deb!! So glad you had a little ‘fun’ with this, I know I did writing it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by TSL and hope we chat again :-)

  27. Well Marcus, you definitely made me smile today. lol. lol. Jeez, start making friends, again? Thought I got over that in pre-school.

    Oh man. TweetMeMe… with a big fat ZERO?

    I loved this post Marcus. Point made, and made well. Friends around the world? Yes! Direct contact? Absolutely! You must have had a great time writing this post. I hope you laughed out loud too. I’ve got to say that, this girl, in this world, loves all the help she can get. And you give back. Thank you Marcus.

    Happy thoughts and do good things. You’re pretty awesome.



    • You’re as kind as they come Theresa. This was really, really sweet and heartfelt…and it made me feel good…and smile again. :-)

      But yes, I did chuckle a good bit with this article. It’s so contrary to my normal style of writing but I felt prompted to do it and at this point in my life I tend to trust my promptings over just about anything else. But yeah, it was a hoot to write. And now it’s a blast to see such a huge response from others.

      You’re a great gal Theresa, so appreciative of you coming by and leaving these words. :-)

  28. A refreshing reminder that I need to keep trying and keep writing because I’m passionate about writing and about marketing, even though I haven’t built up the network yet to get readers for my blog.

    • That’s right Harmony. Stick with it. Every piece you write will add a rung to your ladder of life. It’s also a powerful tool for your resume. Heck, I could go on and on but as you said— Do Not Give Up.

      Thanks for commenting Harmony!!

      • Marcus, Agree. I tell people that more than a white paper or case study, my blog IS my resume or portfolio for my writing, my networking, my business approach.

  29. Marcus,
    This made me smile several times! It reminded me that I could get better at using simple language. Thanks for that. Another way to be miserable is to emulate other bloggers instead of being yourself.

    • There’s just something about knowing others smile when they read your words, so that really means a lot to me Sandra. A big thank you for that.

      Also, love what you said about trying to emulate others. Very good point. If I sat here and compared myself to Chris Brogan all day and the fact that he writes easier than I breathe, then I’d get depressed pretty quickly ;-)

      Thanks so much for commenting Sandra and I hope everyone here takes a look at your ‘101 Inspirational Quotes’ article, that thing was so awesome I bookmarked it!!

  30. (Evil Grin) I *really* like the reverse psychology aspect you took with this, it makes your point so much better than the usual rote of “do this, this and this and you will be happy and successful.” Very creative!

    Three thumbs up! (don’t ask) :eek:

    • I’m a big fan of evil grins Allan ;-)

      And even a bigger fan of 3 thumbs!

      Appreciate the kind words my friend.

  31. This is good, I mean bad, advice. Was the “unlucky” 13 picked on purpose?

    • Ha John, hadn’t thought about that ;-)

      Actually, here is the scientific reasoning behind the number 13: I crossed the 1000 word mark at that point and I try to keep every article under 1000. In reality, I had about 5 more that I wanted to blab about, but sometimes you gotta know when to fold ‘em ;-)

      Thanks for the comment John, hope you stop by again!

  32. I thinks have making money in the mind is still okay as long as we passionate enough about the topic.

    • Hi Dana, welcome aboard. :-)

      Of course money is OK. In fact, I think money is great. So great, that I’d like to have a whole bunch of it ;-) But I also clearly understand that $$$ is not a good reason to start a blog, because it’s an extrinsic, and not intrinsic, factor…Ya feel me? ;-)

      Thanks for commenting Dana!

  33. No stones unturned here, Marcus!

    This is as miserable as it gets! But here’s the good news …

    Misery loves company. :)

  34. there is nothing wrong with blogging for money if you like what you are blogging about. Making money and obtaining satisfaction are not contradictory.

    • I’m not sure if you read the full article Gerald but you just stated what I’ve already said many times in the article. But to repeat, I make lots of money blogging, making $$ is good, but it can’t be a core motivation—there need be more, otherwise the motivation won’t last.

  35. Hello Marcus!
    This is my first time on your blog and after reading this article I just couldn’t help myself to not leave you a comment. No. 3 really made me smile.
    So I’m sorry but I won’t listen and do the opposite on no. 4.

    • Hi Cosmin, and thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you liked the article and took the time to comment. Hope you stop by again sometime :-)

  36. Great list!! Can I add one from my own personal experience?

    DON’T get a good web host. There’s nothing like a slow server, bad customer support, and frequent outages to make your blogging experience dreadful.

    Thanks for the list!


    • Yes, agreed Sean. A bad web host can make your life a living…..

      Anyway, sounds like you’ve been there, done that. Thanks so much for stopping by though and the RT as well.

      Have a wonderful week.


  37. Rob

    Don’t take suggestions or advice from your readers and certainly don’t solicit solutions to your problems from bloggers that use the same platform as you do.

    I’m a pretty grumpy guy… Except when I’m blogging. Loved the negative reinforcement style of the post, despite finding it 7 months after the fact.

    • Hahaha Rob, so glad you enjoyed it sir. Better late than never, right?!

      Hope you’ll come back again,


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