How to Come Up with 100 Blog Articles for Your Business in 10 Minutes or Less

by Marcus Sheridan

ideas-for-content-creationContent Creation—Studies have shown it’s the most difficult part of starting, and maintaining, a successful blog for any business. Having written about 250 blog posts and articles over the past year, I’m stoked to share a system with you that has made the process of article creation simple, fun, and extremely effective.

Although I could go into great detail as to the essential keys to unlimited blog ideas and articles for your business, I’m just going to give here 2 easy-to-follow and succinct strategies.

1. Write down on a sheet of paper EVERY question a prospect/customer has ever asked you.

I know, you may think this sounds odd, but it’s an incredible strategy for helping marketers to start to think like consumers and develop a long-tail keyword strategy at the same time. When you do this exercise, don’t take the time to edit—just write, and write as fast as you can. If you can have someone or a group of people brainstorm consumer questions with you, then even better.

Once you’ve written down as many questions as possible (25 minimum or you’re just either being lazy or your brain is not working), you now have the actual blog titles for all of your articles. For example, if you come up with 30 consumer questions, and you post 2 blogs every week, that means you have roughly 3 months worth of excellent blog articles.

Sound pretty simple? Well it is, it’s just that many people make out the process of content creation much more difficult than it needs to be.

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2. Focus on Negative Phrases consumers will ask when considering the product

Not sure what negative phrases are? If not, it’s time to learn, because they are an essential key to long-tail domination and will work wonders for your blog’s organic search results.

Let’s assume you sell concrete swimming pools. A few example of ‘negative’ articles would be:

  • Top 5 Consumer Complaints Regarding Concrete Swimming Pools
  • Top 5 Problems and Solutions of Concrete Swimming Pools
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Concrete Swimming Pools?
  • Are Concrete Swimming Pools Bad?
  • Read 5 Very Interesting Customer Reviews Regarding Concrete Swimming Pools

Hopefully you’re seeing my point here and how the pattern works. When I explain this pattern to business owners, rarely do they understand it at first. In their minds, why would it do any good to even mention the negatives of a product? Although I do see why this would initially be a concern, you must remember these two keys:

  1. Consumers are going to search for these phrases whether you like it or not. That’s what they do.
  2. By addressing a product’s supposed drawbacks, problems, etc; you can actually beat your competitors to the punch and explain fully the good, bad, and ugly of a product—thus lending you massive credibility and thwarting the efforts of those that might talk down your product.

Hopefully you understand these two simple steps and will now apply them to your company’s content marketing campaign. In addition to this post and to add even further clarity to what I’m attempting to explain, I’ve included above a segment where I spoke on this very subject for a panel at the Hubspot User Conference this past week in Boston. I can assure you as you follow these steps, you will be amazed at just how many new ideas and articles come rushing to your mind. Not only will this prevent writer’s block and frustration, but it will also lay the pattern to huge traffic results and respect from consumers and search engines alike.

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