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  1. Jason

    Thanks for the love bro, but the coolest thing is that you don’t have to be James Cameron to pull this off. Literally anyone can do this. You Tube is available to everyone and most folks already have movie making software on their computer. All you need to do is capture the footage and take the time to produce it.

    • Marcus Sheridan

      Exactly Jason, you hit the nail on the head. Literally, anyone can produce quality video, it just takes that initially leap of faith w/ a ‘Yes, I can do this’ mentality.

  2. Social Kevin

    Hi, great article. I did have a question: how do you know when you can use a commercially copyrighted song for commercial use?

    I don’t want to make a sweet video for my company and then have to take it down. Is it OK if I do that just for videos that will be on Youtube?

    • Marcus Sheridan

      Hey Kevin, and thank so much for stopping by. As far as I’m aware, Youtube used to remove all audio from any video that contained a copyrighted song because without permission from the holder of the copyright it’s considered infringement. Now they simply have a pop-up that gives the viewer an opportunity to purchase the song. This seems to be the way they have dealt with the situation. However, the only way to legally use a copyrighted song in any video, private or commercial, is to obtain permission from the holder of the copyright.

      • Social Kevin

        Hey Marcus thanks for getting back to me. I am going to try and market our product through Youtube videos trying to emulate what you did. It should be pretty cool…

        Thanks again

      • Marcus Sheridan

        Good for you SK. It will work, just continue to be persistent, creative, and think like a consumer. :-)

  3. Mathew from Video Marketing

    I’m glad to find your site and read fresh ideas on how to make my video marketing better. The reminder on making a preview and placing the name of the company at the start is simple but real helpful for lesser-known brands.
    .-= Mathew from Video Marketing´s last blog ..Website Design Basics =-.

    • Marcus Sheridan

      I appreciate the comment Mathew and thank you for stopping by. Keep up the great education on your blog!

  4. Julian Thornton

    Hi Marcus

    I am looking to produce multiple videos for different nuches which could be fine for animoto type production butr my main field of expertise is investing so I need to be able to create powerpoint style presentations with me narrating

    What do you recommend I do? Any courses/resources you recommend?



  5. Business Video Tips

    That’s true educational or tutorial videos are really popular these days. This is because internet users are now hungry for all kinds of information. And they want all these with just one click on the mouse. For the benefit of your product or service, make your videos as helpful as possible so that viewers will keep coming back to you for insights.

  6. Russ

    I found this blog about making videos for your website http://make-videos-for-your-website.tumblr.com/

  7. Karan Batra

    Which software would you recommend for making a Video Tutorial??

    I want to make a video tutorial which captures the screen and also shows a small size video of the person narrating the video

  8. Adam

    Hi Marcus,

    Video advertising is definitely the way to go for small businesses. We are a startup company who provide a tool for small businesses to create their very own professional video ads online in minutes. They can be uploaded to YouTube and share across social media for free! I’d love if you could take the time to check out our website and let us know what you think. We have the worlds largest collection of royalty free stock footage that allows small businesses to create video ads without the costs of production teams and time spent doing it DIY! If you have any questions just get in contact with me. We want to help small businesses help themselves.

    “We’re the platform, You’re the producer”


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